10 Mar 2012

Hackers & Pirates - true GDP boosters - Max Keiser

Hackers and pirates as true GDP boosters and independent artists being censored by the financial industry. In the second half of the show, Max talks to independent journalist Teri Buhl about a crowd-funded investigation into swinging and scamming in the hedge fund capital of the world, New Canaan, Connecticut. Source

Worthless Bill of Rights!

Who is to decide what is arbitrary, what is promptly, what does fair mean, who is to say what fundamental justice is? If we are under a constitution, nevertheless the constitution is what the judges say it is. A Bill of right is worthless without those that would put it into effect in a decent way.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi 'change recipe to avoid putting a cancer warning on their labels'

Both firms to alter the way caramel colour is producedChanges will take place in the U.S - But not in UK as the drinks meet European safety rules

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been forced to change their recipes in America to avoid having to put cancer-warning labels on their cans - while the drinks in Britain stay the same.
There were concerns that one of the food-colouring ingredients may cause tumours in mice - although there was no evidence of a similar risk for humans.
Nonetheless both manufacturers have altered their recipes for drinks sold in America and they now contain far less of the offending chemical.

But products sold in the UK will still be made to the same old recipe as European regulators do not believe they pose any health risks.
Officials point out that one would need to drink 1,000 cans of Coke a day to get the same dose of the chemical that was linked to tumours in mice.

Media Cover-up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed!

The impeachment Of War criminal Barack obama has begun but the globalist controlled traitor media is blacking this huge news out. Source

Anonymous in Paris: Anti-ACTA protest

Front-Line Evidence That We are Nowhere Near a Gold Bubble - Chris Martenson Interviews Robert Mish

Submitted by Chris Martenson
Robert Mish has been a precious metals dealer for nearly 50 years and knows what a gold bubble mania looks like. We are nowhere near that stage, in his opinion.
Instead, he sees a US populace largely unappreciative of holding precious metal as a store of wealth, and engaged in a slow process of dis-hording their gold and silver to eager foreign buyers who are more than happy to take the bullion back to their shores.
In terms of where we are on the gold mania spectrum, he sees us at a "2" out of 10.

DSK Go Away! Students against scandalous Strauss-Kahn

Angry students chanted "DSK, go away" and "Shame on you" outside the Cambridge University Union Society on Friday, as former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn gave a speech inside. There were scuffles as a few protesters tried to scale a metal barrier outside the building. Police said two people were arrested on suspicion of assaulting police and disruptive behaviour. Source

Greece Has Defaulted: Here Is Where We Stand

Tyler Durden's picture
After reading this, everyone should have a fairly good grasp of what happened not only today, but ever since the great (and quite endless) European financial crisis took center stage, and what to look forward to next...
From Chindit13
In a nutshell---okay, a coconut shell---this seems to be where we are:
1)  Greece was able to write off 100 billion euros worth of debt in exchange for a 130 billion rescue package of new debt, of which Greece itself will receive 19%, or about 25 billion, so that it can continue to operate as an ongoing concern.  Somehow Greece is in a better position than before, with more debt and less sovereignty and still---by virtue of sharing a common currency---trying to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of Germany and the Netherlands, kind of like being the Yemeni National Basketball team in an Olympic bracket that includes the US, Spain and Germany.  At least a "within the euro" default prevented bank runs in Portugal, Spain, Italy et al.
2)  As a result of the bond haircuts, Greece has many pension plans that can no longer even pretend to be viable, at least according to the original contracted scheme, but pensionholders still working can take heart in the fact that their current wages will be cut, too.
3)  CDS buyers will have to sweat bullets, jump through hoops, and be forced to endure every cliche known to man, but they might end up getting something for all their trouble, provided their counterparty is solvent and that counterparty itself is not heavily exposed to an insolvent party or a NTBTF institution, otherwise known as a Lehman Brothers.  Expect the legal profession to be the prime beneficiary of this "event", as any new CDS contract will be at least a hundred pages of boilerplate longer in the future.

As Europe shoots more "easy money," blanks at the Depression, Americans "reach for real bullets"

How on earth can these bankers continue to make millions and billions of dollars at the expense of the rest of us? Are we suckers? ++
US unemployment, which remains unchanged at 8.3 percent, is being touted as "sturdy" by the mainstream media. Yet more than half of those jobs are deemed "low paying work" by analysts, and more than half of professional services jobs added are "temporary." Analyst david Ader of CRT quoted by ZeroHedge notes that about 160 thousand of those private sector jobs are low paying work. And per the BLS, of the 82,000 professional and business services jobs added, more than half 45,000 were temporary. Is this so-called recovery built on McDonald's big mac's and piecemeal work? Maybe, but there is at least one industry in america that is raking in the dough: Guns. Gun-maker Smith and Wesson's stock was up 23 percent this morning near three-year highs. This is after the gun maker reportedly hiked its full-yaer sales forecast on a higher order backlog, strong demand for guns and rifles.

Eveillard - All Hell May Break Loose & Gold is Way Undervalued

The increase in the size of the balance sheets of the top five central banks in the world, over the past three years, amounts to the equivalent of 70% of the gold ever mined in the past 3,000 years.”
Eveillard, who oversees $50 billion at First Eagle Funds, had this to say about the situation, “I think they bought some time, not so much because of what happened with the Greek bonds but because the head of the ECB decided to lend the commercial banks whatever they needed.  This happened in December and again in February and it totaled over on trillion euros.” 
“As I said, this has bought the Europeans some time, maybe a few months.  The Greek situation is really beyond repair, but everyone is afraid of contagion so they just keep kicking the can down the road." More/source

Massive Run On Guns After Obama Annoucement!

After Obama informed the Congress that the UN was now in charge of the
US military and that Congress was now ceremonial,already record gun sales exploded! Many gun makers are now months behind in orders and some gun shops are sold out. Source

KONY 2012 Exposed: African Invasion Psyop

System using foundation controlled left to promote invasion of Africa. Source