28 Jan 2012

Anonymous Swoop On Mexico Govt. Sites In Copyright Law Protest

Online hacktivist group Anonymous has blocked access to Mexican Senate and Interior Ministry websites. The attack is a protest against a proposed law that will see those who violate copyright online fined one million pesos (over $100,000). The proposal, from conservative senator Federico Doring, is widely seen as the Mexican version of the SOPA/ PIPA bills, denounced by Wikipedia and other web giants, as well as by the internet community at large, as a threat to internet freedom.
Google, YouTube, Yahoo, AOL and many others have likened the bills to China-style censorship. The deals were supposedly created to protect copyrighted material, but most believe they would cripple the internet, effectively killing all websites allowing user-uploaded content, endangering potential whistleblowers and severely damaging online freedom of speech.

Greece Politely Declines German Annexation Demands - Endgame, The Silent Anschluss

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Following yesterday's frankly stunning news that the Troika politely requests that Greece hand over its first fiscal, then pretty much all other, sovereignty to "Europe", here is the Greek just as polite response to the Troika's foray into outright colonialism:
What is interesting here is that unlike the highly irrelevant IIF negotiations which will end in a Greek default one way or another, the real plotline that should be followed is this one: because unless Germany, pardon the Troika, gets the one condition it demands, namely "absolute priority to debt service" and "transfer of national budgetary sovereignty", as well as a "constitutional amendment" thereto. there is no Troika funding deal. Furthermore, since as a reminder the PSI talks are just the beginning, the next step is ensuring compliance, as was noted yesterday ("[ceding sovereignty] will reassure public and private creditors that the Hellenic Republic will  honour its comittments after PSI and will positively influence market access"), any refusal to implement such demands is an automatic dealbreaker. Which means anything Dallara and the IIF say, as representatives of a steering committee that at this point probably constitutes of one bondholder, with the bulk having shifted to the ad hoc committee, is irrelevant. Germany just got its answer.

World Economic Forum Chooses GLOBAL BAILOUT - Outside Femen Protest: 'Gangsta party in Davos'

Is this TOO BIG to fail? 
And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitationsLuke 16.9
IMF's Christine Lagarde Requests $500 BILLION
(I really think she meant TRILLION)

Awoken Britt Goes Bonkers: Rant, 36 Billion Pounds, WHAT THE F**K!

Iran finalizes bill to ban EU oil exports

An Iranian lawmaker says the Majlis (parliament) Energy Committee has finalized a draft bill to stop the country's oil exports to EU member states in reaction to the bloc's recent decision to ban oil imports from Iran. Nasser Soudani, deputy chairman of the committee, said on Saturday that the double-urgency bill for halting Iran oil exports to Europe had been finalized in four clauses. “According to one of the main clauses, the Islamic Republic of Iran will halt all oil exports to European countries as long as they continue to ban oil imports from Iran,” he added. The lawmaker said the bill may undergo further modifications as some Iranian parliamentarians believe that oil exports to EU should be stopped for five years. “Another clause obliges the government to forbid imports of all goods from countries which have imposed sanctions on our country,”

Thorium can potentially solve our energy crisis.

Thorium is readily available & can be turned into energy without generating transuranic wastes. Thorium's capacity as a safe nuclear fuel was discovered during WW II, but ignored because it was unsuitable for making bombs. A liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is the optimal approach for harvesting energy from Thorium, and has the potential to solve today's energy/climate crisis. LFTR is a type of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (Th-MSR). This video summarizes over 6 hours worth of thorium talks given by Kirk Sorensen and other thorium technologists.

THORIUM REMIX 2011 starts with a 5 minute TL;WL summary, to hold you over until you find your Ritalin.

Dreams Fading In America And Europe

We announced our belief a few weeks ago that the Fed loan to the ECB could with fractional banking be $10 trillion. This past week we found that Credit Suisse shares our ideas as well. We believe that what this move by the Fed and the ECB is telling us that this is probably it. Parts 2 & 3>>


Let Us Pay - FKN Newz

How much more Orwellian Doublespeak can we take

The Artist Taxi Driver

The Beginning of The End of The US Dollar - Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards who's recent book currency wars discussed these very issues wasn't expecting a beginning until 2013 and is surprised to see that currency war has already begun in ernest.

UN on Malvinas: UK is the colonialist

While London accuses Argentina of colonialism, a look at the history and the international law shows Britain has always been a notorious colonizer whose dark practice persists in the present.

Last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron lashed out at Argentina for a “colonial” attitude on the South Atlantic Malvinas islands (the Falklands), which the British illegally occupied in 1833.

However, according to the United Nations' Special Committee on Decolonization, which is in charge of implementing the Declaration on Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, Britain has colonized the islands along with nine other territories, and should return them to its true owners.

The US Vote Pump

Barack Obama will have ONE BILLION DOLLARS to spend on his re-election in 2012. Bill calls that chump change. Find out how the Big Government statists spent 22,000 times that amount on buying votes in 2011 alone! Source

Filipinos protest military ties with US

People in the Philippines have gathered in front of the US Embassy in the capital city, Manila, to protest the expansion of military ties with Washington, demanding the withdrawal of American troops.The Saturday protest, organized by the leftist New Nationalist Alliance (Bayan), was staged to denounce the ongoing negotiations between Manila and Washington to deploy more US troops and ships in the Philippines. 
"If we allow more US troops to enter our country, the entire archipelago will be transformed into one military outpost for US hegemonic interests," Bayan announced in a statement distributed at the rally.

'Hands off Iran & Syria': UK activists

Britain's Stop the War Coalition has organized a protest rally in front of the US embassy in London on Saturday 28 January to stress opposition to an invasion on Iran.The protest rally entitled Hands Off Iran and Syria: No Western intervention”, will be held on Saturday from 2pm-4pm outside the US Embassy building in Grosvenor Square London W1, said the Stop the War Coalition in a statement. The protest campaign is supported by Unite union, War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention on Iran (CASMII), Friends of Al-Aqsa, Goldsmiths Student Union and SOAS Student Union, the statement added.

Ron Paul Highlights - CNN Florida Debate

The shame is that we do not seem to have the foundation of freedom in the UK to defend. We remain mere subjects

Britons To Face Fuel Chaos

British motorists are to face record fuel prices as one of the country's biggest oil refineries goes bankrupt ceasing deliveries of petrol, diesel, and heating oil.The average price of petrol across Britain rose to 134.03p per litre (from 133.89p) with the price of diesel rising to 142.32p per liter (from 142.21p). The recent hike in the price of fuel in Britain comes as the Coryton refinery on the Thames, which refines over 170,000 barrels of crude oil a day, went bankrupt and suspended its supplies. 
Moreover, further increases in the price of fuel across Britain were predicted as the chairman of RMI Petrol, Brian Madderson, said: By the end of the month, diesel will have hit a record high while petrol will be pushing up towards record levels as suppliers scrabble to bring in supplies from Europe.”

Davos Day 3 - Facade and "muddle-through" economics with Mish

Well, it is day 3 of Davos, and that means more snow stories from that princely hamlet atop the Swiss mountain tops. Lauren Lyster, who has been reporting from Davos all week, is there to fill us in