20 Apr 2012

James Rickards Interview on Why Central Banks are Obsessed with Gold & Why QE3 is Imminent

Ming's Revolutionary Naughtiness - Against The Household Charge


by SIMON BLACK: Here’s a fun way to cap off your week.
The Congressional Budget Office has just released three very telling infographics which, unintentionally, spell out a pretty dreary picture of US government finances.
The first graphic shows US federal revenue, both in raw numbers ($2.3 trillion in 2011) and expressed as a percentage of GDP (15.4%).
There are a lot of interesting things about this graphic. Check out the massive downward swing of payroll tax receipts starting in 2009… coinciding not only with the dismal rate of employment in the country, but also the demographic trend of having fewer and fewer baby boomers paying in to the system.


Your government is doing what?
...Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Tehran Video April & Comment on Political Islam

Iran is a threat because it represents political Islam. A preparedness to wage Jihad on Evil. In iran there is no alcohol, people are not paraded as sexual objects, and the whole usury based banking system is absent. Also there is no gambling.For these reasons the west must attack.Was the real threat of the Taliban in Afghanistan that they wanted a Caliphate? Is the real threat of Syria that they believed in a Pan Arab Nationalism? Was Gaddafi's threat that he wanted an independent Africa? Source

University of Texas researchers design chip allowing mobile devices to see through walls

By Madison Ruppert, Editor of End the Lie
As unbelievable as it sounds, researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created an imager chip for mobile devices which would turn an ordinary cell phone into something which can see through walls, wood, plastics, paper, skin and other objects.
Using the terahertz (THz) band of the electromagnetic spectrum, the wavelengths of which fall between the microwave and infrared bands, the chip could signify a revolution in the surveillance capabilities of mobile phones along with new chips like Broadcom’s BCM4752 which is capable of providing ultra-precise location data.
Combine this with citizen spying applications and the techniques which gently push people to conduct surveillance without them knowing what they’re actually doing, patents from Google which would allow them to collect the data from such chips and the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) new data centre and you have the penultimate surveillance state.

Occupy Marines, Occupy Wisconsin, Jesse Jackson Jr. - OWS Week

US veterans' contribution to the 99ers and their participation in the movement.

It contains an exclusive statement from the Occupy Marines made by both active duty and off duty soldiers.


Syrian Increasefire, Breivik Trial - All in your Imagination, 
F1 in Bahrian vs Olympics in UK.

Are Central Bankers just Economic Make-up Artists, Sexing-up Prices? - Capital Account with Paul Craig Roberts

Reports are out that Spanish banks which have been the primary buyers of Spain's debt have used up almost all the money they borrowed from the ECB so don't have much left over with which to buy more sovereign debt...the same goes for Italy. This is according to the Wall Street Journal.

Preparations For A War + Eliza interviews Morris

The US, Israel and Greece launched an air naval exercise in the Mediterranean Thursday, March 29. Codenamed "Noble Dina," within Crete and including the waters off of Turkey, Cyprus, and Israeli Navy bases in Haifa and Ashdod. American, Israeli and Greek fleets are being supported by the British Royal Navy flotilla cruising around the Straits of Gibraltar

Fasten Your Seatbelts: High Frequency Trading Is Coming To The Treasury Market

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In what may be the gray swan that all hell is about to break loose, we read that one of the world's largest hedge funds, British Man Group with $58 billion in AUM, is about to launch High Frequency Trading - the same high volume churning, sub-pennying, liquidity extracting, stub quoting and quote stuffing parasitic algorithms that frequently crash the equity, and as of recently the FX and commodity markets, into that most sacred of markets: US TreasurysThe official spin: "The Man Systematic Fixed Income fund, yet to be launched, will try to identify and profit from dislocations in liquid government bond markets." What this really means is that the final frontier of market rationality is about to be invaded by artificial momentum generating algorithms, who couldn't care less about fundamentals, and whose propensity to crash and burn at the worst of times, may end up costing the Fed all those tens of trillions it has spent to keep the Treasury market calm, cool, collected, and largely devoid of any volatility and MOVEment. But all that is about to change: "The unit is run by Sandy Rattray, who co-developed the VIX. VIX volatility index, also known as the "fear index"