10 Apr 2012

Legalised Criminal Fascist US: Mumia Abu-Jamal exclusive

Former journalist and Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal since he was removed from death row in January. Abu-Jamal will spend his life behind bars for killing a police officer in 1981. Considered by many to be a flagrant miscarriage of justice, the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal has gained much attention worldwide. The defense claimed Abu-Jamal is innocent of the charges as the testimony of the prosecution's witnesses was not reliable. For decades, supporters have rallied behind him. Source

Privatization of UK justice system - A simple question

The British government has been seeking to outsource key functions of the modern state since the 1990s. The result has been a decline in public sector funding, while the private sector enjoys increased investment. One of the most crucial sectors that are under threat is the legal and criminal justice system. The UK already has the most privatized Criminal Justice System in Europe.

Silver Smoke Screen

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from Theodore Butler via SilverSeek.com:
There was a very interesting and potentially significant development dropped into the silver equation this week. I’m speaking of the appearance of the head of commodities for JPMorgan, Blythe Masters, in a short interview Thursday on CNBC. There has already been widespread reaction to the clip and I must admit that it touched off a whirlwind of different thoughts in my mind. Quite frankly, I’m glad I’ve had a bit of time to sort them out before commenting.
I first discovered and revealed that JPMorgan was the big concentrated short in COMEX silver in the fall of 2008 (having inherited the position from Bear Stearns).  Since then, Ms. Masters has become somewhat of a lightening rod in the silver manipulation discussion world. Although I don’t believe I have ever mentioned her by name, she has been, more often than not, vilified in most Internet quarters. While I can empathize with the extreme sentiments that can arise from the outrage over the lingering silver crime in progress and the damage that it has caused to many, I don’t see much benefit in personal attack. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on the facts.
Since my thoughts are varied, let me see if I can put them into some semblance of order. First, let me give you my visceral feelings and then settle into a more measured and objective analysis. There were quite a few important statements that did come from the interview that go to the very heart of my allegations of manipulation in silver by JPMorgan. I won’t dwell on my knee-jerk reactions, but I do feel I should make them known.
There is no doubt that this wasn’t a spontaneous event.

Witness the Power of an Idea - Big. Bold. Texan - Ron Paul - And Then There Were Two

Raging gynecologist trashes car shop - Total Breakdown

Max Comments, "the day you find out fiat currency is worthless." Ever gotten a bit angry having to wait a minute too long for a car tune-up? Not as angry as this guy. A Moscow gynecologist in the throes of a nervous breakdown decided the auto dealership which sent him over the edge was going down with him. Source

Social Media Finance Daily + Bernanke Vision

JP Morgan & Co killed Greek pensioner and Return of the Silver Liberation Army

JP Morgan's Blythe Masters claims the bank does not manipulate silver prices. "She's lying!" They also discuss JP Morgan's 'London whale' the credit default swap (CDS) index market with massive prop position. In the second half of the show Max talks to author, Pierre Jovanovic, about Blythe Masters role at JP Morgan and the similarities between the world today and France of the 18th century on the eve of revolution. Source

"Can Pirates shake up European politics?" - TheStream

Running on a platform of digital freedom and an end to copyright monopoly, the Pirate Party has become the fastest growing political group in Europe. It took centre stage in 2010 after deciding to host Pirate Bay, the "world's most resilient BitTorrent site." As it gains seats in Sweden, Germany, and the European Parliament, the organisation has received criticism for what some view as a utopian platform and lack of political experience. In this episode of The Stream, we talk to Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the first Pirate Party, and Travis McCrea, Deputy Leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. Source

Science must be liberated from the paywalls of publishers

As a scientist and citizen I want to see the universal adoption of the open access model of academic publishing, because it will be better for science and better for society.
Open access, where costs are met upfront by the author and papers are free to readers, would improve science by making all published results and ideas easily accessible to researchers across the world and so fuel the engine of discovery. At present, far too much of our research is locked behind paywalls that restrict access and stall progress.
By shifting ownership of scientific literature away from commercial publishers, open access also provides a clear acknowledgement that the bulk of its value comes from publicly funded scientists and not from publishing companies. This is an overdue correction that will also facilitate the spread of scientific information beyond the research community and among the wider public who, through their taxes and donations to charity, have a moral right to its outputs.

China warns U.S. against an attack by Israel on Iran "invite devastating countermeasures"

While Germany is losing the debate over whether G√ľnter Grass's reference to a threat to world peace by Israel is classified "anti-Semitic", China says a new stark warning of an attack on IranChen Xiaodong, a senior member of the Chinese Foreign Ministry sent his message directly to Israel and the United States. Any military action would have a devastating counter-offensive result.
With incredible durability, the Western media is trying to convey the impression that Iran had occupied an isolated position relative to the rest of the world. Both Russian and the Chinese side with Iran, however, was already been safely supported several times. Last Friday, Chen Xiaodong reported again with a warning word. He is under the section of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, which is in charge of West Asian and North African Affairs. In a clear message, he stated that any attack on Iran would "invite devastating countermeasures". The two countries have maintained excellent trade relations, and energy imports from Iran for the Chinese economy is of paramount importance.

The Scam of Haiti! The Kony Africa Jungle Con! + Not Taking the Bus!

A Too-Big-To-Fail Whale Tale, a Lousy Jobs Report, and CBS 60 Minutes Propagates "Greeks are Lazy" Mythology

Last week we told you about the "London Whale" - the London-based Bruno Iksil of JP Morgan Chase. He has reportedly amassed derivative positions so large that he's driving price moves in the $10 trillion market for credit derivative indexes. Is this yet another sign that too big to fail banks are taking outsized risks with federally insured money? Would they take this huge positions that have the ability to drive price movements in this fashion if they didn't know that their very existence was subsidized and that they had an implicit backstop from the central banks?