16 Jun 2012

Max Keiser: City of Biggest Crooks with Brett Scott and Banks & People's Deposits with Nomi Prins

Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, discuss Libor traders who rigged global interest rate market escaping charges while Iceland sentences bankers to four year prison terms. At the same time, Iceland's central bank is raising interest rates to deal with a growing economy while Western bankster-riddled economies prepare for another round of money printing to deal with all the fraud. In the second half of the show Max talks to Brett Scott about financial activism, a Wikileaks for finance and collaboration with hedge funds.

Chris Whalen Drops the F-Bomb on Wall Street while sounding the Bankruptcy Alarm! + Grexit Groundwork

As world leaders arrive in the us for the G8 Summit, not to mention the nATO summit this weekend -- we'll talk about the realpolitik of the US situation when it comes to generating domestic economic growth. Chris Whalen has written about a choice between debt and inflation or war, and says finding a way to avoid these two extremes is now the chief concern.

The Impending Economic Collapse with Survivalist James Wesley Rawles

Syria Update: Thermobaric Advanced Weapons Being Used - Mr Aleppo

Syrian conflict is escalating - NATO's gunmen are using more advanced weaponry (Thermobaric) - The Syrian government seems to have launched an offensive and seized many weapons - but by the Turkish border particularly there is a lot of infiltration - Telephone interview Today Source

How dangerous mercury-containing energy saving light bulbs really are

Google translation:
`When meteorologists use the term "mercury", so these are a relic of the past. Because since 2009 are thermometers that contain mercury, banned in the EU. That same year, however, decided by the same EU to force the citizens to the use of mercury lamps. It was about saving energy to environmental protection, the fight against global warming - and about business. How dangerous are the unpopular forced bulbs are actually prescribed will, in the documentary "Bulb Fiction" by Christoph Mayr explains in detail.
Whether the new lamps that look strange to dive into the home and unusual light at the same time more expensive than conventional bulbs, and actually so much energy is saved, may lead to long discussions. That mercury vapor is highly toxic, it is a fact.
At the end of this article there is a 7-minute presentation by Christoph Mayr's documentary "Bulb Fiction - The lie of energy saver" ., available since May of this year is shown in this short clip including the tragic fate of the family of louse from Linden Upper Bavaria. A single energy saving bulb broke. Since then, her 4-year-old son Max sick. lost hair on the head completely, the child is repeatedly plagued by tremors. The house is uninhabitable for years.

NeverSeconds: World gets second helpings of girl's school dinner blog as ban is overturned

Morons at Argyll and Bute council backtrack on decision that caused nine-year-old pupil Martha Payne to cease blogging
When nine-year-old Martha Payne set up a blog six weeks ago, to show pictures of her daily school lunch – sometimes meagre, often fried – it was meant as a writing project that would be seen by few others than her close relatives.
But word spread over social media, and in just over a week more than 100,000 people had viewed Martha's stark photos of her food, sitting on a white, prison-style tray.
Still, she could have been little prepared for the deluge of publicity on Friday, when Argyll and Bute council was forced into a humiliating climbdown over a decision to effectively close the blog, by banning photography in the school dining hall.
By 11pm, her blog, NeverSeconds, which has drawn the support of Jamie Oliver, had attracted more than 4m page views and she had managed to raise more than £52,000 for the charity Mary's Meals.
Martha's father said the pictures, taken with the permission of her teachers, were intended only for "aunts and uncles, grannies and grandpas". Alongside was a commentary, with marks out of 10 on a "Food-o-meter" scale, remarks on how healthy the food was, and whether she found stray hairs. Martha's verdict was sometimes complimentary, sometimes less so.
Beneath a particularly sparse offering she wrote: "The pizza in the first pic was alright but I'd have enjoyed more than 1 croquet. I'm a growing kid and I need to concentrate all afternoon and I cant do it on 1 croquette."

The Rise Of The Anti Hegemon

Confusionist Anarchism v Legalist Totalitarianism - The Elite's Eugenics Agenda with Lord Monckton

Gerald Celente's Trends: King World News interview

KWN audio interview with Gerald Celente "The entire financial system is under collapse, it's not about the Greeks, it's not about Spanish, it's not about the Italians, it's not about the English it's not about the Americans it's not about the Chinese its about everybody... It all comes back to GOLD."

Max Keisers's Anti Ponzi L.A. STAND UP RAGE + The well known fraudulent role Goldman played in Greece’s demise