12 May 2012

Europe Blinks: Troika Willing To Change Terms Of Greek Bailout Deal

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And so it all begins anew:
From Bloomberg: IMF, EU, ECB Open to Changes in Greek Aid Deal, Real News Says

The so-called troika of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank is willing to make six important changes to Greece’s financial aid agreement if a pro-European government is formed in the country, Real News said.

The Troika is willing to extend by one year to end 2015 the time for Greece to cut its budget deficit as well as to proceed with a restructuring of loans, the Athens-based newspaper reported in its Sunday edition preleased today, citing “well informed” sources at the European Commission.

The Troika is also willing to maintain the force of collective labor agreements, to alleviate the level of pension cuts or restore certain pensions to previous levels and to keep wage levels in the private sector and reduce the average tax burden on employees, the newspaper said.
If confirmed, and with Germany having stated repeatedly this will not happen, there is a very high possibility this is just another press-based red herring (remember all those FT headlines of an imminent Chinese bailout of Europe?) seeking to exacerbate the political power grab in Europe

NATO Summit and 17 Nation War Games on Syrian Border - Mr Syrian + (Persian) with Tina

They are killing us, They are destroying our cities, and trying to humiliate our people. At the same time as a NATO (&G8) summit are taking place in Chicago a 17 nation war game is scheduled for the North of Jordan. The dates of the meetings and war games are often shifting, but at the time of recording they are set for the 15th of May.

'CIA world's biggest drug dealer.. Backed by US Military'

The US-led forces have admitted that many more Afghan civilians have been murdered by their airstrikes last week in southern and northwestern Afghanistan. Interview with James Fetzer, American philosopher Source

Jim Willie - GoldenJackAss TFMR Interview

Max Keiser: "Kafkaesque" US Economy & Debt Generation with Charles Hugh Smith and Central Bank Monarchs - with John Titus

Max interviews Charles Hugh Smith from OfTwoMinds.com. He talks about the US economy's dependence on debt generation, in particular the student loan crisis.

Alleged meritocracy of old Etonians running the world (into the ground) while the rest of us remain wards of the state - from the President of France to PhDs on foodstamps. In the second half of the show Max talks to John Titus, producer of the new documentary, Bailout.

Women of Africa - Big Ben - Double Standards

As Nigeria braces itself for yet more terror attacks in Africa's most populous country, Afshin Rattansi takes a look at the power of women amid the colonial legacy of the continent.

British people responded badly about changing Big Ben's name; King of Spain kills elephants in Africa, the western interference in Africa and the role of women

JP Morgan's "Unicorn Hedge" Fairy Tale Harpoons the London Whale!

From Whale Tails to Unicorn Fairytales, this week has ended with a bigger splash then anyone could have expected. The London Whale has officially capsized JP Morgan's balance sheet with a reportedly 2 billion dollar trading loss. Jamie Dimon, the firm's CEO, admitted "egregious mistakes" were made and that he and his colleagues were "stupid." Fair enough, but why were these mistakes made, and was this trade a legitimate hedge as Jamie Dimon claims, or more of a "unicorn hedge" as our guest Heidi N. Moore called it?

Physical Silver - Who Is Running Scared?

Michio Kaku: The Dark Side of Technology

Dr. Michio Kaku addresses this question: What is the most dangerous technology? Source

The Chicago NATO Summit - GRTV Backgrounder

Ever since its inception there have been those who have warned that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, far from offering a simple "collective security" pact to ensure the integrity of its member nations' borders, would in fact be used as an offensive tool of imperial adventurism and conquest. Since the NATO-led Kosovo bombing campaign of 1999 at the very least, those fears have appeared more and more justified.

Fascist Food Police Target Raw Milk Mom

Mike interviews Melinda Olson, a Minnesota mom who received a harassing letter from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for allegedly violating food-handling regulations. Olson says she plans to ignore the state's warning.

Gerald Celente - The Jeff Rense Show