4 Feb 2012

Iran's new ballistic missile Zafar and Supreme Leader Sermon Excerpts

Iran has produced new ballistic missiles. The short range ballistic missiles have been designed for the Naval Forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. Built by Iran's Defense Ministry, the Zafar cruise missiles can evade high tech radars and hit any target in the sea.

How Europe Has Evolved From A Democracy To A Bankocracy And Why Austerity Will Lead To Chaos

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In one of the clearest (and most optically pleasing) discussions of recent months, David McWiliams (of Punk Economics) succinctly explains how Europe has evolved from a democracy to a bankocracy, the implications of which lead to austerity for the people and a Franco-German imposition (the 'fiscal compact') that can only lead to social unrest and chaos. In this brief (and expertly illustrated) video, the Irish economist clarifies Europe's 'dirty little secret' where economic policy is being run almost exclusively for the banks which, as we see in Greece and Ireland, means the political elite are becoming more and more detached from the people. The terror of the r-word (referendum) looms large as McWilliams analogizes the two ways out of a debt crisis (squeeze the debtor or forgive the debtor)

Ron Paul on Piers Morgan Tonight

Occupy movement in Latin America - On the Edge with Max Keiser

In this edition of the show Max interviews the filmmaker and journalist Oscar Leon. Oscar being a prominent filmmaker at various Latin American broadcasters talks about the domino effects of the Occupy movement from the United States to Latin American countries and the anti-imperialist force or a new version of Leftist movement forming in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and other countries in the regionThe broadcast of the OWS movement in the Latin American TV channels, the role the internet and social networks have played in creating and spreading this movement, the effect of Arab Spring on the 99 percent movement and much more issues are all reviewed in this edition of On the Edge. Source

How 'magic' made Greek debt disappear before it joined the euro

Greece is at the heart of the ongoing eurozone crisis, but is past sleight of hand by Greek statisticians to blame for the country's current financial meltdown?
"We used to call him the magician, because he could make everything disappear"He made inflation disappear. And then he made the deficit disappear," recalls Greek economist Miranda Xafa.
In the 1990s Miranda Xafa was working for an investment house in London, watching from a distance, as her native Greece got ready for membership of the euro.

She knew - and advised her clients - that the country's economy was not ready, that the statistics its government was publishing did not reflect reality.
"I used to come to Athens from London, with clients of Salomon Brothers," she tells me. "We always saw the head of the statistical agency of Greece, who compiled all the statistics on the debt, the deficit and so on. "He was "the magician" who made inflation and the deficit "disappear".

people all across Europe demanding their freedom of speech

Just look at this map. I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of people all across Europe demanding their freedom of speech and being angry against backroom corporativist deals that steals their most basic civil liberties.
Today, Sweden rallies for freedom of speech, a free net, and firmly against ACTA. Late yesterday, it was announced that Poland is suspending its ratification of ACTA indefinitely. The Slovenian ambassador signing the document (which has no legal effect whatsoever) has publicly apologised and called people to rally in Ljubljana, Slovenia for their rights.

The Vaporized & The Deleted Money - Max Keiser

The vaporized and the deleted - the new American soap opera in which the assets, wealth, jobs and economy of the 99% have been stolen. In the second half of the show, Max talks to Daniel Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about China's imports of gold and their recent purchases of Germany's legendary mittelstands. Source

Egypt: Pitched Battles Rage - Hundreds Injured, 7 Dead

Violence is escalating once again in Egypt, where five people have been killed and reportedly 1051 injured, including both police and civilians.

Anonymous vows to fight ACTA across Europe

A wolf in sheep's clothing - that's how ACTA opponents have described the international copyright treaty. Thousands are to protest in Sweden on Saturday while in Poland the legislation has been suspended after attacks on government websites.

Pop Music Program - Jemma King

Hacking off the Feds: Anonymous intercepts FBI conference call about…themselves (AUDIO)

In an audio recording made and posted online by the internet hacktivists Anonymous, a number of Federal agents both in the US and the UK can be heard discussing ways to apprehend members of the group.

In an ironic post, the hacktivists made the 20-minute long conversation available online, taunting the Federal Bureau of Investigations with the leak – and the fact that while the agents may only have half-formed plans to arrest Anonymous members, the group itself is making sure to stay one step ahead.

After a rather odd discussion on whether there really is a McDonalds in the Pentagon – and gleeful confirmation of the existence of one in Sheffield – the agents get down to the point of their conference: whether dual interviews with suspects are possible, the delayed arrests of several teenagers suspected of being hackers, and unnamed “operational matters.”

But the most intriguing part of the conference comes after a US agent thanks his UK counterparts for their help. “We are here to help,” came the reply. “We know we’ve cocked up in the past.”

Morris Rant - Fiat Money, Sex Changes, Alcohol - Zionist Press

Jeffrey Tucker makes the Case Against the Federal Reserve and the Banking Cartel

The US unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent for January - naturally it was a good photo opportunity for US president Barack Obama to say the economy is improving. Really? In fact, a large chunk of those people who finally found work last month landed low wage jobs, and almost half of the unemployed (43%) have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks.