4 Jul 2012

In David Cameron’s Orwellian Britain they now snoop on seaside postcards

By Richard Cottrell: A country crosses the Rubicon to a full blown totalitarian state when its agents decide to read the contents of seaside post cards.
In the future anyone sending the traditional vacation greeting ‘wish you were here’ to family and friends through the UK’s Royal Mail will do so in the knowledge that faceless clerks working for the intelligence services will try to decipher exactly what ‘having a lovely time’ really means.
A lovely time making bombs perhaps? Is ‘the sea is a bit cold for the time of the year’ some kind of code to transmit concealed instructions to a cell of fiendish plotters?
God forbid that anyone should send love and kisses from anywhere east of Sussex and sign off ‘Mohammed.’  That will be quite sufficient to earn a 4 a.m. wake up call from Scotland Yard’s finest.
Nor is it just about plain old postcards by any means. A new bill crawling through parliament conveys the power to read inscriptions written on the outside of envelopes.
There used to be a very famous message popular with service personnel posted around the empire, who were inclined to inscribe BURMA on the back of coming home letters addressed to wives and girl friends. Decoded, it read: Be Undressed and Ready My Angel.
Lord knows what the censors might make of that in these days of synthetic paranoia manufactured by the denizens of law and order and the security-obsessed guards of the state.

Matt Taibbi: “Holy Fucking Shit!” Why is Nobody Freaking Out About the LIBOR Banking Scandal?

The LIBOR manipulation story has exploded into a major scandal overseas. The CEO of Barclays, Bob Diamond, has resigned in disgrace; his was the first of what will undoubtedly be many major banks to walk the regulatory plank for fixing the interbank exchange rate. The Labor party is demanding a sweeping criminal investigation. Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, responded the way a real public official should (i.e. not like Ben Bernanke), blasting the banks:
It is time to do something about the banking system…Many people in the banking industry are hardworking and feel badly let down by some of their colleagues and leaders. It goes to the culture and the structure of banks: the excessive compensation, the shoddy treatment of customers, the deceitful manipulation of a key interest rate, and today, news of yet another mis-selling scandal.
The furor is over revelations that Barclays, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and other banks were monkeying with at least $10 trillion in loans (The Wall Street Journal is calculating that that LIBOR affects $0.8 qaudrillion worth of contracts).

Meet Anthony Browne: The New Head Of The British Bankers Association

Tyler Durden's picture: Three weeks ago, before Lieborgate broke and the world finally understood what so many had been warning about for so long, we noted something else: that not only was LIBOR manipulated and fudged daily between 2005 and 2008, but as the chart in the attached post shows, it has been gamed every single day in 2012 as well. More importantly, we noted something else - the transition at the top of the British Bankers Association: the organization responsible for compiling LIBOR submissions from member banks, and reporting what the daily Libor fixing is. Because in the second week of June, the BBA's new head became... the former head of lobbying for none other than Morgan Stanley, Anthony Browne, a firm which itself was just caught red-handed manipulating rating agency "independent ratings" to benefit its bottom line (and which itself miraculous was downgraded by less than what the market expected in order to allow it to avoid several billion in collateral calls). And what did Anthony do at Morgan Stanley until June 12: he was head of Government relations for Morgan Stanley for Europe, Middle East and Africa and was previously an economic and business adviser to London Mayor Boris Johnson.  That's right - "head of government relations" for a rather prominent TBTF bank, being put in charge of daily Libor fixing. But everyone is shocked, shocked, that gambling has been going on here for years.

Study: watching terrorist attacks on TV linked to increased pain in chronic pain sufferers

By Madison Ruppert: According to a new study from researchers at Ben-Gurion University of Negev (BGU), the simple act of viewing terrorist attacks through the television actually predicts an increase in pain intensity as well as in the sensory component of pain.
With the United States’ long history of manufacturing terrorism and the relentless exposure to terrorist incidents on television news networks, one must wonder what the effects on the American people really are.
If there is one positive aspect of the study entitled “Does War Hurt? Effects of Media Exposure After Missile Attacks on Chronic Pain,” published in the online edition of the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, it is that viewing terrorism on TV is not a predictor of anxiety or depression.
“Exposure to media coverage of terrorist missile attacks increases pain levels in people already suffering from chronic pain,” said the study conducted by Professor Golan Shahar, who is affiliated with BGU and Yale University’s Department of Psichatry, and Dr. Sheera F. Lerman of the Ben-Gurion University Department of Psychology with Dr. Zvia Rudich of Soroka University Medical Center.

