23 May 2012

Rise of The EU Commissars with Lord Christopher Monckton

Monckton is a British politician, public speaker, former newspaper editor, and a spirited critic of the globalist theory of anthropogenic global warming. Mr. Monckton is in the United States to attend the libertarian Heartland Institute's conference Source

European Economic Catastrophe - Double Standards

Afshin talks to the Chief Financial Analyst at Danske Bank, John M. Hydeskov about the financial crisis in Europe amidst the election results in France and Greece.

Hydeskov says the German Chancellor will definitely insist on the continuation of the austerity pact in her meeting with the new French president. He adds that Germany has benefited a great deal from the current structure of the Eurozone.

"European Political Leaders are Control Freaks" - 'Greeks forced into corner by EU, compelled to chose euro' says John Laughland

EU leaders gather for an informal dinner in Brussels, but the main course will undoubtedly be the Eurozone's crippling debt crisis. There's a growing belief that the austerity driver heralded by France and Germany has backfired, sending weaker countries into a spiral of decline.

G.F.L.: Grow, Feed, Love – is it really that simple? Yes!

By Curt Williams: On the 20th of this month I was invited on End the Lie Radio hosted by Madison Ruppert on Orion Talk Radio. The NATO summit had kicked off earlier in the day and Madison and myself were ready to break the events of the day down.

While we carried on with our commentary of the protests earlier that day, a listener in the chat room posted this: “Grow, Feed, Love.”
I immediately asked myself, could it really be that simple? In just a few short minutes the answer clearly became a resounding yes.
In a previous article I questioned the real effectiveness of these mass protests we see occurring around the globe. When I looked at large scale protests in the past (most notably the ant-war and civil rights movements) I had to answer no.
No, these protests were not (and are not) bringing about the desired change. Our backs are against the wall and these mass protests seem to be the only discourse. But time and time again these mass protests have resulted in illegal arrests, police brutality being handed out to peaceful demonstrators, police infiltration using undercover agents (agent provocateurs) and just flat out murder of activist as Kent State showed us.
With seemingly no hindrance, the very issues that were being addressed in these “peaceful” protests moved forward.
With no regard for all of the activist that were beaten, murdered, or illegally detained in conditions that easily constitute human rights violations, the wars waged on, the police state grew bigger and our nation continues to crumble.
When we finally come to terms with the hard truth of the condition of this country, it can seem virtually hopeless.

Disturbing police brutality targeted journalists at NATO summit

Part of the massive convoy of Chicago police which pulled over independent journalists early Sunday morning (Image credit: screenshot from We Are Change footage)
By Madison Ruppert: In the wake of the anti-NATO protests surrounding the Chicago NATO summit on Saturday and Sunday, it has now emerged that there were several troubling incidents of vicious police actions targeting journalists.
Unfortunately, police brutality in the United States has become so commonplace that it is almost to be expected, and when officers stand up to this savagery, they are targeted and can even face being fired.
There were numerous incidents reported after the chaos had died down, including some journalists who were arrested and injured by police simply for doing their job and covering the protest.
Photographers found themselves targeted even more frequently than other journalists, likely because they were there recording the hard, indisputable evidence of this brutality.
In the eyes of police who no longer consider it their duty to protect and serve the people, this seems like a wholly logical move in order to avoid being held liable for wrongdoing.

Flowcharting The Eurocalypse

Tyler Durden's picture
We have laid out in great detail over the past few months the contagious paths, game-theoretical endgames, and transmission channels that would occur should a nation (Greece for example) leave the Euro. Yet the covered matter is not simple, which is why sometimes the best representation is the visual one. The Financial Times has outdone themselves with the best graphical (and audio walkthrough) representation of this process. From the collapse of the domestic banking system (and its possible social implications) to the creation of a new 'local' currency absent foreign capital aid, to the obvious 'who's next?' question that leads inevitably to exaggerated bank runs across other weak European nations and ultimately more pressure on already weak economies to exit the Euro - hastening a wholesale Euro-breakup. Eurocalypse now indeed.

The importance of dollar-priced oil for the US and its implications for gold

A break in the link between the dollar and the oil price could well hurry gold's emergence into the monetary system Julian Phillips says.
Author: Julian D. W. Phillips
There was much more to Hilary Clinton's China and India trip than meets the eye. It was an acid test of the power of the U.S. to press its political will upon the world. The issue at hand was the U.S. trying to halt sales of Iranian oil worldwide and to offer India the same amount of oil from other sources. Supplies from Saudi Arabia to replace Iranian oil were already in the market place. The halting of the Iranian oil from the market would have lost 3 million barrels a day, but it seems Saudi oil capacity has added that much. The oil price before the visit was over $100 a barrel; today it stands at $92.49 a barrel. In the first week of May, crude oil supplies climbed by 1.9 million barrels per day to 377.8 million barrels per day, a rise not seen in more than 21 years! We're led to believe that supplies remain at high levels.
The last fortnight in the oil markets was one of great pertinence to gold, a week in which the oil price fell 10%. It seems that the extra supply coming from Saudi Arabia is not compensating for Iran's oil but now coming in addition to it -hence the fall to almost lower than break-even point for the oil producers. Unless, either Saudi Arabia withdraws this extra supply or China and India accede to Clinton's requests, the oil price will remain at these levels or fall lower.
Dollar Oil Price is the 'Vital Interest'
It seems that India and China may have cut supplies as a token gesture but not enough to keep the price above $100. Of greater significance is the fact that India is paying for Iranian oil in Rupees and China is paying in Yuan.

Police Brutality at #NoNATO March - Chicago NATO Summit 2012

Without Wax v Max Keiser - China and/or the BRICS are not all that they appear to be

Follow Your Hunches: Here's a comment I just tried to post on Max Keiser's website, which has been blocked (surprise, surprise!):

'Interesting to follow ones hunches. ZH is telling us that the CIC is advocating a gold-backed rnembi:

Then, a little research shows that a certain Lord Stern is on the CICs list of advisors:

And then a little research into Lord Sten and we discover (lo!) that he's an Ashkenazi who is advocating pushing climate change to bring about global economic change:

So there you have it, in a couple of clicks: the Zionists (who are bringing us dreadful weather in S Europe with their geoengineering) are continuing to manipulate the world into their NWO model, and are very active in China to bring this about.

J'accuse: and I think Max knows all of this. I throw down the gauntlet!'


Zimmerman on drug that causes "paranoia"

Among the questions being asked in the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin is what was George Zimmerman's intent before the confrontation with the unarmed teenager? Source

UNCLE SAM BULLYING BROKERS OVER SILVER? [Plus, JPM's $7 Billion Blunder] - Woody O'Brien

Woody O'Brien says that he's decided to do a "Barnhardt' and get out of the markets while the gettin' is good. O'Brien says he's been told by regulators that federally regulated brokers should not be giving advice about buying physical silver, so he's decided he no longer wants to be 'federally regulated'. Remember, physical silver really is the Achilles' heel of the corrupt fiat banking system.