19 Feb 2012

Total Economic Collapse, Death of the Dollar, Impovershment, WWIII, Marc Faber Interview

Insider Documents Detail a March 23 Greek Default Plan

Gov To Freeze Bank Accounts, Eliminate Euro, Restrict Capital Flow.. That a default in Europe is coming has never been the question

For the astute observer the only thing at issue is how and when it will happen. While the mainstream financial media and government officials have tried to spin this story as one that involves only Greek debt, the fact of the matter is that this isn’t isolated to a single country. Italy, Portugal, Ireland and most other European countries are in exactly the same boat.

Corporatocracy Going Down? Ron Paul says US ‘slipping into fascism’ - WINS Washington County Maine Caucus +

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul slammed America's system of governance at a rally in Kansas City, saying businesses and government are pushing the country into twenty-first century fascism. But before you start picturing fair-skinned, blue-eyed CEOs and bureaucrats running amok and with their right arms held high, calm down. What the outspoken Texas Republican meant was fascist corporatism – an economic model most prominently seen in Mussolini’s Italy of the 1920s to the 1940s. Fascist economic corporatism involved government and private management of full sectors of the economy – which Paul says is par for the course in today's America. “We’ve slipped away from a true republic,” Paul told thousands of his supporters at the rally“Now we’re slipping into a fascist system where it’s a combination of government, big business and authoritarian rule,

$6 Trillion in US Bonds: Part of the Collateral for the Stolen Treasures of the Chinese Emperors?

Yesterday we speculated on the origins of the allegedly fake $6 Trillion in 1934 US bonds seized in Italy.
We have now discovered a first-hand account of a German lawyer who has held identical issues to those seized in Italy.  His story is below. The rabbit trail is getting deeper by the hour now.  This story, if true, threatens to rip the truth into the open.

Britain: Police Corruption Is Now institutionalised! - The Agenda

Five staff members of The Sun have been arrested in a police corruption probe. Deputy Editor Geoff Webster, Chief Reporter John Kay, Picture editor John Edwards, Chief foreign correspondent Nick Parker and deputy news editor John Sturgis were all arrested in an early morning raid on suspicion of bribing police and public officials.

Fighting over Burma/Myanmar & the Falklands/Malvinas - Double Standards

Britain sends its nuclear submarine to the South Atlantic and ignores US calls for a negotiated settlement over the Malvinas.

Disgraced Scotland Yard and Philadelphia police chiefs fly in to Bahrain to advise on killing pro-democracy protesters. As one of the world’s most famous political prisoners Aung San Suu Kyi, prepares for elections in Burma, we speak to her biographer Justin Wintle about the geostrategic battle between china and the West. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi. Source

The ECB Has Opened Pandora’s Box

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Submitted by Mark Grant, author of "Out of the Box and onto Wall Street"
The ECB has Opened Pandora’s Box
“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. “
                                -Thomas Jefferson
I am not going to speculate about anything this morning. No guesses about what the Finance Ministers might do on Monday, no simple addition or subtraction that the data used to forecast Greece’s return to a 120% debt to GDP ratio is a falsification of the numbers, no mention that only nineteen cents of any bailout for Greece would actually go to the country; I am not going to discuss anything except what the European Central Bank has actually done and what we now know with a one hundred percent (100%) certainty and the horrifying implications of their actions.

“There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses.”
                                -Andrew Jackson

The ECB, on its own and without judicial or parliamentary review, has swapped their Greek debt for new Greek debt that is not subject to any “collective action clause.” They did this unilaterally and without the consent of any other sovereign debt bond owners of Greek debt. They did this without objection of any nation in Europe. They have retroactively changed the indenture, the contract made by Greece with all of the buyers of their bonds, when the debt was issued. There is no speculation involved in these statements, there is no longer any guesswork on what might be; the ECB swapped their bonds for new Greek bonds with the assent of the Greek government and it is now a done deal.

Iran cuts off oil supplies to Britain, France

The move was confirmed by the country’s Oil Ministry, with the spokesman saying that Iran will be “selling its oil to new customers”.
The decision is not expected to have a big impact, as France only bought three percent of its oil − 58,000 barrels a day − from the Islamic republic last year, and Britain buys less than 1 per cent.
But it was seen as a warning shot to other EU nations that are bigger consumers of Iranian oil, including Italy, Spain and Greece. The latter would be the most affected, should Iran go ahead with the cuts, as crisis-hit Greece gets more than 30 percent of its oil needs from the Islamic Republic. As a whole, the bloc currently buys about 18% of Iran's oil exports. Iran is the world’s 4th largest oil supplier, with China, India and Japan its largest buyers.

