14 Apr 2012

Ron Paul: End the IRS & Abolish the Income Tax + Preserving the Rule of Law Is More Important than Bombing People

Europe merry-go-round: Spain debt crisis & Portugal bailout Mish Shedlock and Rick Ackerman with Max Keiser - Too Broke To Go Broke

"If they had let Greece default 3 years ago it would have cost less" Mish Shedlock

'US continues to lie about drone attacks'

"The war of terror was made up... the rogue nation is the United States!" says Allen Roland. 
The Pakistani parliament has approved new guidelines for the country's ties with the United States in an attempt to repair their strained relations.

Marc Faber - Wests Governments completely misinform the public, over indebtedness and embedded arrogance will end in complete disaster.

Dishonest Money: Author Joseph Plummer Breaks Down The Deception

Jon Bowne interviews Lloyd Chapman about the latest GSA scandal concerning the use of taxpayer dollars to reward taxpayers with vacations and parties. Then, Jon speaks with Dishonest Money Author Joseph Plummer about the emerging truth that has waited decades to be discovered about the Private Federal Reserve.

Another attack tries to knock King World News off the Internet

The King World News Internet site was attacked this week in ways that seemed aimed particularly at the network's revelatory interview April 5 with its London metals market trader source.
The major Internet hosting company that maintains the King World News site reported to the network: "The servers you are hosted on are what we call 'under guard' due to external attack. Sometimes there are millions of these attacks. Without these 'guards' in place, the servers would effectively become flooded and would be unable to display your website."
Eric King told GATA today: "The attacks started when the London trader interview piece was released April 5. The attacks continued and intensified when our interview with Jim Sinclair's futures market analyst, Dan Norcini, was published on April 11. A very powerful entity did not want this information out there."

Children stolen by the state needlessly, causing utter misery in one of Britain's most disturbing scandals

By CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: The most shocking story I have reported in all my many decades as a journalist.
Applications to take children into care in England have soared to an all-time record, for the first time topping 10,000 in just 12 months.
Since 2008 alone, the figure has much more than doubled, to some 225 cases a week — bringing the total number of children in care in the UK as a whole to at least 90,000.
Scandal: How many children are needlessly being taken from loving homes? The official reason given for this explosion in the number of children being removed from their families by social workers in only four years is that 2008 was the year when the nation was shocked by the events leading to the death of Baby P — later named as Peter Connelly.
He was just 17 months old when he died in North London at the hands of his mother Tracey and her violent partner, suffering more than 50 injuries.
Scandal: How many children are needlessly being taken from loving homes to the detriment of both them and their parents?
The story goes that social workers have become much more eager to take children into care because they do not wish to see any repetition of the scandal surrounding their failure to save Baby Peter, even though they and other officials had visited his home 60 times.
But one hugely important ingredient is missing from the way this version of events is being put across by the authorities responsible for ‘child protection’.
Evidence is accumulating on all sides to show that far too many children are now being removed from their parents wholly unnecessarily, often for laughably inadequate, even absurd, reasons.

'The father love that dare not speak its name' Revisited - Sir Bob Geldof

When it comes to access to children, divorced men haven’t a chance. In a world of dual-career couples, the law needs to recognise the hands-on parenting role played by many fathers
Family law as it currently stands does not work. It is rarely of benefit to the child and promotes injustice, conflict and unhappiness on a massive scale. Most custody rulings show no understanding of contemporary society.
The contention that women are inherently better nurturers is wrong. Custody rulings appear to be based on the “sugar and spice and all things nice” school of biological determination rather than on anything more significant. If a woman “mothers” a child, a warm universe of nurturing is conjured. If a man “fathers” a child it simply implies nothing more than the swift biological function involved in the procreative act.
If the later 20th century saw the transformation of women’s lives, then the 21st century is seeing the transformation of men’s lives, and by definition the lives of their children. Nearly half the workforce is female and men now hold a different view of parenting. There are no studies which suggest that a child brought up by a man (as I was) displays any psychological or emotional characteristics different to one raised by a woman.
My complaints are not the moans of the unsuccessful litigant at the hands of family law. I, in fact, was “successful”. This is someone dismayed by the inappropriateness of the law to the everyday. Nor is this the complaint of the proto-misogynist — indeed the law is so inept that it produces misandrists in equal measure — but rather the irritation and anger of someone who sees exact parallels with women’s struggle against bias and prejudice.

Houston Cop goes CRAZY (Original RAW Footage)

Hostile Houston Cop comes after two innocent guys video taping at a Wal-Mart in SouthWest Houston for NO REASON, the men were held against their will before later being hand-cuffed to be arrested but released after another cop came to their rescue. The incident was only resolved after the cop tried to bribe and threaten the men to ERASE this footage or go to JAIL....

Assymmetric Secret Servicing Initiative: Obama's Colombia Visit Found To Subsidize Local Alternative Monogamy Market

Tyler Durden's picture
Obama may not be the most successful president when it comes to creating jobs at home, but when success is measured by the number of blowjobs outsourced abroad, he may be truly second to none, as his visit to Colombia proves before it has officially begun. According to the AP, "A dozen Secret Service agents sent to Colombia to provide security for President Barack Obama at an international summit have been relieved of duty because of allegations of misconduct." Relieved here being a perfectly randomly selected verb. Because according to a tip received by The Associated Press "the misconduct involved prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, the site of the Summit of the Americas. A Secret Service spokesman did not dispute that allegation." Or, as Goldman would call it, an "AsSymmetric (Secret) Servicing Initiative" where much more than just inside information is leasked. Unfortunately, while he may be far more successful in generating jobs in Latin America than domestically, even those jobs have proven to be quite transitory, just like virtually all quickie temp jobs "created or saved" in the US in the past several years. Furthermore, just like in the US, we doubt that the incremental wealth benefits willtrickle down to the local population. After all, unlike in the US, endogenous Colombian liquidity may be abundant everywhere but certainly not at the central bank, which is far, far tighter at a rate of 5.25% (and rising), compared to extra loosecentral planners the "developed" world over.

Shark-infested Equity Waters, Metals Manipulation and Energy Depletion - Chris Martenson

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...US and European stock markets remained under pressure today, some eurozone government bonds once again came under intense pressure from investors. We ask if we're headed for 2008 style trouble...has the subprime mortgage crisis given way to the subprime sovereign debt crisis?

"Tiny Cult Of Un-evolved Voodoo Practitioners" + KOREAN BOGEYMAN FAIL - FKN Newz