19 Jan 2012


Scam On Epic Scale - Building a Model for a Global Bank Holiday - Max Keiser

419 scams and Tim Geithner's gimp. In the second half of the show, Max talks to financial blogger and semi-retired Wall Street executive Warren E. Pollock about MF Global, wealth confiscation and bank holidays. Source

Andy Samberg, Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage & More Tell Congress: Don't Pass PIPA Or SOPA In Our Names

A group of some pretty damn famous people within the entertainment industry just made it clear that the folks pushing PIPA and SOPA do not represent their best interests. To hear the MPAA and the US Chamber of Commerce tell the story, they're pushing these bills in order to "protect artists." But more and more we're seeing the very artists they claim they're protecting say they want no part of these laws. The guys from The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer), famous both for their YouTube videos and their work on NBC's Saturday Night Live, along with a number of other notable names in the entertainment industry -- including Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Trent Reznor, Aziz Ansari, Adam Savage, Damian Kulash (and the rest of OK GO), the band MGMT, and a bunch more -- have written a letter saying that, as internet users, they don't think these bills are a good idea:
We fear that the broad new enforcement powers provided under SOPA and PIPA could be easily abused against legitimate services like those upon which we depend. These bills would allow entire websites to be blocked without due process, causing collateral damage to the legitimate users of the same services - artists and creators like us who would be censored as a result. 
We are deeply concerned that PIPA and SOPA’s impact on piracy will be negligible compared to the potential damage that would be caused to legitimate Internet services. Online piracy is harmful and it needs to be addressed, but not at the expense of censoring creativity, stifling innovation or preventing the creation of new, lawful digital distribution methods.

We urge Congress to exercise extreme caution and ensure that the free and open Internet, upon which so many artists rely to promote and distribute their work, does not become collateral damage in the process.
When even the very people that the entertainment industry insists its "protecting" with these bills are being quite vocal against them, you have to wonder why they're being pushed so hard? 

Once again, it seems that these bills aren't about protecting artists at all. They're about protecting the gatekeepers, who want to control those artists... Source

What SOPA and PIPA are at face value and what they could end up enabling

MSM: Realizes SOPA Exists + Reddit Co-Founder: SOPA Blackout 'Resounding Success'

January 18 is blackout day in protest of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House, and the Protect IP Act in the Senate; hundreds of websites have blacked out their sites in protest. And the mainstream media, finally noticed! Welcome to the world that you've been ignoring for so long where opposition to these two anti-piracy laws has been growing for months. Source
”Reddit Co-Founder: SOPA Blackout ‘Resounding Success”
Four sponsors of PIPA have dropped out and on the SOPA side three sponsors have announced they will be removing their names. Many other members of Congress, who are not sponsors or authors of the bills, have also released public statements today signaling their opposition. So in this battle of Hollywood versus the tech industry, are the tables finally beginning to turn? Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian weighs in. Source
We have three tool time winners tonight and they're all politicians who are backing SOPA. Find out what Lamar Smith, Harry Reid, and Chris Dodd have been up to. Source

