18 Feb 2012

Unemployment & Bank foreclosures in US

Press TV's new program; 'OWS Week' highlights 7 days of the protest movement's happenings as viewed from American protesters' eyes. The program also examines the wide range of social issues addressed by the 'occupy' movement in the US. This episode of the show is dedicated to the desperate state of the US jobless, President Obama’s bank foreclosure deal and the 99% demos outside of the CPAC annual meeting in Washington DC. Source

European economic crisis - On the Edge with Max Keiser and Constantine Gurdgiev

Max interviews Constantine Gurdgiev, professor and economist. 

US Election FIX - The Fight for Maine Is Far from Over - Recount +

UK's SOCA Protecting UK's Criminal Bankers and Social Fractals - Max Keiser with Charles Hugh Smith

The so called "Serious Organised Crimes Agency" is taking down websites that they claim are involved in copyright infringement, threatening visitors with "CRIMINAL" sanctions for what is a "CIVIL" matter.

James Rickards: Paper, Gold, Chaos "it will end painfully"

History is replete with the carcasses of failed currencies destroyed through misguided intentional debasement by governments looking for an easy escape from piling up too much debt. James Rickards, author of the recent bestseller Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, sees history repeating itself today - and warns we are in the escalating stage of a global currency war of the grandest scale.

Whether it ends in hyperinflation, in the return to some form of gold standard, or in chaos - history is telling us we can have confidence it will end painfully. Source

Zombify to Unify: 'Euro schools pour propaganda brainwash'

Greece is teetering on the edge of bankrupcy, the future of bailed-out Portugal is uncertain and the single currency itself could be in trouble. The ranks of people writing off the Eurozone and even the European project itself are only swelling in number. So, perhaps that's why the message for a United Europe is being pushed on an all new platform - the classroom. Source

UK Workers Working For Free "Modern Slavery"

Tesco is reported to have put a job advert that "pays" Job Seekers Allowance plus Small expenses... in other words, no pay at all. This is put down to a "computer fault" (it's always a computer problem). Source

Greece Olympic Games Museum Robbed

Students led the protests in Greece on Friday, as the government waits until Monday for a crucial meeting with the eurogroup over the bailout loan. 

There were scuffles between angry young people and police, as demonstrators vented their frustration about government spending cuts that have led to shortages in schools and job losses.

The scarcities could become worse now that the coalition has agreed to extra austerity measures meant to generate another 325 million euros worth of cuts. Source

My very own remote controlled human - Wireless drug-delivery device proves great success

Scientists have successfully tested the first wirelessly controlled microchip implanted to administer daily doses of medications to citizens.

MIT researchers and scientists from MicroCHIPS Inc. say they have used the drug-delivery chip to administer daily doses of teriparatide, an osteoporosis drug normally given by injection. 

The trial which included 7 women aged 65 to 70 showed that the programmable device delivered dosages without pain and any adverse side effects. 

“This is equivalent to an injection without the pain or trouble," said lead researcher Robert Farra of MicroCHIPS Inc. “Patients with chronic diseases, regular pain-management needs or other conditions that require frequent or daily injections could benefit from this technology.” 

Protect Your Wealth

Kurdish Independence March in London Ocalan Imprisonment

Kurds marched in london on the 13th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Kurdish leader Ocalan - 15th Feb 2012 Source

Eric Sprott - Central Banks Don't Have Enough Gold

Eric discusses gold.


Steve Keen, associate professor of economics at the University of Western Sydney, is becoming something of a superstar. He has been acknowledged as one of a handful of economists to have predicted the global financial crisis and now is a regular speaker at high-profile conventions around the world.
He is a consultant for the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for the Asia Pacific and in April he is speaking alongside George Soros and Nobel Prize-winning economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman at the Institute for New Economic Thinking where he has been asked to give a speech on “taming financial market instability”.
The same organisation has given Keen almost $250,000 to develop software capable of predicting an economic crisis before it happens.
Last November he was interviewed on the BBC’s Hardtalk program, which attracts a worldwide audience of almost 300 million, in which he went publicabout his idea for adebt jubilee”, where private debts are written offen masseto avoidtwo decadesof economic stagnation.

Exclusive: Why Judge Andrew Napolitano Was Fired. REVEALED!

After holding my tongue for a week, it is time to expose why Napolitano was unceremoniously fired from Fox News. Source

Syrian Girl - Why Al Qaeda is Al CIAda

We are also told about the Salafists, and a little on the secular nature of Syria, and the competing goals of the Gulf States, particularly Qatar to rule by religion. Source

As Boeing kills aviation capital and trading partners tank, US export goals Made in a Fairytale?

Just what is the impact of a bad reputation? According to a Harris Interactive poll, the "reputation quotient" of Too Big to FailsBank of America and Goldman Sachs has slipped below the "dangerous" threshold of now defunct companies including Enron and Worldcom! In fact, financial services companies suffered four of the five worst losses in reputation in the last year. Meanwhile, this week, Moody's reminded us of banking risk when they reported they may downgrade pretty much all of investment banking.