28 Mar 2012

Farage - Western World Collaborated in Giant Ponzi Scheme

We are heading deeper and deeper into insanity.  Even in a country that is outside of the eurozone, take the United Kingdom, our national debt is set to rise by 40% over the next five years.”



Santiago, Chile.
DumbfoundedThat’s the only way to describe the reaction that future historians will have when they look back and study the utter perversion that is our global financial system.

We live in a time when a tiny handful of people have their fingers on a button that can conjure trillions of dollars, euro, yen, and renminbi out of thin air. In the United States, it comes down to one man. Just one.

With a single decision, he controls the lever that dominates the entire economy. When you control the money, you control everything– financial markets, consumer prices, risk perceptions, investment habits, savings rates, hiring decisions, pay raises, sovereign debt, housing starts, etc.  One man.

This irrational, arrogant system presupposes by design that a central banker is smarter than everyone else; that markets are incapable of determining appropriate risk and value; that he is more effective at allocating our time, capital, and labor than we are.
Future historians will probably also be dumbfounded when they see how long people allowed worthless, unbacked fiat paper to pass as money.  It’s extraordinary that most people today happily accept a digital abstraction of paper currency controlled by a single individual as ‘valuable’.

Gold is Manipulated (But That's Okay) Chris Martenson

The price of gold is being actively managed by central planners and their proxies. The main culprit here appears to be the US authorities, as the manipulation is most apparent in the US open gold market. For the most part, this 'management' has resulted in letting the price of gold rise, but not too much, or too quickly. 
The price of gold has always been an object of interest for governments and central bankers. The reason is simple enough to understand: Gold is an objective measure of the degree to which fiat money is being managed well or managed poorly.
As such, whenever paper money is being governed poorly, the price of gold becomes an important barometer. And this is why the actual price of gold is a strong candidate to be 'managed.' Or 'influenced'. Or 'manipulated'. Whichever word you prefer, they all convey the same intent.
Some who are reading this are likely having an eye-rolling moment because they hold a belief that there is no conspiracy to manage the price of gold.
This is an interesting belief to hold because it runs heavily against the odds. It's similar to holding the belief that the house in Vegas does not have a statistical advantage.

'Annan's plan needs to be instituted in US' - Afshin Rattansi

Syrian rebels are under pressure to accept the UN-backed peace plan, after Damascus rubber-stamped the deal. It includes appeals for a ceasefire - but no calls for President Assad to step down - something the opposition and Washington have been calling for. The US is pushing for the rebels to unite, with some factions rallying behind the Syrian National Council at a conference in Turkey. RT talks to journalist and author Afshin Rattansi, who's long been covering events in the region. Source

Muppets Hunting Muppets and No smoking guns for Wall St. crooks - Max Keiser with Charles Goyette

Rising tides of incontinence and cultural revolutions while muppet hunting with Lloyd Blankfein and the seething masses worshiping Ben Bernanke. In the second half of the show Max talks to bestselling author, Charles Goyette, about bi-partisan debtors, peasant pitchforks and a warmongering state read on for 'No smoking guns for Wall St. crooks' teaser.

Sen. Rand Paul Invokes The Constitution In Iran Sanctions Debate

Senator blocks sanctions bill saying it could be used as a means to go to war - Steve Watson: Rand Paul has effectively single handedly blocked a bi-partisan bill to place yet more crippling economic sanctions on Iran, by demanding an amendment to prevent the White House using the legislation as an authorization to attack the country.

Katy Perry launches Man Hating Marine Recruitment Video

Katy Perry Shills for the Military Industrial Complex - Alex Jones covers the news including a story about Katy Perry's new propaganda music video "Part of Me" for the US Marine Corps. Source

Re-Occupy - CrossTalk with Charles Cooke, Bernadene Zennie and Danny Schechter

How has the OWS movement transformed over the last 6 months? How newsworthy are the ongoing protests? Is OWS fatigue only growing? And has the movement achieved anything on the ground? CrossTalking with Charles Cooke, Bernadene Zennie and Danny Schechter. Source

Ron Paul Examines Federal Reserve Bailout of Eurozone

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Hot-Mic Heat: Russia, U.S. Enemy No. 1?

It's this particular conversation - which wasn't supposed to go public - that's got tongues wagging across the U.S. after being captured by cameras word-for-word.