China's banks lure man on the street to gold

For Chinese shipping executive Ping Bo buying gold is the best way to protect his family's wealth and give his 10-year-old son a headstart into adulthood. (Reuters) 
"For my son, the idea is that he will get a nice stash of gold that he can cash out when he turns 21 or when he gets married," said Ping, one of over 2 million people that have opened accounts in the past two years to accumulate gold at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). The ICBC launched the accounts in April 2010. The gold that it has bought to back them is only a fraction of total Chinese demand, but the explosive growth in the number of investors that have signed up is a symptom of the wider demand for the precious metal in the world's most populous country. China, expected to overtake India as the world's top gold consumer in the next few years, accounted for 23 percent of the world's total consumer physical gold demand in the first three quarters of 2011, up from 19 percent in 2010, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). Growing wealth in a traditional culture that favours gold, economic uncertainty and looser regulations on the domestic gold market together have combined to create rapid growth in China's gold demand. The accounts are one of a range of methods that China's banks have come up with that allow small investors like Ping access to the gold market. Investors buy as little as a gram a month through the accounts, a tiny quantity but one that adds up when the middle class of the world's most populous country is involved. "Its a fantastic way for me to accumulate gold," said Shanghai-based Ping. ICBC's accounts drew 2.33 million investors by the end of November, according to the bank, just 19 months after the launch, with 22 tonnes of gold held to back them. Agricultural Bank of China said that for a similar product launched in September, more than 70,000 clients signed up to buy a minimum of one gram of gold per month. "The product will retain its vitality as long as the demand for physical gold investment keeps growing," said the bank in a written reply to a Reuters enquiry. The ability of China's banks to keep money flowing into bullion investments will play a major part in supporting gold prices this year, after spot bullion pulled back to around $1,660 an ounce from a record above $1,920 in September. "The Chinese really love gold," said Shi Xudong, deputy head of the Administration Office of the Precious Metals Department at ICBC (1398.HK) (601398.SS). "The fact that the government has started to clean up the gold market is favourable to our business, as investors who have been trading on illegal platforms will need to look for new investment platforms." He referred to a recent statement from China's central bank on cracking down on informal gold exchanges outside the Shanghai Gold Exchange and Shanghai Futures Exchange. ICBC, the biggest among the country's commercial banks in precious metals, also offers paper gold, a way for investors to buy and sell without taking physical delivery, and allows retail investors to trade on the Shanghai Gold Exchange through its platform. In the first 11 months of 2011, the bank's clients traded 295 tonnes of gold on Shanghai gold forward contracts and 615 tonnes on paper gold. In 2011, the bank sold 50 tonnes of physical gold products and 70 tonnes of silver products, ICBC said. For graphic on China's physical gold demand, click link.reuters.com/raz85s

CHINA GOLD DEMAND TO RETAIN HIGH GROWTH. In the first three quarters of 2011, China's jewellery demand shot up 34 percent on the year to 376.8 tonnes, while demand for coins and bars surged 89 percent to 204.1 tonnes, according to the WGC. Albert Cheng, Managing Director of the WGC, Far East, estimated total jewellery consumption would grow to 500 tonnes and physical investment demand exceed 250 tonnes in 2011, which would bring total demand up at least 18 percent from a year earlier. "In 2012, both investment and jewellery demand will retain growth, albeit at a lower pace," Cheng told Reuters in an interview. He estimated that investment demand would grow 25-30 percent, and jewellery demand 6-10 percent, in 2012. Volume on gold derivative trades could be 15 to 20 times physical investment demand, Cheng said. As a sign of surging demand for bullion, China's gold imports from Hong Kong in the first 11 months of 2011 more than tripled on the year. China has one of the world's highest saving rates, and the public faces few investment options. A volatile stock market and a property market under government crackdown are driving investors to seek alternative investment choices. "Chinese investors are looking for ways to protect their savings from negative real interest rates," said Nick Trevethan, Senior Commodity Strategist at ANZ in Singapore. "A diverse saving portfolio could help." Source

Spy Who Stoned Me: UK admits British rock invasion

The UK has admitted for the first time that it was using a fake rock to spy on Russia six years ago. The chief of staff to the then British PM Tony Blair has made the revelation in an interview. In 2006 the UK dismissed the allegations that appeared in the Russian media. Source

Ex-CIA Officer: Worst-case Iran scenario is WW3!

