26 Apr 2012

Jim Grant explains how Central Banks are Waging War on Supply and Demand

Last month, the federal reserve bank of new york invited some of its critics, including our guest, to, as he put it "unburden themselves of their criticisms." The text of his remarks was published in the March 23rd issue of Grant's, and it is most certainly worth reading for those who are wise enough to subscribe. There are a number of points that James Grant makes in his remarks that we have repeated ad nauseum on this show ourselves: accountability for bank executives, a functioning price mechanism, sound money...you know...capitalism.

'Night of the living Keynesians' and 'Scam Trek'

Gold $10,000: Russia Most Probable ‘First Mover’ Launching A Gold-Backed Currency next Year - John Butler 'The Golden Revolution'


I was approached recently by a member of our Sovereign Man community who filed the paperwork to relinquish US citizenship some time ago. Long story short, after an incomprehensibly long wait, the US government finally sent him a reply: Application DENIED.
Absolutely shocking. That you even have to ‘apply’ to relinquish what you never signed up for is intellectually insulting. That you cannot do so freely, and immediately, is nothing short of totalitarian.
It’s still an embryonic movement, though more and more US citizens are being driven to divorce their country. Last year nearly 1,600 people gave up US citizenship, up from 1,485 in 2010, 731 in 2009, and 226 in 2008.

NATO and XE try for Another Oppressive DeMockracy - Syria Christoph R. Hörstel

Morris: Christoph R. Hörstel is a regular contributor to Russia Today, it was an honour to have him appear and inform. The mercenaries funded by the west are going into Syria across most of its borders .... Source

Tainted Stink-holes Of Fraud - Max Keiser with Reverend Billy

The economy is naked with tainted sinkholes of fraud and ex-Citigroup board member, Richard Parsons, is blaming Glass Steagall. In the second half of the show Max talks to activist Reverend Billy about living in public, taking action and casting out Blythe's demons. Source

Alan Watts - Rules and Law "Less law is better than more"

Quote: "...trends, as time goes on official types, people who are enforcement officers, begin to be the same kind of people as criminals so that law enforcement and crime reinforce each other all the time, they have an alliance, it's a symbiotic relationship... eventually what happens is that the government is the most successful group of gangsters."

Romney = Obama. Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to Ron Paul!

Ron paul wins Iowa and Minnesota. Surprise reversals wake the people up to the reality that Ron Paul shock win plausible. "I'll be the first president to repeal 40,000 laws and let you run your own life as you see fit."

UK Back in Recession, Did it Really Ever Leave? Disappointing Details; Five Reasons the UK Recession Will Get Much Worse - Mish

It is amusing to watch economists toss around ridiculous terms like "technical recession" to justify their poor forecasts. The entire eurozone is now in recession and the UK was sure to follow because so much of its trade is with the eurozone. This was easy to predict, yet few did.
The Mail Online reports We ARE back in recession: Economy suffers double dip as GDP figures fall for second quarter in a row
  • Official figures today showed the economy shrank by 0.2 per cent in the first quarter of 2012
  • It follows a fall of 0.3 per cent in the final quarter of 2011
  • Cameron: 'I do not seek to explain away the figures'

BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) Propaganda Disgrace: The Sinister Hidden Agenda 'Baby Boomer Cull Coming'?

This is a video which examines critically the brainwashing which is being pushed out by the BBC. A programme called, "The Seventies" was shown on 23rd April and this programme was used as an excuse to brainwash the people into scapegoating the older generation and at the same time as an excuse to glorify the empire and to promote chemtrails as having existed in the seventies. Many episodes from the series, "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads" can be seen by doing a Youtube search.
The banks, big corporations and their apparatchik politicians are brainwashing the soft brained sheeple to believe that they can assign blame for the economic crisis on innocent people who happen to be older. This is very, very dangerous and people must join me and start speaking out. Click on read more for David Willetts MP "Baby Boomer Cull" tribute +

World's First Robot Prison Guard Active in South Korea

A prison in South Korea is testing the world's first robot prison guard developed by the Asian Forum For Corrections. Equipped with 3D cameras and software designed to gauge a prisoner's emotional state. Source

US Dollar VS Gold: Epic Money Battle

By Jim Willie CB: The so-called Global Financial Crisis is a term so widely used that it has earned its own acronym of GFC. When first seen, it seemed like girl friend club or some such, since many friends use GF loosely to refer to sweethearts. The GFC is falsely named, since it is more accurately described as a global monetary war with the USGovt vigorously defending its franchise in the USDollar for crude oil and trade settlement, and for bank reserves management. Take either away, and the other departs quickly, leaving the United States vulnerable to a quick ticket to the Third World marred by price inflation and supply shortage, even isolation in ring fences. On its own devices, the US is in as bad shape as the worst of the PIGS nations. The USGovt debt is above 100% of GDP finally. The annual deficit of $1.5 trillion could not be financed in normal methods. So the USFed is the adopted buyer of last resort, purchasing over 80% of new and recycled US debt issuance. The Interest Rate Swap tool acts like a hydraulic howitzer, in pushing down the long-term interest rates by creating false artificial demand. Without the IRSwap contract, a Morgan Stanley specialty, the US interest rates would be 6% to 7% just like Spain and Italy. The USTreasury Bond is not a safe haven, but rather a place where Weimar printing press operations persist, where decisions like SWIFT code rules are enforced like a illicit weapon, where billboards are painted to attract embattled investors of impaired toxic sovereign bonds from Southern Europe to retreat to the supposed safe haven of USTBonds.