25 Feb 2012

German Minister Argues That Greece Should Exit the Euro

BERLIN — Germany's interior minister on Saturday came out strongly in favour of debt-stricken Greece leaving the eurozone, arguing that this would would improve its chances of becoming competitive again.
"I do not mean that Greece should be kicked out of" the 17-nation eurozone, said Hans-Peter Friedrich in an interview with news magazine Der Spiegel, "but to create incentives for an exit that they cannot turn down."
"Outside European monetary union Greece's chances of regenerating itself and become competitive are definitely bigger than if it remained inside the eurozone," said Friedrich.
Friedrich was speaking ahead of a vote by German lawmakers on Monday on a further 130 billion euros ($175 billion) in loans for Greece.

Father Arrested When 4 Year Old Draws Gun!

The nanny state is on a mission to enslave all. Source

The Colonization Begins: Germany May Send 160 Tax Collectors To Greece

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Since the European colonial state of southern Bavaria Sachs (formerly known as the insolvent Hellenic Republic) no longer even pretends to be anything less than a pass-thru funding colony of its creditors, said creditors (European banks and various insurance companies) are about to send out the first group of colonial scouts in the form of German tax collectors. Also, since as reported previously, Greece will literally have to collect taxes to fund the Second "bailout package", which is merely a front for on ongoing Greek bailout of European banks (recall that it is Greece who is partially funding the bailout Escrow Account), said tax collectors will assist their Greek counterparts (who will rather likely miss their quote of becoming 200% more efficient in 2012) in collecting money from Greek citizens to pay off German banks. If in the process a few (or all) bars of gold end up missing, so be it.

Genesis of 99 percent movement - On the Edge with Max Keiser and David DeGraw

In this edition of the show Max Keiser interviews David DeGraw from AmpedStatus.com. He talks about the genesis of the 99 percent movement and how it led to Occupy Wall Street. David DeGraw is an independent investigative journalist and the editor of AmpedStatus.com. Source

Bankers are like pedophiles they won't stop till they are locked up

The Artist Taxi Driver

US Dog Chasing It's Own Tail To Declare WAR On YOU!

The U.S. government is about to declare a new war, but this time the enemy is a virtual one. A string of attacks on government websites by hackers has driven American policy-makers into a state of high-alert over a so-called terrorist threat. But some doubt the danger even exists. Source

Bubbling Economy "Happy clapping monkeys" Max Keiser, David Hales

Market participating rally monkeys, market regulating surrender monkeys, economic policy making suicide monkeys and Greek ministry website hacking cheeky monkeys. In the second half of the show, Max talks to David Hales about ending top down Central Bank imposed financial and economic systems with peer to peer economics. Source

Putin: ‘The West wants regime change in Iran’

Vladimir Putin believes the US is using the issue of Iran’s nuclear program as a pretext for regime change. Meanwhile, its AMD plans for Europe is an attempt to have a monopoly on security.

"Under the guise of trying to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction they [the US] are attempting something else entirely and setting different goals – regime change," news agencies quote Putin as saying.

The Russian PM pointed out that US foreign policy, including that in the Middle East, was expensive, inefficient and largely unpredictable. Putin also added that, among other things, it may eventually disserve Israel.
"They changed regimes in North Africa. What will they do next? In the end, Israel may find itself between the devil and the deep blue sea," he said.

Geoengineering: Destroying The Atmosphere with Rosalind Peterson

Global Geoengineering Governance: Currently the U.S. Government, our military, NASA, NOAA (other U.S. agencies), any city, county, state, private indivduals, corporations, foreign governments, and foreign corporations, can initiate any type of geo-engineering experiments without public knowledge, consent, government restrictions or public debate. Source

UK Labour Party Out of Touch: Let's Just Get On With Kicking People Offline Over Copyright Infringement

from the give-us-data-not-dogma dept.

As Techdirt reported at the time, the UK's Digital Economy Bill was rammed through Parliament, without proper scrutiny or even much democratic process, in the dying hours of the previous government. Since then, the implementation of the Digital Economy Act has moved forward relatively slowly. That's partly because there have been a series of legal challenges from ISPs concerned about its legality (and likely cost for them). In addition, it made sense for the current UK government to wait for the completion of the Hargreaves report on copyright in the digital age before proceeding.
But the people who drew up the Act and its punitive approach to tackling unauthorized file sharing -- the UK Labour Party -- have no doubts; they want extreme measures brought in now. Here's what Harriet Harman, the party's deputy leader, thinks the UK government should do:
implement the Digital Economy Act under a clear timetable including getting on with the notification letters and publishing the code of practice

lead and set a deadline for agreement in the industry for site blocking, search engine responsibility and digital advertising
That is, she wants people thrown off the Internet for allegedly sharing files (the three-strikes "notification letters"); censorship ("site blocking"); search results to be doctored ("search engine responsibility"); and extra-judicial punishment (cutting off revenues from "digital advertising".)
Of course, she wants all this without producing any specific evidence that it would actually help the music industries, or any awareness that innocent people might suffer as a result. That's to be expected, since the Digital Economy Act was drawn up in exactly the same way:

Gerald Celente, the Kleptocrat's Carry-Trade and the Revolution against Financial Occupation

A US lawmaker is reportedly planning to introduce the "Sound Dollar Act" early next month.

Ron Paul: Absolutely "No Deal" with Romney

Cartel Dumps 102.5 Million Ounces of Paper Silver in 7 Minutes, Yet RAID FAILS!

photoIf you happen to need to take a trip to an NYC ER room tonight and experience an extraordinarily long wait, The Doc's about to explain why. 
Silver has put in a monster rally this week, and much to the cartel's dismay, was preparing to close the week above $35.50 today, preparing a break-out next week that could potentially fill the gap from the September smash to $40, and see silver off to the races back to challenge the all-time nominal highs near $50.  Obviously, the cartel stepped in with a massive paper raid to prevent such a bullish weekly close. 
That's where things got interesting and likely induced more than a few Myocardial Infarctions today among JPMorgan execs

Check out the following price and volume chart screen shot SD reader Conax took on this 1-minute silver chart courtesy NetDania. 
Notice the massive volume that began at approximately 14:47, with 4,000 paper contracts dumped on the market in a single minute, followed by 2,500, 1,800, 3,200, 3,000, 2,900, and 3,100 over the next 6 minutes.

Sony Music Boss: Censored YouTube Videos Cost Us Millions

Sony Music’s CEO of international business said in a recent interview that the Internet is a blessing for the music industry. Nevertheless, there are still problems that have to be overcome, such as restrictive copyright enforcement by music rights collecting agencies. The Sony boss says that YouTube revenue running into the millions is being lost because German rights group GEMA’s policies prevent artist videos from being shown online in the country.
bergerFor years the music industry has blamed Internet piracy for all their troubles.
Slowly, however, the record labels are starting to realize that the Internet is the future and it will ultimately do more good than harm.
One of the people who embraces this positive view is Edgar Berger, Sony Music’s CEO of international business. In a recent interview he stressed the importance of the Internet, while noting that the increase in Internet sales almost makes up for the decline in physical sales.
“There is absolutely nothing to complain about. The Internet is a great stroke of luck for the music industry, or better: the Internet is a blessing for us,” Berger said.