24 Feb 2012

Freedom or Death in Athens "ελευθερία ή θάνατος"

“…. these are the people of Greece. We are sick and tired of being misrepresented as a nation of loiterers and chair-warmers who are simply after other peoples’ money,” ….

….. people take turns to deliver their speeches. They are no politicians. They are working people of various professions who come here after a day of work. Everyone I ask confirms that, “We work during the day and come here in the evening to express our fury to those sitting behind this fence and pretending they’re working hard. They have a fun job indeed –getting the IMF and EU money and spending it on military contracts while cutting pensions and wages of the people who do the real work.”

Malaysia condemns war threats against Iran

Malaysia's political parties and human rights organizations are vehemently condemning war threats against Iran and call on the US and Israel to immediately abort any plot to attack the Islamic republic. Source

Anonymous takes on prison industrial complex with latest hack

The prison industrial complex is the latest victim of Anonymous’ #FuckFBIFriday campaign. Hacktivists have compromised data from a massive correctional facility management firm and have defaced their website.
The website for The GEO Group, Inc., a Florida-based management firm with clients worldwide, has been targeted by operatives with the online collective Anonymous. Friday’s hack from the group is the most recent release related to the #FFF campaign that has in past weeks targeted and successfully taken down the sites of the CIA, FBI and US Department of Justice.
Various Twitter accounts affiliated with the loose-knit group confirmed the hack at around 12:30 pm EST on Friday. A statement made by the group has replaced the traditional homepage of TheGEOGroupInc.com and other sites associated with the prison management firm have been “wiped off the net,” says the group.

'CIA & Western media's total fiasco in Syria' and "stupid western public"

Calls for tougher economic sanctions against Syria are getting louder at the 'Friends of Syria' meeting in Tunisia, with the EU already preparing to freeze the Syrian Central Bank assets next week. It's among the new measures to cripple the Assad regime being proposed by the U.S. and its allies, as they gather to hammer out the Syrian crisis. German government consultant Christoph Horstel thinks that the West is trying to transplant its regime-change strategy from Libya to Syria.

Jerusalem gulag clashes video: Blackshirts use flashbangs against Palestinians at Al-Aqsa

Clashes broke out Friday between Israeli blackshirts and hundreds of Palestinian stone-throwers at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City gulag.

Nipples are rude but crushed limbs are OK - Facebook

Nipples are rude but crushed limbs are OK – a document leak has revealed the social network's attitudes to sex and violence

Facebook bans images of breastfeeding if nipples are exposed – but allows "graphic images" of animals if shown "in the context of food processing or hunting as it occurs in nature". Equally, pictures of bodily fluids – except semen – are allowed as long as no human is included in the picture; but "deep flesh wounds" and "crushed heads, limbs" are OK ("as long as no insides are showing"), as are images of people using marijuana but not those of "drunk or unconscious" people.

British Arms Dealer Christopher Tappin Blubs as he's handed over to US Marshals for extradition

Retired WMD Dealer Christopher Tappin described his treatment as a "disgrace" today as he arrived at Heathrow police station to be handed over to US marshals and taken to America to face arms dealing charges.

Mr Tappin, who fought a two-year battle against extradition, faces up to 35 years in jail if convicted of conspiring to sell components for Iranian missiles.
He is the latest Briton to fight and lose an extradition battle with the US and his case apparently increases pressure on David Cameron's Government to review the arrangements.
Arriving at the police station this morning he said: "I look to Mr Cameron to look after my rights and he has failed to do so.

