29 Apr 2012

Our System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed and Europe is a Stage set for the Perfect Financial Crime - Bill Black

Bill Black is a former bank regulator who played a central role in prosecuting the corruption responsible for the S&L crisis of the late 1980s. He is one of America's top experts on financial fraud. And he laments that the US has descended into a type of crony capitalism that makes continued fraud a virtual certainty - while increasingly neutering the safeguards intended to prevent and punish such abuse.

Giant Sucking Sound; Demand for Credit in Europe Collapses; Pritchard Misses the Boat

In a report on fixed income, David Owen, Chief European Financial Economist at Jefferies, notes that demand for credit in Europe has plunged.

 Owen asks Is it the supply or demand for credit that matters?
 25 April 2012

Perhaps the most memorable comment Mario Draghi made to the European Parliament today was the need for a euro area Growth Pact, but he did draw comfort from the results of the ECB’s latest Bank Lending survey. Draghi made reference to the fact that the balance of firms tightening credit conditions had fallen (from 35% in January to 9%). However, that it is not to say that credit conditions are actually easing, just that they are no longer tightening at the same rate as in January.
Not only are credit conditions still tightening, albeit at a slower rate, but importantly the ECB’s latest Bank Lending survey shows credit demand collapsing. This is not something that Mario Draghi mentioned to the European Parliament at all.

Obama Caught In Osama Killing Lies! "Total theatre stunt"

The White house was forced to admit that they had lied when they said Obama and crew were watching a live feed of the killing of OBL last year. Now the same gang of liars are recycling the old situation room photo that is a admitted fraud and the complicit globalist collaborator media is not calling them on it. That lie and others are broken down in the above video. Barack Obama is now centering his 2012 campaign around the discredited bin laden raid hoax. If you buy in to this lie you should also believe in the Lock Ness Monster and WMD in Iraq. Source

Health blogger could face arrest for giving advice on how he cured his diabetes

The right to an individual’s free speech faces even more hurdles, as a health food blogger may be subjected to arrest for advocating to his readers how he cured his diabetes; just one of the many rights under fire in America today, including due process and the most basic right, the right to live.
An April 23, 2012 article, State Threatens to Shut Down Nutrition Blogger, appearing on the Carolina Journal Online, Sara Burrows explains how the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition is threatening blogger Steve Cooksey with jail time for publically stating his battle with diabetes and promoting others to choose his lifestyle. In February 2009, Cooksey was hospitalized with diabetes. Cooksey then adopted the low-carb, high-protein Paleo diet, commonly referred to as the “caveman” or “hunter-gatherer” diet. Within 30 days of Cooksey beginning the diet, he was drug and insulin free and by May 2009, he lost 45 pounds and decided to blog about his story.
While attending a nutrition seminar on January 12, at a church in Charlotte, Cooksey passed out some business cards to patrons showcasing his website. And, lo and behold, Cooksey received a call three days later from Charla Burill, the board’s director, informing him that he is giving nutritional advice without a license.

Psychologists demonstrate implanting non-believed false memories in troubling study

A recent study has found that people can have memories of events that never occurred implanted in a laboratory setting, even when they know that it never actually happened. Combining these findings with the reality of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) hallucination-inducing technology and you have the potential for both the reliability of our memory and perception to be manipulated and thus become completely unreliable.
In 2010, Giuliana Mazzoni and Lucy Harvey of the University of Hall in the UK along with Alan Scoboria of the University of Windsor conducted a survey of over 1,500 undergraduate students.
These researchers found that almost an entire quarter of the individuals surveyed reported having a memory of an event which they know or believe did not actually happen.
Now a group of psychologists including Andrew Clark, Robert Nash, Gabrielle Fincham, and Giuliana Mazzoni have conducted a three-stage study which was actually able to produce false memories which persisted despite the fact that the participants knew, and no longer believed, they had ever performed the actions.

Webster Tarpley: When Drills Go Live - 9/11, False Flags & Black Ops

Gerald Celente : The Great Depression All Over Again

Gerald Celente - Outside The Box with Mitch Henck

Anonymous - Messages About CISPA, Operation Mayday 2012, VoxAnon +

Greeks boycotted paying energy bills, to 'SAVE' Europe (now they understand how the game is played) from Germany 4.0

Greece gives emergency cash to avert energy meltdown Greece will provide 250 million euros  in emergency funds to its ailing electricity providers to prevent a California-style energy crisis, government officials said on Friday.

An increasing number of consumers stopped paying their electricity bills after the government started collecting a 1.7 billion euro property tax through them last year, in a desperate effort to meet its budget targets under an joint EU (Germany 4.0)/IMF (International Mother F@*%$&s) bailout (attempted enslavement).

"I Don't Pay!" Movement is spreading across Europe.

Syria: Video of Aleppo and Prices Go Sky High - Contradicts BBC Reports "As usual"

Sanctions and electricity cuts (Currently every day from 10am till noon), inflation and devaluation. Fortunately Mr Aleppo provides some video and images of parks, streets, churches and a central square. Contradicts BBC Reports "As usual"  Source

Europe's Other "Union" Is Ending

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Almost a year ago, we observed the first crack in that other fundamental core of the European "union" experiment - the Schengen visa-free and customs-union zone. We wrote: "While Europe may have sold its soul to the [monetary union] devil over the past decade it still retained its beating heart - the concept that served at the core of the European Union: the so-called customs union, or a mobile, borderless workforce. Alas, the heart has just entered ventricular fibrillation, as for the first time, a country, Denmark, has taken what appears to be the first step toward defecting from Europe's 60 year old experiment of intimate, and sometimes, forceful unification. AsEUBusiness reports: "Denmark will reintroduce controls at its intra-EU borders with Germany and Sweden, Finance Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen said Wednesday following an agreement between the government and the far-right. "We have reached agreement on reintroducing customs inspections at Denmark's borders as soon as possible," Hjort Frederiksen told reporters."