8 Jun 2012

Greek politicians Fight Live on TV - Golden Dawn's Kasidiaris v Syriza's Dourou and The Communist Party's Kanelli

"You are going to take our country 500 years backwards" says Rena before she is attacked by Ilias
A debate live on Greek television showed just how tempers can be frayed during a political debate. The spokesman for the far right Golden Dawn party Ilias Kasidiaris attacked two female members of left-wing parties. Kasidiaris threw water at Syriza deputy Rena Dourou, before slapping Communist Party deputy Liana Kanelli in the face repeatedlyA Greek prosecutor has called for Kasidiaris to be arrested for bodily assault. Source

The Cabal is Negotiating its Surrender - Red Herring Ben Fulford?

East threatens to hit La Palma in a legitimate retaliation if west nukes again... Committee of 300 Negotiating its Surrender, Utopia on its way???
(Morris: In just a few minutes we discuss a great deal: The Euro, Japan and China and more.... Source)

SILVER BULLET: Max Keiser and Hugo Salinas Price on Sunny TV – Athens, Greece

Financial Journalist Max Keiser & Billionaire and hard money advocate Hugo Salinas-Price appearance on Sunny Channel (GREECE) with George Noulas. Max Keiser and Hugo Salinas talks with Mr.Noulas about the financial crisis in Greece and the concept of creating a silver based Drachma.They appeal to Alexis Tsipras to propose bringing a silver standard to Greece.
Here are the basic points Salinas-Price & Max Keiser makes:
- Greece should exit the Euro and issue return to the drachma as a fiat currency.
- Greece should also issue silver coins with no listed monetary value.Greece's treasury then determines the exchange rate between these coins and paper drachma.
- The first step is to issue silver money that can be used in parallel with paper money,basically as a competing currency.
- Silver will be hoarded while fiat drachma will be spent. In this way, the people of Greece can re-build their savings. If Greece tries to keep an artificially low value of the silver coin relative to the paper drachma, Greece citizens could always go to other jurisdictions and trade silver on the free market

Derivatives For Dummies

Right Royal Gang Bang: the grim reality behind the Londonberg Jubilee Rally

By Richard Cottrell
"sleep walking into a bone fide Stasi state.”"And that’s another side to the mass hallucination we have just witnessed in London."
London has scarcely seen a frenzy like the royal jubilee celebrations since, well we can say VE Day back in 1945. True, total strangers didn’t indulge in wild sex in the crowded streets (well, not too conspicuously at any rate) yet the same sense of let-it-all-hang-out feeling came very close to one huge national orgasm.

There were other, more sinister undertones. Take the pictures of 250,000 people crammed into Pall Mall, heading towards Buckingham Palace in some kind of mesmeric trance beneath the massed union jacks, and you get the impression of a cross between the Nuremburg Rallies and H.G. Wells’ vision – in his book The Time Machine – of the factory-farmed Eloi heading for the caves where the Morlocks are waiting, knives and forks at the ready for the approaching feast.
The Guardian made the point that it took an entire regiment of mounted police and walking counterparts to escort the multitude to the palace gates. The same newspaper described the parade of river craft as looking more like a police regatta.
The city swarmed with armed policemen, officious wardens and stewards (mostly unemployed youngsters, who were given a few pence in their pockets, a bag of crisps and a sandwich and told to camp out overnight  beneath the damp Thames bridges).
Der untermenchen come to mind.

Jackie O talks about buying Silver in Spanish shops

Jakie O:  Enjoying a few days in Spain.. a brief video hello


Spain downgraded to near junk BBB As Fitch Predicts Slump Through 2013

Fitch Ratings cut Spain’s long-term credit rating to BBB and left it two notches from junk, citing the cost of recapitalizing the country’s banking industry and a lengthening recession.
Spain, which saw its rating lowered from A, may need as much as 100 billion euros ($126 billion) to bolster its banking system, compared with an earlier estimate of about 30 billion euros, Fitch said today in London. The Spanish economy is set to remain in recession through 2013, the ratings company added, having previously forecast a recovery for next year.

Europe's Banking Union Solution - Kristen Cooper

Stratfor Europe analyst Kristen Cooper discusses how the creation of a European banking union as a remedy to the eurozone's ongoing crisis will do little in the short term to solve immediate risks like unemployment or ailing Spanish banks. Source

The World Before Central Banking

Submitted by John Aziz of AzizonomicsIn today’s world, there are many who want government to regulate and control everything. The most bizarre instance, though — more bizarre even than banning the sale of large-sized sugary drinks — is surely central banking.
"Does central banking retard the economy by providing liquidity insurance and a backstop to bad companies that would not otherwise be saved under a free market “bailout” (like that of 1907)? And is it this effect — that I call zombification — that is the force that has prevented Japan from fully recovering from its housing bubble, and that is keeping the West depressed from 2008? Will we only return to growth once the bad assets and bad companies have been liquidated? That conclusion, I think, is becoming inescapable."

Mike Maloney On Gold's Checkmate And Ben Bernanke's Role As The Pawn!

Federal Reserve Chairman - and central planner in chief - Ben Bernanke trotted to the hill today to give another one of his "economic outlook" speeches, as traders listened carefully for any news that might give them an edge on their dailyspeculations...hoping to make a quick buck.

Syrians see a correlation between the Zionist State and the West's activities - Ammar Waqqaf

"They bully everybody with the rhetoric of anti semitism." Morris: Yet Syrian's may not go into so much detail on where the Zionist interests are. I actually caught Ammar inbetween interviews at Sky Television. He is a frequent speaker on Syrian affairs and is known as being part of The Syrian Social Club in the UK. He describes Russia's interests very well. Source