13 May 2012

Mahdi in Iran - Iranians are NOT Expecting or Fearful of an Attack

*Syria is a Best Friend of Iran
*Israel continues to flout all international norms.
*If everyone realized we are of different cultures and stopped trying to change the other we could have peace.
*The age of empires has past.
*Mahdi sounds like he is educated in Political Science

Israeli restrictions on Palestinian fishing boats - Remember Palestine

In the recent attacks against Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli naval troops 6 fishermen were arrested and had their fishing boats confiscated as they went beyond the 3 nautical miles they are allowed to fish. Since the beginning of 2012, Israeli attacks against Palestinian fishermen and their property have escalated.

'Saudis occupy Bahrain Nazi-style' - News Analysis

Saudi Arabia to announce a merger with Bahrain...After facing more than a year of constant anti-regime demonstrations, have Bahrain's rulers decided to give up Bahrain to save the Al Khalifas? Source

NATO failure in Afghanistan - Double Standards

Is this the only man who can now save Rupert Murdoch and why does he love the dictatorship in Bahrain so much? The return of socialism to Europe, we look at French and Greek election results. We also talk to Lucy Morgan Edwards, former EU political adviser and the author of The Afghan Solution, about Britain's imminent announcement of British troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Source

2 Million Illegals In 5 Years: Rise Of Greek Golden Dawn Terrifies Globalists

“Ordo Ab Chao”
Background: Nearly a million people flocked to a party that the mainstream dubbed NAZI in the extreme for spotting the elephant in the room. Golden Dawn isn’t your run-of-the-mill ethnocentric radical element but some follower’s thuggish stance and skinhead style is German, repellant to all Greeks, which leads one to suspect patriotic scoundrelism, pre-ordained failure by design. Menacing, cartoon-like adherents dress as Comics bad guys yet complain they’re misunderstood.  What’s wrong with this picture?
This crisis was forecast and expertly executed. For a country of roughly ten million Greeks, the recent flood of economic migrants rightly feels like a planned invasion and some have elected to forego multi-culturalism pushing politicians for those who promise to enforce the Law, which is concretely contradicted by dictatorial EU Edicts and nigh impossible to circumvent on claims of sovereignty. Greece represents a finite Beta Test to impose Global Plantation Models in free-range debt enslavement, watch this space!

Mass anti-austerity protests sweep through Spain

At least 100,000 protesters angered by the country's grim economic prospects turned out for street demonstrations in 80 cities across Spain. This marked the one-year anniversary of a movement that inspired similar activist groups in other countries.
In the capital Madrid, thousands of protesters chanted and beat drums as they marched from different directions to converge on the central Puerta del Sol Square. The square was brimming with demonstrators during the evening, but visibly emptied as some of the protesters left after 10pm local time.
Authorities have vowed to block any attempts by protesters to camp out on the square, which is the popular movement's epicenter. Marches were also held in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville.
The four day-long demonstration marks the one-year anniversary of the "Indignants" protest movement, as Spain’s economic woes deepen by the day.

Alan Greenspan Asked for Advice, Do People Ever Learn?

by Unbelievable.
That is the only way to express this author’s utter bewilderment that former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan is still given an outlet to speak his mind.  Actually, I am surprised Mr.Greenspan has the audacity to show his face, let alone speak, in public after the economic destruction he is responsible for.
It was because of Greenspan, of course, that the world economy is still muddling its way along with painfully high unemployment.  His decision to prop up the stock market with money printing under any and every threat of a downtick in growth, also known as the Greenspan Put, created an environment of easy credit, reckless spending, and along with the federal government’s initiatives to encourage home ownership, the foundation from which a housing bubble could emerge.

Visually-impaired British man learning to see through chip implant

After two decades of blindness, a British man is learning to see - bringing hope to millions of others with no sight. Source

Tax Collection Violence in Italy: Mail Bombs in Rome, Police Clashes in Naples, Molotov Cocktails in Livorno - Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Violent protests against the hated Equitalia, the Italian tax collection agency, are making headlines in several cities in the past few days. In Rome mail bombings have been ongoing since December. Via Google Translate, this time in Italian, please consider a trio of articles.

 MILAN - Equitalia once again in the crosshairs. After the envelope with gunpowder delivered Friday to the see of Rome, in Via Giuseppe Grezar, last night, two Molotov cocktails were thrown against the door of the agency's headquarters in Livorno. This is the latest in a long series of parcel bombs and suspicious envelopes arrived in recent months in various offices of the Italian society of recovery.

‘Europe on the brink of armed-revolution.. Greek Banks Prepare for Switch to Drachma'

The chorus of anti-austerity voices grows louder in Greece as Athens scrambles to form a coalition government. While eurocrats prepare to give Greece the boot, political analyst Alessandro Politi told RT speculators are Europe’s real enemy.

Teri Buhl: SEC Tells JP Morgan Enforcement Action Coming over Bear’s Mortgage Backed Securities Violations

By Teri Buhl: Fallout from JP Morgan trading losses, which led to rater Fitch downgrading their debt yesterday, aren’t the only financial worries the banking behemoth is facing. Nestled in that shocking 10-Q filed Thursday is an admission that their regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission, thinks some of the details that lead to the explosive Ambac mortgage security fraud suit against the naughty stepchild of JPM, Bear Stearns/EMC, are worthy of an enforcement action. Yep- the SEC is giving or finally gave them a Wells Notice, which means according to their 10-Q (and their 10-K) in January 2012 the SEC’s investigation into the sins of Bear’s Mortgage team run by Tom Morano, Jeff Verschleiser, Mike Nierenberg and the subsequent cover up by JPM was worthy of a civil suit along with some penalties.

JPM’s 10-Q states “In January 2012, the Firm was advised by SEC staff that they are considering recommending to the Commission that civil or administrative actions be pursued arising out of two separate investigations they have been conducting… In both investigations, the Firm has submitted responses to the proposed actions.”

It’s black letter law that Wells submissions to the SEC are discoverable in civil litigation. So lawyers in the monoline suits against JPM/BEAR will surely be trying to get a copy of the wells notice via discovery.

I first reported the SEC started an investigation into these alleged securities violations (and possible criminal actions) after I saw the securities regulator approach the lawyers and whistleblowers in my Bear Stearns investigative report at The Atlantic the day after the story came out. Now a year later it appears all the ‘shitty deal’ emails, internal Bear Stearns documents, and over thirty whistleblowers who’ve come forward in the monoline suits lead by law firm PBWT was enough to get the SEC to stand up to JPM and we think say ‘what you did violated securities laws and harmed investors’. Talk about another wave that could lead to tsunami style damage to Jamie Dimon’s ‘fortress balance sheet’.

How and why I am selling my dollars + It Appears That A Massive Wave of Foreclosures is Hitting the Streets

Alex: I think that $ are very overvalued and I am concern about the sharp correction ahead.