17 Jun 2012

The Definitive Visual Greek Election Tracker

Tyler Durden's pictureIgnore the media spin of sampling error as definitive confirmation of this or that (because a 1% difference in exit poll terms is well within a 3% error sampling distribution, where a plurality lead incidentally gives the winner an automatic 50 seats), and follow the results for yourself as they come streaming in. Full visual real-time update below.

Medal of Dishonour: US veterans dump awards outraged by endless wars

The U.S. military has admitted that major mistakes were made during its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a report that showed flaws in training and policy. It also highlighted a lack of understanding over the realities faced by troops. Now, it seems the country's war veterans are joining an increasingly-angry public, over what they see as America's constant cycle of war. With some even ditching their honours of valour - as Anastasia Churkina explains. Source

Boycotting Israel gains momentum "20 Detained Palestinian Children Now on Hunger Strike" - Remember Palestine with Gilad Atzmon

As convoys and flotillas are being increasingly blocked from entering Palestine, activists look increasingly to the Boycott Movement as a way to pressure Israel. Most recently, the Co-operative Group decided to no longer engage with any supplier of produce known to be sourcing from the Israeli settlements. This was a great achievement for activists who have campaigned for this kind of boycott for years in the face of government's refusal to act in compliance with international human rights norms.

Tony Blair, war criminals & breaking into the Leveson inquiry - Afshin Rattansi + Blair urged by Murdoch to rush into Iraq war - report

G20 leaders prepare to meet in one of the most dangerous countries on earth dressed as a Mariachi band. And in the occasion of Queen of England's birthday we look at the slave labor that worked on her Diamond Jubilee. We also talk to the man who broke into the Leveson Inquiry and called Tony Blair a war criminal, the filmmaker and activist, David Lawley Wakelin, about war crimes and JPMorgan Chase. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi.

What Is Going Through The Heads Of Greek Executives Right Now - ZeroHedge

With mere hours left until the first Greek exit polls are released, one group of the Greek population, perhaps the most important one if the country of 23% unemployment is to have any hope of not sinking into the Mediterranean, its business executives, has yet to express its opinion on the aftermath of today's election. And while we know that many local businesses have already transferred their money (whether or not taxed is a different question) abroad, it is after all they that will serve as the backbone of any possible future Greek renaissance, whether EUR or XGD denominated. So do they think? Recently Citigroup's European team met with executives from big Greek / Cyprus banks and several officials - independent parties. The key message is that the situation is critical but there is some optimism on the Day after the elections.

Will Tsipras Blow Up Europe? - Azizonomics

Aziz: The world’s eyes are on the Greek election, and whether or not Greeks will elect New Democracy’s Samaras (widely-assumed to be pro-bailout, pro-status quo), or SYRIZA’s Tsipras (widely-assumed to be anti-bailout, anti-status quo).
The Eurocrats have very sternly warned Greece against voting against austerity. Merkel (Germany's head bankster ponzi scheme proponent) said:
It is extremely important for Greeks to elect lawmakers who would respect the terms of the bailout.
In recent days, opinion has swung back toward the status quo, with Intrade rating New Democracy’s chances of winning the largest number of seats at 65%, and SYRIZA at just 33%.
While I cannot rule out New Democracy winning, I think that I’d flip those odds. Greece widely reviles German-imposed austerity, but fears the consequences of leaving the Euro85% of Greeks want to stay in. A vote for New Democracy would reflect fear of Drachmatization. Meanwhile, a vote for SYRIZA would seem to reflect the idea that through brinkmanship and the threat of Euro collapse, Greece can negotiate their way to a much more favourable bailout position.
So why do I think SYRIZA are the likelier winner? The election is on a knife-edge, so I think the difference might be football.

New Wales law bans ALL under 16 years old from city at night

By Madison Ruppert: A new law imposed on all individuals under 16 years of age in North Wales has banned them from being able to visit the city center between the hours of 9 PM to 6 AM without parental accompaniment, drawing some to compare the situation to North Korea.
For people in the United States, these types of ludicrous curfew laws and nonsensical enforcement – coupled, of course, with the drive to treat schoolchildren like criminals – are far from shocking.
However, it seems that this has drawn some heated criticism across the pond, and rightly so I might add, from individuals like Nick Pickles, the director of Big Brother Watch, a civil liberties campaign group.
“The idea you could be fined or imprisoned for walking through the town center simply because you are 15 and not accompanied by a parent is madness,” Pickles explained to the British Telegraph.
“To say that any under-16 year-old who is unaccompanied between 9pm and 6am is a criminal is the kind of draconian law you would expect in North Korea, not North Wales,” Pickles added.
Even the Children’s Commissioner for Wales called the newly imposed law in Bangor drastic and heavy handed, adding that it would “criminalize” all children and young people.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bars owned by GoldMoney's customers are stored at 'G4S' vaults

by davem:  
G4S stand accused of human rights abuses: Source

GoldMoney website states they are built upon a solid foundation of rules and ethics”; Source

But GoldMoney uses G4S:
"All gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars owned by GoldMoney's customers are stored at VIA MAT International Ltd. and G4S vaults

As Greek Banks Run Out Of Safe Deposit Boxes, An Eerie Calm Takes Over The Country 24 Hours Before D-Day

: A day before the Greek D-Day, which was unexpectedly punctuated with a surprising last-minute Greek victory in Euro2012 over Russia, sending the country into the elimination rounds (a Greece vs Germany game would be quite interesting) which may have rekindled patriotic spirits just enough to boost Syriza's chance that little bit more, the Greek bank trot, which was a jog some days ago, has surprisingly not metastazied into a full blown sprint. And with an all too real possibility that Greece may leave the Eurozone in as little as 24 hours, this is somewhat unexpected: after all taking physical possession of electronic money is merely a free put on the return to the Drachma, and currency (and debt) devaluation. On Monday it may simply be too late. Surely, most locals have figured this out.
Spiegel reports: "Joanna Stavropoulos is not proud of what she has done. "I had a guilty conscience when I withdrew my money from Greece," says the 43-year-old. Of course she knew what would happen if everybody does the same: Greece's banks would be threatened with collapse. But she says she had to think of her two-month-old daughter, Josephina, who is currently asleep on Joanna's shoulder. Increasing numbers of Greeks are following Joanna Stavropoulos' example and emptying their accounts.

Left Wants To Arrest Men Who Pee Standing!

This is not a joke,it is all part of the total takeover. The Bureaucrats are taking total control, from banning soft drinks in NY to the TSA sticking their down your pants, the name of the game is total submission. You want a nanny state you got it! Source

Counting down the end of the euro

According to the Managing Director of the International Monetary fund, Christine Lagarde, and billionaire investor George Soros, the Euro, as a currency, has three months left. Source