27 Nov 2012

Only 72 hours til the UNGA vote, Cameron is still objecting, but Clegg is pushing hard and opinion polls show 72% of the UK public want a Palestinian state.

In 72 hours, the Palestinians will take a bid for statehood to the UN -- it could be the best chance for peace in decades.  Cameron has still not decided how the UK will vote, but most of the world is in favour and polls say 72% of Brits say yes. Let's make sure the UK commits to freedom and peace in the Middle East. Click below to join this massive campaign:

In 72 hours, the Palestinians will take a bid for statehood to the UN -- it could be the best chance for peace in decades, but the UK is still on the fence and our push could turn the tide.

Most of the world supports the bid and polls say 72% of Brits want a Palestinian state. But so far Cameron is bowing to US pressure to abstain and our voices are the only weapon that have a chance to beat back their bullying. If the Palestinians win their UN bid, it could begin to end the 40 years of occupation, and pave the way for two states.

Number 10 has not yet pronounced its position and is deciding right now.
 Let's make sure the UK commits to freedom and peace in the Middle East now. Click to join the massive campaign:


This is a legitimate, non-violent proposal that could turn the tide on endless US-led talks that simply provide cover for the steady illegal colonization of Palestinian lands by Israeli ‘settlements’. This bid is totally consistent with the UK's post arab spring policy to support democracy and freedom in the Middle East and it could rescue the path to a fair peace process between two states.

While the Israeli and US governments are calling the bid ‘unilateral’ and dangerous, in fact the world's nations overwhelmingly support this diplomatic move away from violence. And the UN, World Bank and IMF say that the Palestinians are ready to run their own state, if only the occupation would end.

Last year the US blocked a Palestinian bid at the UN Security Council. But in the UN General Assembly, all nations vote, and this resolution could end the US/Israeli hegemony over this conflict. It can't make Palestine a UN member, but it can declare Palestine a state that could have access to a range of international organisations, and it is a crucial step towards ending the occupation.

Europe holds the key to this chance for freedom and peace -- if we can persuade the UK to stand on the right side of history and back a Palestinian state, with firm support and financial aid, this could be a turning point. Join the petition and send a direct message to urge our government to support the bid:  


Palestinian statehood will not bring a resolution to this intractable conflict overnight, but UN recognition will change the dynamics and will begin to unlock the door towards freedom and peace. Across Palestine, people are preparing, with hope and expectation, to reclaim a freedom their generation has never known. Let's stand with them

Alice, Jeremy, Marie, Ricken, Aldine, Nick, Antonia, Pascal and the rest of the Avaaz team 

Send this everyone now and click to call Number 10 to ramp up the pressure:

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