12 Feb 2012

"30,000 Licensed Drones.. the Money changers have taken over" - Gerald Celente

Interview with Gerald Celente

"30,000 Licensed Drones.. the Money changers have taken over.."

Russian Superlaser To Be As Good As H-bomb

Russia has launched a $1.5 billion project to create a high-energy superlaser site which designers pledge will be the best in the world. Capable of igniting nuclear fusion, the facility will be used both for thermonuclear weapon and civil purposes.
The new laser device will be used for inertial confinement fusion (ICF) studies. The field aims to recreate in the lab the processes which happen inside a star or in a hydrogen bomb explosion. ICF is similar to what scientists are trying to do with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project, but takes an alternative approach to how nuclear fusion is started.
The laser facility will be developed by the Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC-VNIIEF), a leading Russian nuclear laboratory. In its six decades of history, it was involved in the development of both the military and civilian nuclear programs in Russia.

'US uses al-Qaeda as enemy, ally'

The leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri has joined the anti-Syrian campaign, reports say. Interview with Stephen Lendman, author and radio host. Source

Broadcasting Live "We are Under Occupation!" Athens

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Today at midnight local time, 5pm Eastern, the Greek parliament is expected to pass the latest bill finalizing the terms of the second Greek bailout, which as explained yesterday has quietly increased from €130 billion to €210 billion. Needless to say, it will pass, as the opportunity cost for Greece of "pledging" to achieve unattainable targets while doing absolutely nothing, as has been shown repeatedly over the past two years, is zero. The only real questions are i) what the Greek population may do in response to this latest selling out of a population "led" by an unelected banker, which if history is any precedent, the answer is not much, and ii) how Germany will subvert this latest event, and put the bail [sic] back in Greece's court once again.
Syntagma Square cam 1

Revolutionaries: Arafat - Double Standards ++

Arafat began a 60-year career in politics as an engineering student studying in Cairo, where he first became involved with the Palestinian cause. 

Having established himself as a key figure in the struggle at the Battle of Al-Karameh, he went on to become the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Rule of Phobia: War on terror ruins Israel democracy

Marrying the person you love and living freely with them may be a basic right in most democratic countries but apparently it's not always the case in Israel. Israeli-Palestinian families say they face daily discrimination and risk being separated altogether. And the country's insistance that it's 'only protecting national security' has few people convinced. Source


...the barbarians, who forced beautiful Europe to get down Zeus’ “back” and made her a prostitute.
...the unworthy Europeans, who in 1945 “took Europe down” from “Mount Olympus” and in 2012 relinquished “enslaved” Europe to the Phoenician loan sharks.
The method to understand history is a lot similar to the one used for geography. It is easy or difficult to understand their gist depending on the “distance” one takes to examine their data. This particularity is the reason for some of their paradoxes …The common paradoxes. It is possible for someone to understand everything looking at just a few details and to not understand a thing even though endless data are available. This is true, no matter how weird it may sound. A simple person may understand totally the history of the human kind with just the minimum knowledge and a historian with endless knowledge may feel completely confused.
This is exactly why we compared it to geography. It is possible that even a totally ignorant person may look at a world map and be able to “understand” the meaning of huge “geographical” distance, like the one between Athens and Beijing and at the same time a person with rich knowledge on the matter may get lost in an urban forest in Beijing ...be unable to understand it as a total, because the means to change level may not be available ...in this case the necessary means may be just a map.

“Forget About Him, He’s Not Here” Israel's Occupation Update

Israel’s Control of Palestinian Residency in the West Bank and Gaza
(Manal Alsaafin holds a photograph of her and her husband, Abdullah, whom Israeli authorities have prevented from returning to his home in the West Bank since 2009 on the basis that they have “registered” him as a resident of the Gaza Strip, not the West Bank)
This report describes the arbitrary exclusion by the Israeli military of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians since 1967 and documents the impact that exclusion continues to have on individuals and families. The way Israel’s military has exercised its control over the Palestinian population registry – the list of Palestinians whom it considers to be lawful residents of the West Bank and Gaza territories – has separated families, caused people to lose jobs and educational opportunities, barred people from entering the Palestinian territories, and trapped others inside them. Egypt also has problematic policies on Palestinians trying to enter Gaza that are based on the Israeli-controlled population registry.

Feel the love - in Utah

Britain and the Pirate Prince: Out of their depth?

Is the Malvinas (Falklands) a lost cause and is Britain punching above its weight by sending a warship to the South Atlantic?

Whither Gold

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The prophetic words of Antal Fekete in his now infamous 'essay' on Gold are as relevant now (perhaps more so) as they were when he first wrote them 15 years ago - especially as the Euro-zone migrates from lossening fiat-money to quasi-money (greek pharma bonds for instance). While summarizing this must-read discussion of mainstream economic orthodoxy's mis-teachings is impractical, his initial introduction sets the stage for what is to come: "The year 1971 was a milestone in the history of money and credit. Previously, in the world's most developed countries, money (and hence credit) was tied to a positive value: the value of a well-defined quantity of a good of well-defined quality. In 1971 this tie was cut. Ever since, money has been tied not to positive but to negative values -- the value of debt instruments." After a brief, clarifying history of money, Fekete goes on to discuss the misnomers of currency depreciation, gold as wealth, the failings of kicking the can, quantitative easing, and finally in the misunderstanding of interest rates themselves - seeing them as nothing more than merely bribe-money, trying to persuade reluctant holders of irredeemable promises to hang on a while longer. Paradoxically, gold's importance is growing while its dispersal from official hoards and the mines continues apace. Dispersed gold represents latent power, far greater in scope than its nominal market value, as sound credit can be built only upon a gold base.

Anti-ACTA Day: Thousands protest across Europe

The world has witnessed an unprecedented day of protests against ACTA. Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in dozens of cities around the globe to protect what is left of the freedom of expression on the internet. Peter Bradwell, a campaigner for the Open Rights Group told RT that the treaty's biggest danger is in giving too much power to uncontrolled private interests. Source

R.I.P. Pop Legend Whitney Houston Dies... US Prescription Drug Epidemic.

US singer Whitney Houston (AFP Photo DDP / Joerg Koch Germany Out)
US singer and actress Whitney Houston has passed away at the age of 48 in Los Angeles. Her publicist Kristen Foster informed the Associated Press of her demise. The cause of her death is as yet unclear.
Unfortunately, it is true,” a spokeswoman for Houston’s family confirmed to Reuters.
The singer was found in a hotel room in Beverly Hills, police spokesman Mark Rosen told reporters. At 3:55 pm Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.”

Clashes in Greece - Whilst Pencil Pushers Rearrange The Titanic's Deck Chairs

Might we suggest Default?!

One Gazan killed in Israeli airstrike

Israeli warplanes have conducted an airstrike on the Gaza Strip that killed one person and injured several others. Source

Ron Paul's Speech in Maine and Interview: 36% Strongest Results So Far!