18 Mar 2012

Aleppo Resident Speaks About Todays Bombing There

Mohamed lives just a few minutes from where the bomb went off today. Reports say at least 3 people have been killed and 25 injured in the car bomb explosion. Which happened to take place in a predominantly Christian neighborhood.
Most Christians have left Iraq. Is this the policy purpose of the bombing? To empty Syria of its Christians? Source

Jim Rogers - 2013 Will Be a Disaster

Jim Rogers is the special guest on Goldseek radio. Today he is calling from Singapore, where it is a cloudy day. Source

Philby the Masterspy: Soviet triple agent

Kim Philby, a former British Secret Intelligence Service officer and an agent for the Soviet Union at the same time, was perhaps the most famous of a group of British government officials who served as Russian spies from the 1930s to 1950s.

Philby came from a very respected background in British society and attended Trinity College at Cambridge University. His life seemed to be quite predictable and clear. What made him turn to spying for the USSR? Source

'Attack on Iran will force it to pursue nukes' - British MP

The West should accept Iran as a legitimate 'regional superpower' and drop 'yesterdays' rehashed policies of sanctions and military force, a British MP told RT. Talking to RT, John Baron, the only UK Conservative MP to vote against military action in Libya, called the potential use of force against Iran "illogical and naive." He further characterized the Western use of sanctions as "yesterday's failed policies." Source

The truth about Eritrea - Double Standards

America justifies killing its citizens, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. The Germans give a submarine capable of launching a nuclear attack to Israel.
We also talk to the ambassador of horn of Africa nation, Eritrea, about challenging sanctions and lies. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi. Source

More video of naked and deranged Kon-merchant 'Kony 2012 crusader'

The five devastating storms in summer 2012 at the heart of the world geopolitical swing - Global systemic crisis!

In its January 2012 issue, LEAP/E2020 signalled the current year as that of the world geopolitical swing. The first quarter 2012 has, to a large extent, started to establish that an era was in fact coming to an end with, in particular, the Russian and Chinese decisions to block any Western attempt at interference in Syria (1); their stated desire, associated with India (2) especially, to ignore or circumvent the oil embargo fixed by the United States and the EU (3) against Iran; the increasing tensions in relations between the United States and Israel (4); the acceleration of the policy of diversification out of the US Dollar led by China (5) and the BRICS (but also by Japan and Euroland (6)); the premise of change in Euroland’s political strategy at the time of the French electoral campaign (7); and the intensification of actions and statements fuelling the rising strength of trans-bloc commercial wars (8). In March 2012, we are far from March 2011 and the “hustling” of the UN by the USA/UK/France trio to attack Libya. March 2011 was still the unipolar world of after 1989. March 2012 is already the post-crisis multipolar world hesitating between confrontations and partnerships.

Breaking News: NYPD continues harassment of Occupy protesters in Liberty Square

OWS protesters are being brutally arrested at Zuccotti Park, also known as Liberty Square in Manhattan, according to unconfirmed reports. Police are said to be pushing journalists and activists alike, telling everyone present to leave or face arrest.
NYPD reportedly tore down newly-placed tents in the park on Saturday night. They also allegedly shut down vendors around the park as they assaulted peaceful protesters inside.
The police are said to be obstructing members of the press from entering the square “for safety reasons.” Meanwhile, some protesters are presumably setting up barricades on the south side of the public park against police orders.
Police by the dozens have swept through a downtown Manhattan park, removing Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who were celebrating their six-month anniversary, according to the Associated Press. New York police announced Zuccotti Park closed for the evening before moving through the excited and sometimes agitated protesters, who chanted and beat drums as they went. A spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street estimated dozens of protesters were arrested. Source

How America Avoided A Wall Street Backed Fascist Coup in 1933

The plot was exposed by a highly decorated Marine Corps veteran and war hero, Major General Smedley Butler.

Russia Today's Channel on YouTube Suspended Again! "Scams and Commercially Deceptive Content" ???

UK's Russia Today Channel on YouTube Suspended Again! "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content."