'Gold Bullion or Cash' Shows Buffett, Roubini, Krugman Mistaken; Faber, Rogers, Bass, Einhorn, Gross Correct

Gold's London AM fix this morning was 1,778.50 USD, 1,328.230 EUR, and 1,125.419 GBP per ounce.
Yesterday's AM fix was USD 1,754.75, EUR 1,325.04, and GBP 1,116.32 per ounce. 
Spot gold hit a 3 month high of $1,787.55/oz yesterday rising gradually for the fourth day in a row. Gold closes in New York at $1,778/oz and has consolidated in Asia and early European trading.
Silver surged over $1.20 yesterday to over $35.50 - up over 3.55% on the day and convincingly breaching recent resistance at the $34.50 level. Next level for resistance is $40/oz and then the record nominal, repeat nominal, high of 1980 at $50/oz.
'Gold Bullion Or Cash' was released for public viewing on Wednesday. The video is educating the public internationally about gold bullion and why gold is safer than cash in the long term and in certain circumstances gold will be safer than cash in the short term as well.

Disabled cop it in Bolivia - Dramatic video

Protesters in Bolivia have clashed with police in the country's capital during a demonstration by disabled people demanding that the government pay them an annual subsidy.

A caravan of about 50 adults and children with disabilities, some using crutches, others in wheelchairs, arrived in La Paz on February 23 after a 100-day protest journey. 

Justice US-style: ‘Obama has already announced Manning is guilty’

US Army analyst Bradley Manning, who is accused of leaking thousands of “classified” documents to WikiLeaks, has deferred his plea to the 22 charges, also postponing a decision on whether he wants a military judge or a jury to hear his case.
Kevin Zeese, attorney to the Bradley Manning support network, believes that a fair hearing in front of a military court and a jury of officers is “almost impossible” for Manning.
President Obama has already announced that Bradley Manning is guilty,” he told RTPresident Obama is the commander-in-chief. The judge, the jurors, the prosecutoreverybody working in that court is under President Obama’s command. I can’t imagine anyone in that court thinking they'll have much of a career if they find Bradley Manning not guilty.”


Kung-Fu Analyst Reggie Middleton Karate Chops the Troika's Numerical Farce in the Face!

The EU catches on that the Eurozone is facing recession while greece is still the gum on everyone's shoe. The European Commision in its latest projections forecasts a 0.3 percent contraction with Greece leading the way...but it now expects countries such as spain and italy to contract too - which is different from its last forecasts. But Greece is still the whipping boy for the northern europeans and the press in general. With Greece's parliament approving the bond swap, some people say that this won't be enough, that we need a full default. Just look at Greece's GDP numbers, its unemployment numbers, its industrial output and its household and corporate credit...its all off the charts...falling off the charts that is. So why are the projections so rosy, like those in the TROIKA's debt sustainability document that we broke down earlier this week, something that our next guest knows about all to well - he kicks the crap out of mainstream analysis for a living.

Full CNN Arizona Republican Presidential Debate +

Chart: 'America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece'

The office of Senator Jeff Sessions, ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, sends along this chart, showing that 'America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece,' as well as Ireland, Italy, France, Portugal, and SpainSource
Greece is not even in the top three!

"Iran Has The Third Largest Jewish Population In The World Behind Only US & Israel"

Oil: In perpetuity no more

No-one knows exactly how much oil remains in most OPEC countries, with reserves a closely guarded scecret [Erika Blumenfeld/Al Jazeera]
Oil touches nearly every single aspect of the lives of those in the industrialised world. Most of our food, clothing, electronics, hygiene products and transportation simply would not exist without this resource.
There is a reason why oil giants such as ExxonMobile, BP, Total and Royal Dutch Shell, year in and year out, generate more profit than most other companies on the planet.
Our current global economy is based on continual growth, and that growth depends on cheap energy.
"Fossil fuels are roughly 84 per cent of what we use, and oil is 35 per cent of the world's primary consumption energy," says David Hughes, a geoscientist who studied Canada's energy resources for nearly four decades.
Given that oil plays such a critical role in the world's economy, one would deduce it would be important to know how much is left...

Occupy London protests find Land Registry St.Paul's Cathedral loophole

The protesters at London's "Occupy" movement claim to have found a loophole in the ownership of land surrounding St.Paul's Cathedral, and so they claim to have registered the land at The Land Registry to a homeless man who sleeps on the steps there. Source