12 Mar 2012

Yes We KONY? - RAP NEWS 12

YES WE KONY. It's March, and the Internet delivers 2012's first globe-consuming meme: the unstoppable, Stop-Kony 2012 video, which has highlighted the plight of African child soldiering like never before. But is it really good? Is it really bad? Or is the world really more complex than 'good guys' and 'bad guys'?

'Several drunk troops behind bloodbath, laughed on shooting-spree, burned corpses'

Gruesome new details are surfacing after 16 Afghan villagers including nine children were shot in their houses by US servicemen. Witnesses to the atrocity now say that several drunken American soldiers were involved.
Neighbours at the village where the killings took place said they were awoken past midnight by crackling gunfire: "They (more than one) were all drunk and shooting all over the place," Reuters cites Agha Lala, a villager in Kandahar's Panjwayi district.
Lala's neighbor Haji Samad lost all of his 11 relatives in the rampage, including children and grandchildren. He claims Marines poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.”
Twenty-year-old Jan Agha says the gunfire shook him out of bed.” He was in the epicenter of the horrible shooting, witnessing his father shot as the latter peered out of a window to see what was going on.

Yet Another US Debt Infographic

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Probably the most amusing thing about this latest US debt infographic courtesy of FX Fatcat, which by now everyone has seen in some capacity, is how out of date it is, as the latest debt is $15.518 trillion, or $100 billion more than shown here in "March 2012." Click graphic to enlarge

US assassination drone strikes kill 64 in Yemen in 3 days

Drone strikes have killed at least 64 people in southern Yemen during attacks in the past three days on the provinces of Abyan and Bayda. Source

"Agenda Setting Biased Reporting" on Syria and Libya Fake Coverage - Outraged Al Jazeera journalists quit channel

Qatar's aggressive stance towards Assad has led to a string of resignations at the country's al-Jazeera TV news channel. Those who left describe bias at the station which they say has become a tool to target the Syrian regime. Source

The Fukushima Story You Never Knew About: Greg Palast Reports

Alex talks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the Fukushima cover-up and the latest on Obama's psyop campaign in Africa. Source

Ron Paul's First Caucus Victory Covered Up by Establishment Media!

If Ron Paul wins the delegates it's all about the popular vote. If Ron Paul wins the popular vote it's all about the delegates. Source

How the Government Makes You Fat - The Great Sugar Shakedown

The Great Sugar Shaft
by James Bovard, April 1998
The U.S. government has devotedly jacked up American sugar prices far above world market prices since the close of the War of 1812. The sugar industry is one of America's oldest infant industries — yet it dodders with the same uncompetitiveness that it showed during the second term of James Madison. Few cases better illustrate how trade policy can be completely immune to economic sense.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Obama impeachment bill now in Congress…

Declares president’s use of military without approvalhigh crime, misdemeanor’ Let the president be duly warned.
Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., R-N.C., has introduced a resolution declaring that should the president use offensive military force without authorization of an act of Congress, “it is the sense of Congress” that such an act would be “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanour.”
Specifically, Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution reserves for Congress alone the power to declare war, a restriction that has been sorely tested in recent years, including Obama’s authorization of military force in Libya.

PirateBox Takes File-Sharing Off The Radar and Offline, For Next To Nothing

When confronted with a doomsday scenario where mainstream online file-sharing becomes a thing of the past, it’s not uncommon for people to refer to days gone by, when files were swapped freely offline using discs and other mediums. Now, an interesting and compact system can deliver the [g]olden days of data swapping with a modern twist, by turning any open space into a wireless and anonymous file-sharing system at a rock-bottom price.
pirate box logoWith the advent of the personal computer and with it the ability to endlessly copy data, the human desire to share has skyrocketed. Shifting data from A to B, wherever those points may be on a global scale, is now something easily achieved by billions across the world.
While the immense capabilities of the Internet has made sending and receiving data child’s play, there are others who find the transfer of bits and bytes across much shorter distances just as fascinating.


The good life and bad deeds of the Greek elite, featuring Margarita Mathiopoulus
Large numbers of poverty-stricken Greeks are wondering this weekend why their Finance Minister’s current account with an Athenian bank has in excess of three million euros in it. He is clearly a man with little need to worry about sweating his assets, and with every day the evidence as to why that might be keeps on piling up – thanks to the generosity of Greek contacts fed up of seeing their country rogered by fatties. It seems that no matter where you start in the Greek elite, all roads lead to Evangelo Venizelos. Today we start with Greco-German trougher, Margarita Mathiopoulus.

Silver Will Be in a Severe Supply Shortage by August 2012

Placing my a** hat on the table in front of me, I predict that silver will go into a severe supply shortage by August 2012 or sooner.
Greek sort of got bailed out, leaving the price of silver to float upwards as opposed to downward should central banks and private owners need to dump PMs to get liquidity.
Absorption of silver continues apace with speculative and aggressive longs outnumbering shorts two to one.
The discount to real silver value will not go unnoticed for long. Sovereign wealth funds in China and Middle East have over $2 trillion in funds ready to deploy. War brings out the best in wealthy buyers. They buy for safety when the chips are down and financial insecurity abounds.

The physical silver is being held for personal investment and industrial and commercial purposes. Miners are holding supply hostage to buyer requests to avoid the taxes on the profits of their silver sales.
The numb-nuts at EPA are stopping mine production due to environmental issues.
Miners are starting continent-wide strikes in Africa for gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
Nearly 100 million ounces were kept from the market in those recent strikes.
Nationalization of silver mines continues apace in south and central America.