29 Mar 2012

Enough is Enough - David Icke

David Ickes' sensational New book is being shipped now
Remember Who You Are is destined to transform the way vast numbers of people see themselves and the world -- and it could not have been published at a more pivotal moment in known human history. We live in extraordinary times, and we face the most enormous challenge to our individual and collective freedom.

Bye-bye Dollar: BRICS doesn't trust the buck - Andrew Gavin Marshall

BRICS is a group of countries banding together in a troubled world economy. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are countries that make up 42 percent of the world's population, a quarter of its landmass and 75 percent of the foreign reserve worldwide. The BRICS influence on the global stage is growing and with their growing power they have plans to form a new joint development bank. To talk more about this issue RT's Liz Wahl is joined by Andrew Gavin Marshall of ThePeoplesBookProject.com Source

Brazil to rally BRICS against rich countries

Currency Wars: The biggest policy problems now are in the rich world.

Brazil will push for its large emerging-market peers including China to join it in denouncing what it sees as unfair monetary policy practiced by Europe and the United Statesraising the stakes in a global confrontation over economic imbalancesBrazilian trade and industry minister Fernando Pimentel told Reuters on Wednesday his country would seek such language in a communiqué following Thursday's BRICS summit, which brings together Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Caught Red Handed: Manipulation in Gold Market Since the US Lost AAA Rating

This is a report just published by Paul Mylchreest, who used to be at Chevreux where He Wrote The Infamous First Bank Report Confirming Manipulation in the goldmarket.

Backstage Wall Street - Max Keiser with Josh Brown

Multi-camera fraud live from Parliament, push button autocracy from the global central banks and losing granny's 5000 peanut butter money on Wall Street. In the second half of the show Max talks to Josh Brown about his new book, Backstage Wall Street. Source

Reggie Middleton takes a Bite out of Apple on his trip back from Gold Sands of Abu Dhabi

Among those testifying at the hearing were MF Global general counsel Laurie Ferber; MF Global chief financial officer Henri Steenkamp; and Christine Serwinski, former chief financial officer of the company's brokerage unit. 

Now, onto Europe, where we take a little break from MF Global to focus on some "treasury hunting,"

"Wild Ideas": Follow the Constitution, Stop Printing Money, Don't Fight Undeclared Wars - Ron Paul

LulzSec ‘Reborn’: US military dating website hacked, 170,000 emails leaked

The hacking group LulzSec Reborn may have resurfaced after a short lull. The group claims to have attacked a military dating website.
In its announcement on the pastebin.com website, the group said it has leaked 170,937 military emails from MilitarySingles.com website.
“There are emails such as @us.army.mil ; @carney.navy.mil ; @greatlakes.cnet.navy.mil ; @microsoft.com ; etc.., the hackers said. They also provided links for downloading the data.
Militarysingles.com is a dating website aiming at connecting single soldiers. In response to the attack, the site has enacted a “series of security procedures”, the chief executive of the company said.

Othman family: Plight of Palestinian families in exile - Diaspora

Since 1948, millions of Palestinians have been forced into exile from their own lands. In this series we seek to find out what happened to the refugees of the 1948 and how their families are coping with six decades in exile. In this episode of the show Lauren Booth meets Othman family from London. Source