Washington is fully prepared for an armed conflict with Iran -- says the US defence department. The Pentagon chief Leon Panetta says there's still room for dialogue but sufficient military forces are in the Persian Gulf in case Tehran decides to block a vital oil route there. This comes after Iran said it would close the Strait of Hormuz only if the country's security -- and the security of its nuclear facilities -- is threatened. Tehran is backed by Russia which says military action would bring disastrous results. Iran agreed to resume six-party talks over its atomic programme. But there are fears the country is already under attack, after the latest murder of one of its nuclear scientists, which Tehran blames on Israel. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi says a military confrontation in the Gulf could lead to a new world war. Source

UK jobless at new 17 year high

The number of Britons out of work rose to its highest level in more than 17 years in November as the jobless rate reached 8.4 percent of the workforce - that is 2.68 million people. Source

Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul

"This video exposes Israel's increasing role in American politics, which has led to the Iraq war, September 11, 2001, and a great deal of other tragedies that have befallen the United States.
Israel's lobby in America, AIPAC, is the only foreign agent in America that does not have to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Almost every major American politician in the last decade has either met with AIPAC or flown to Israel to receive approval before running a campaign. Many of America's congressman have admitted that they constantly ask how Israel feels about a bill before voting on it.
And, on a side note, this video exposes how American zionists like Sheldon Adelson pay politicians such as Newt Gingrich to attack Ron Paul because he doesn't support Israel. Now we know why Gingrich called Paul's foreign policy "dangerous."
Goldman Sachs was the largest contributor to President Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign and it has been widely estimated that American supporters of Israel contribute between 35-75% of all political contributions in American elections." Source

The 7 Stages of Banker's Grief - Europe on the Brink of Psychosis

It is looking like the greek government may not be able to pay its bills in march as Athens is trying to renegotiate it's bonds with investors who may need to take an even larger haircut than originally envisioned. In addition, labor unions are negotiating on proposed labor cost cutting. So how will this greek tragedy play out? No one seems to have any idea, so what does this mess tell us about the sanity of those who claim to be in control of this crazy economic world we're living in? Are technocrats and european leaders just trying to force a bankrupt ideology down the throat of insolvent governments for the benefit of a small clique of bankrupt european banks? Maybe bankers and politicians need psychotherapy and not a haircut? Well, to answer these questions, we turn to Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Economist and author of "the global minotaur: America, the true origins of the financial crisis and the future of the world economy." He will also speak to us about the LTRO, and the way that it has been used to fund banks as opposed to the sovereign governments that were meant to benefit from the scheme. And, a ban on proprietary trading for big banks was debated in congress today -- it's known as the "volcker rule," and its part of the dodd-frank legislation passed in 2010. Lobbyists and some big bank executives have come out against it. We'll break down what's really at stake. And finally, as US president barack obama has been out pushing "insourcing" with his jobs council...just as a new report comes out showing at least one of the very corporations represented on that council is outsourcing more jobs and R&D to Asia. What is the deal -- we'll hash it out. Source

Mainstream Science Now Says Vaccines Not Safe

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a nationally recognised, board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer talks with Alex about the fluoride threat and other health and nutrition issues. Dr. Blaylock edits The Blaylock Wellness Report and is the author of three books: Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. Source

"The greater good fascist crap."

Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo 2012 and Moves To Repeal NDAA Police State Provisions!

Angelo: Still not convinced about Ron's anti abortion stance. That aside, he would seem to be the by far the sanest choice for the USA and the best candidate by miles for the rest of the world, including the 51st State UK. Perhaps then we will follow suit and abandon a majority of our overseas army bases stop attacking other countries to bolster our arms industry and deal with the real mess on our own doorstep. Perhaps then we will find the balls to vote for local independents if the same ilk as opposed to one or other of the heads of the fat government 1% corporate cabal coddling muzzled career politician Hydra. Speaking as a proponent of a free market.

Ron Paul 2012. New Ad Campaign will blow their (American's) minds.

Kodak Files for Bankruptcy Amid End of Era for Film

Eastman Kodak Co., the photography pioneer that introduced its $1 Brownie Camera more than a century ago, filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors after consumers worldwide moved from film to digital technology. Olivia Sterns reports on Bloomberg Television's "On the Move" with Owen Thomas. (Source: Bloomberg)