11 Jun 2012

Yanis Varoufakis on Europe's "Dickensian Workhouse" and the Fiscal Waterboarding of Spain

When we talk about bank recapitalizations or rescue plans, what usually captures headlines are dollar or euro amounts, the names of various abbreviated, bailout vehicles -- be they the EFSF or the ESM -- top politicians, technocrats and international organizations like the IMF. This latest "Spanish bailout" is no exception. Dubbed a bailout for Spain by the media, this is really a 100 billion euro bailout for Spain's banks that adds to the tab of the already indebted Spanish government. But is this really just a blood wedding between banks and the state that will end in a blood bath of pain threatening to consume all of Europe in its wake?

Maple Spring - News Analysis + Montreal students protest higher fees and F1

"Government largess when it comes to subsidising the big banks amiss and remiss." More demonstrations, more arrests. It is almost four months now since Canadian students took to the streets to protest tuition fee hikes, but now the demonstrators are not just students and demands are not just about education. This edition of news analysis reviews the Canadian cause.

UK Queen's Diamond Jubilee - The Real Deal - 'Consorting with mass murderers'

Tens of thousands of people jammed the streets of London to take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. There were street parties, a church service and the usual concerts. "But it all turned out sour when some of the Stewards were unemployed people who were forced to take part for nothing or lose their benefits and they had to find their own accommodation, which given their impoverished state, was likely to be a park or under a bridge and often it was," says George Galloway. 

Debt crisis: Europe's democracies must not subcontract their destiny to the Bundebank

Italy must guarantee 22pc of the bail-out funds, even though it cannot raise money itself at a sustainable rate. You could hardly design a surer way to pull Italy into the fire.
Citigroup warned over the weekend that Italy’s economy will shrink by 2.5pc this year and another 2pc next year as the fiscal squeeze starts in earnest, with grim implications for debt dynamics. Public debt will jump from 121pc of GDP to 137pc by 2014.
“The situation could rapidly become critical, because the country is highly vulnerable if the sovereign debt crisis persists or intensifies. A significant further rise in yields would deepen and extend the recession and accelerate the rise in the debt/GDP ratio, triggering a worsening vicious circle. We expect that Italy will have to request help,” it said.
The world is uncomfortably close to a 1931 moment. Italy’s public debt is the world’s third largest after the US and Japan at €1.9 trillion. There is no margin for political error.

UKIP Nigel Farage & Red Ken Livingstone on collapsing Eurozone

Labour Ken Livingstone agrees with UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage that the Eurozone must breakup. Source

'God’s Banker' with cache of secret documents needs police protection from Vatican Mobsters!? + Obama's Rothschild Vatican Spring???

The former head of the Vatican Bank has become the Papacy’s Enemy Number One, after police discovered a trove of documents exposing financial misdeeds in the Holy See. The banker now reportedly fears for his life.
Earlier this week police conducted a dawn raid on the house and office of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi. Investigators say they were looking for evidence in a graft case against defense and aerospace firm Finmeccanica, which was formerly run by a close friend of Gotti Tedeschi.
Instead, as it turns out, police stumbled upon an entirely different find.
They discovered 47 binders containing private communication exposing the opaque inner workings of the secretive Holy See.  They included financial documents, details of money transfers and confidential internal reports – all prepared by Gotti Tedeschi to build a convincing expose of corruption in the Vatican.

Evidence White House Colluded with Big Pharma to Push Obamacare

NY Times: A new trove of emails shows President Barack Obama’s White House agreed to help drug companies block a proposal to bring down medicine prices so they would back Obama’s healthcare plan. 

House Republicans obtained the three-year-old correspondence between the Obama administration and representatives of the drug industry and released more of them to the public on Friday, The New York Times reported. 

The exchanges show the compromises as they were being negotiated that laid the groundwork for the health care law now awaiting the judgment of the Supreme Court.

U.S. Cops have a new game to play

For quite a while now the police have had a new toy to play with, the taser. Now they have turned it into a new game called “Let’s see who can tazer the most people to get them to comply.”
Editor’s note: RT has also covered this horrific incident and many other insane instances of police using tasers for fun including: “Driver in diabetic shock killed by cops with pepper spray and Tasers”, “NY cops break into Marine vet’s home and Taser him before shooting him to death”, and “Cop Tasers a waiter for fun.” However, even more disturbing is the following article, “Tasers have killed at least 500 Americans.”
The latest victim of this game was Chicago resident, Tiffany Rent, a 30-year-old pregnant woman in her 8th month of her pregnancy.
What was her crime? Was it armed robbery, terrorism, or drunk and disorderly?
No, it was parking in a handicapped spot at Walgreens. The police report says that after Rent got a ticket she tore it up and threw it at the police officer. In the course of the altercation a taser was discharged.
Rent and her boyfriend Joseph Hobbs were charged with resisting arrest and simple assault. All this took place in front of Rent’s two children, her 9 year old son and her 3 year old daughter who were in the car at the time.

Jim Willie: PART ONE - "Nerve Gas at Fort Knox" and PART TWO - "He Knew Too Much"

Jim talks about life prior to GoldenJackass, zero percent interest rates, interest rate swaps, derivatives, the deep trigger, US dollar, and Fort Knox and COMEX gold and silver.

The Ron & Rand Paul Firestorm

Alex will open up the phones to your calls and give a special report on the Ron Paul / Rand Paul firestorm that has swelled into controversy. Alex will analyze the coordinated timing between Senator Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney for president and Congressman Ron Paul's announcement that he is conceding his delegates at the Tampa, Florida RNC convention and asking his supporters to "be respectful" rather than revolt against the party machinery.

KRS-One - Higher Level

After seven years of rockin'
How do you rate me?Poorly or greatly?Everybody seems to be goin' for their's latelyYo mad heads be needin' moneySo listen very close as I conduct this little studySee it's, funny to me, you can watch TVAnd give up your life trying to be all you can beIn the ArmyNot knowin' your historyYou either fight and die or come back home in miseryYo get with me, I deal with realityLoosen your mind to the truth, and don't get mad at meNo politican can give you peaceIf you trust Jesus, why do you vote for a beast?Emancipation is long over dueSo overcome procrastinationBecause freedom is within youFor some reason we think we're freeSo we'll never beBecause we haven't recognized slaveryYou're still a slave, look at how you behaveDebatin' on where and when and how and what Massa gave