'If Israel bombs Iran, Arab states will support Tehran'

Tension around Iran has spiralled. Tehran is carefully avoiding being provoked so as not to give the US and Israel an excuse for military action. Though activists believe the extra sanctions and economic blockade of Tehran is already an 'act of war'. ­RT has talked to Brian Becker, the national coordinator of the A.N.S.W.E.R. anti-war coalition on the reasons behind the instability in the regionSource

DA Peponis Indicts Papandreou and Papakonstantinou for Treason

NB. As a matter of priority, the so-called Creditors in the Greek national debt crisis have placed credit default swaps, derivatives and their pushers (read Goldman Sachs JPM et al) at the forefront of receivership to facilitate a paper conquest of a nation that refuses to be swindled. Greece is ‘owed’ in excess of $500 Billion worldwide. Odious, concocted ‘loans’ will soon surpass that figure. An open letter from Mikis Theodorakis, international composer, Nazi Resistance Fighter and chief nemesis of the former fascist Junta calls on Greece’s friends and the diaspora abroad to wake up to the Confidence Game, recognise it is NOT Germans who are the enemy in the unfolding catastrophe!
Εάν το να πιστεύεις και να αγαπάς τις ρίζες σου ονομάζεται απ’ αυτούς «εθνικισμός», τότε είμαι ο πρώτος που θα πω ότι ό,τι καλλίτερο, υψηλότερο και ωραιότερο γνώρισα στη ζωή μου, είναι αυτή η μικρή πατρίδα μου, η τωρινή, η χθεσινή, η αιώνια

How Iran Changed The World: Lies, Damned Lies And Jump-Starting New World Order

Imagine this scenario: A developing nation decides to selectively share its precious natural resource, selling only to “friendly” countries and not “hostile” ones. Now imagine this is oil we’re talking about and the nation in question is the Islamic Republic of Iran
Early news reports on Wednesday claimed that Iran pre-empted European Union sanctions by turning off the oil spigot to six member-states: the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.
The reports were premature. According to a highly-placed source in the country, Iran will only stop its oil supply to these nations if they fail to adopt new trading conditions: 1) signing 3 to 5-year contracts to import Iranian oil, with all agreements concluded prior to March 21, and 2) payment for the oil will no longer be accepted within 60-day cycles, as in the past, and must instead be honored immediately.
Negotiations are currently underway with all six nations. Iran, says the source, expects to cut oil supplies to at least two nations based on their current positions. These are likely to be Holland and France.

‘US thinks it can use Al-Qaeda temporarily in Syria’ - Al-CIA-da

The US and Al-Qaeda are using each other to topple President Assad, believes Camille Otrakji, editor of online magazine Syria Comment.
US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said Al-Qaeda is working alongside Syria’s armed opposition, while Washington considers extending support to the rebels.
Otrakji told RT that both sides think they are using the other, hoping to control them later.
“For example, the Islamists and Al-Qaeda think, 'We can have an alliance with the Americans or with any secular opposition forces, but later we will be in power,' and the Americans think they can use Al-Qaeda temporarily, if they have to, to get rid of the Syrian regime, and they will somehow manage to get rid of them. So, unfortunately they are apparently working together.”
The journalist added that it is important to understand how decision-making takes place in Washington D.C.
Some people really do not care about what will happen in Syria after. For example, there are factions that just want to punish the Syrian regime – I’ve heard this from someone in Washington – for their help in 1982, when Hezbollah attacked US troops in Lebanon.”

Ron Paul's Parallel to Martin Luther King

Silver still hasn't recovered from the 1980 bubble

The Future Of The Internet and Drugstores Pushing Poison On Customers! - Dan Dicks Interviews Alex Jones

A "Crystal Ball View Of Europe In 2022" - Yanko Tsvetkov

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Zero Hedge has presented the work of Bulgarian modern artist Yanko Tsvetkov previously, both in 2010 and 2011. We are happy to see that his work which is meta irony on the weakest link of European culture: centuries worth of stereotype formation and development, has finally made its way into the mainstream media with the Guardian's "Stereotype maps: Is that what they think of us?" We are even happier to see that Tsvetkov has released a new one: 
Crystal Ball view of Europe in 2022...