18 Nov 2012

Bye-bye $105 bn! UK Taxpayers’ money bailing out banks gone for good?

British taxpayers who helped bail out two of the country's biggest banks at the height of the financial crisis will never see the money again.  A group of influential MPs have warned that the 66 billion pounds the government paid to rescue RBS and Lloyds TSB may be lost for good. RT's Sara Firth breaks down the numbers. Source

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  1. I had a great maths teacher once... He told me a simple fact about maths that I have not been able to disprove "Maths is never difficult. It is either easy or impossible."

    My point is that any time we are presented with mathematics that seems beyond the wit of the common person, it is surely a deception.

    The money our government bankster shills handed over could have bailed out or been a windfall for every one in the UK. Instead by means of dodgy accounting slight of hand, it was handed to banksters to lend it back to us.

    My question is when will we cut these parasites out of the loop take it back WWII reparations style and get on with the next golden age.

    And turn our military to the exploration and development of new habitats for humanities exponential expansion... or am I getting a little ahead of myself?