7 Jun 2012

Nigel Farage - Europe is Collapsing, Buy Gold & Expect QE

“Of course, over the last couple of years we’ve had two bailouts of Greece, a bailout of Ireland, Portugal.  We’re now on the verge of needing a bailout in Cyprus, but perhaps more significantly, a bailout in Spain.”

“There is all sorts of twisting and turning going on with the Spanish saying, ‘Please save our banks, but don’t put us under the austerity measures that you’ve put the other countries under.’  

If one looks globally, we’ve got people like David Cameron, and importantly, President Obama, who are basically saying, ‘The euro project must be saved.  It must be saved at all costs.’ ....

For that to happen the Eurozone has to turn into a state, and a state that effectively has a Fed. Full Story/Source

Yo ho ho! Pirates seize political vessel amid crisis storm

As the European financial roller coaster continues to bring not just economies but also governments down, it's given other political parties a chance to get to the top. The Pirate Party in Germany has seen a surge in popularity, as people decide not to put their trust in traditional factions. RT's Egor Piskunov assesses their political ambitions. Source

Planet Ponzi - Max Keiser with Stacy Herbert and Mitch Feierstein

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss shamed, naive and unsustainable ponzis and the UK's Metropolitan Police's Total War on Economic Crime (or at least that committed by the bottom 99%). In the second half of the show Max talks to Mitch Feierstein, hedge fund manager and author of Planet Ponzi, about global ponzi schemes, asymmetric hedging and whether or not hedge funds do any 'good.' Source

Globes Ponzi Poster Child Christine Lagarde - Wacko Witch of the IMF

What Happened to Anonymous?

Grant On Bernanke's Continuing "Grand Manipulation"

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In preparation for what we are about to receive from the Charmain of the Fed, may we be truly grateful, Jim Grant offered CNBC's Maria B the forthright advice last night "prepare for platitudes but watch what they are doing not what they are saying". The ever outspoken Grant notes that the Fed's balance sheet has been contracting (unlike Maria's mainstream perspective); for the past three months the Fed's balance sheet has contracted at an annualized rate of 10% - even as Fed-head after Fed-head talk up QE and so on. So unless they continue buying securities - since the short-dated positions will continue to roll off - the Fed's balance sheet will continue to contract and therefore the stimulative effect will fall
Grant does expect QE3 since it is the fun-drug that we have been using for 4 or 5 years and that Bernanke will need little pushing to continue the Grand Manipulation. He ends on a rather interesting note that the Wisconsin win and the potential for an Obama loss in November may be more of a positive driver for stocks since markets begin to revert to a free market once again - we suspect this is not the case given the donors/beneficiaries under Romney's wing. But rest assured - the bespectacled bear ends on the chilling note that 'the long-term implications are bad' for the ongoing manipulation that is now the status quo.

Another False Flag Syrian slaughter by agent provocateurs - Up to 100 bound & slain in Hama massacre

A new massacre has apparently taken place in Syria, in a small village near the city of Hama. So far reports are painting a very contrasting picture, but the episode appears to be eerily similar to those surrounding the bloody slaughter in the town of Houla last month. Maria Finoshina in Damascus. Source

Debt Tower of Babel! - Jim Willie

"72 Enron's in 4000 years" - Reinhardt of Enterprise Corruption

Newsletter writer "Reinhardt" joins me for his first public appearance anywhere. Concerned with the Enron debacle, Reinhardt discovered a repeated pattern of industrial and political corruption over history that applies to critical issues of today.

Jon Corbett: TSA, Land of The Pedophile Kingdom + Bilderberg Docs Release

Alex talks with Jon Corbett of the TSA Out of Our Pants blog about the ongoing criminal activities of the government's grope-and-radiate agency.

France McKenna on Trustee Reports for MF Global and JP Morgan's Pinto Problem!

P Morgan's two billion dollar London Whale trading losses can be blamed on "inadequate risk management" according to one of the bank's main regulators, the officeof the comptroller of the currency (OCC), who we heard from today on Capitol Hill. No kidding? But whose job is it to police JP Morgan and the other investment banks to begin with?

UK Pensioners will now be Gutted and Savers asked to bail out Government and finance a spending spree

Rowena MasonBy Coalition under pressure to cut benefits for middle-class pensioners - David Cameron is coming under pressure from senior Cabinet colleagues to scrap free television licences, bus passes and winter fuel payments for middle-class pensioners.

David Cameron is coming under pressure from senior Cabinet colleagues to scrap free television licences, bus passes and winter fuel payments for middle-class pensioners.

The Prime Minister promised to protect benefits for older people in the Coalition agreement.
But he is now facing demands from Iain Duncan-Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, to scale back the £100 billion a year cost of welfare for pensioners.
Mr Duncan-Smith has described benefits available to rich middle-class people asan expensive way of giving a bribe”.