22 Dec 2012

Zionist lobbies seek to restrict Press TV activities in US: Analyst

Press TV: A human rights activist says pro-Zionist lobby groups in the United States seek to limit the activities of Iran’s English-language Press TV channel in US over fear of losing the propaganda war, Press TV reports.

“Why is it then that the Jewish lobby or the Zionist lobby, I’d rather say, in America, is so anxious to limit the activities of Press TV? It seems to me though there’s a real fear among the Zionist lobby in America that they are losing the propaganda war,” William Spring said in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.

The US House of Representatives has recently approved a ‘defense bill’ that includes sanctions on the Islamic Republic broadcasting networks.

Spring said the move “fits in with the concept of full-spectrum dominance” which seeks the US supremacy over the air, land, space and the media.

He added that the move to ban the Iranian channels in the US shows the Zionist lobby’s influence on the American foreign policy.
“They (the Zionists) have no right to hijack American policy which is what has happened. Policies are now being determined by the United States of America in favor of Israel, not in favor of what are the best interests of the United States of America,” Spring added.
He said that news broadcast by most of the Western channels is “thoroughly unreliable” as these media do not give a proper perspective on global developments, including what is happening in Syria.

“What they want to do is [to] close down the debate on Syria. It’s very important...that we get a proper perspective which is not given by the BBC or Sky [News],” he said.


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