Lavrov Syria, Turkey, NATO etc.: Geneve was talking for all the SCO - Pepe Escobar

Pepe says Lavrov and Clinton made a deal in Geneve that the US will get an honourable exit from Afghanistan in return for a US backing off on support for the Syrian rebels.

Yet the facts on the ground seem to mean that the insurgency will continue to be fueled by Turkey and Qatar etc.

Are You A Slave Of The System?

The Economic Collapse: If you went out and took a poll of the American people on July 4th (Independence Day) and asked them if they are free, what would the results look like?  Of course the results would be overwhelmingly lopsided.  Most Americans believe that they live in "the land of the free" and that they are not enslaved to anyone.  But is that really the case? Slavery does not always have to involve whips and shackles.  There are many other forms of slavery.  One dictionary definition of a slave is "one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence".  I really like that definition.  Today, millions of Americans are slaves of the system and they don't even realize it.  Debt is a form of slavery, and millions of Americans having become deeply enslaved to our debt-based financial system.  When someone enslaves someone else, the goal of the master is to reap a benefit out of the slave.  You don't want the slave to just sit there and collect dust.  Today, most Americans have willingly shackled themselves to a system that systematically drains their wealth and transfers it to the very wealthy.  Most of them don't even realize that they have been enslaved even as the system sucks them dry.
Just think about it.  Where is the "big money" in the United States today?
When asked that question, most Americans think of Wall Street.
Well, who controls Wall Street?
The bankers do.
The borrower is the servant of the lender, and they generate massive amounts of wealth by lending us money.

"God particle" Confirmed: CERN discovers new particle likely to be the Higgs boson

Two teams of scientists at CERN have confirmed the discovery of a new subatomic particle, which may well be the elusive Higgs boson, also known as "the God particle". ­"I can confirm that a particle has been discovered that is consistent with the Higgs boson theory," said John Womersley, chief executive of the UK's Science & Technology Facilities Council. The result is still preliminary, but "it's very strong and very solid," according to Joe Incandela, spokesman for one of the two teams hunting for the Higgs particle. Source

The New America Under Agenda 21 with Activist Rosa Koire

Alex also talks with Rosa Koire, a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain valuation and an outspoken activist opposed to the United Nations' Agenda 21 and its attempts to attack civilization through so-called Sustainable Development. She is the author of Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 Source


The criminal bankers are starting to turn on each other. We now know for certain that the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and other Central Bankers have criminally manipulated the interest rate markets in collusion with the biggest banks in the world. They have kept up a united front for years, but the facade is starting to crumble. Fingers are being pointed. Accusations are being made. The banking cabal is scrambling. They will have their MSM minions begin the obfuscation and misinformation campaign, just as they did when Corzine and Jamie Dimon stole $1.2 billion from farmers.
The fact is the game is rigged. The interest rate market is rigged. The stock market is rigged. The commodities market is rigged. The whole fucking sytem is rigged. And guess what? It isn’t rigged in your favor. It is rigged to fuck you. It is rigged to benefit the few.
The saddest part is that nobody cares. 99.9% of the world’s population doesn’t know what LIBOR even stands for, let alone care about its manipulation. How long will we accept the corruption and remain subservient to bankers and politicans? When will we have our Howard Beale moment?

Max Keiser at SPIEF 2012: European Crossroads - Post-crisis Scenarios with Peter Lavelle

Will the EU overcome the ongoing crisis and become a stronger political and economic entity? Who wants to be part of the eurozone? Will there still be would-be euro members if Greece exits the eurozone? RT's Programs presenter Peter Lavelle is joined by Xavier Rolet, Jacob Nell, Ksenia Yudaeva, Erik Berglцf, Dariusz Jacek Krawiec, Dmitry Pankin, Ben Aris and Max Keiser. Please note that Xavier Rolet left the panel discussion before its completion due to a previously scheduled appointment. The presenter of the panel was aware of this in advance and so were the panel organizers. Source

The battle to stop gold has been lost, The Rig is up! - Jim Sinclair

My Dear Friends,
Gold will go to and above $3500. This is the most important message I have sent you since 2001.
There are very few of us dynamic thinkers that see everything as a trend constantly in motion. Anyone can be a static thinker, quoting recent economic figures or news headline (MSM), and coming up with a usually wrong opinion.
The change today is that the "Rig Is Up."
The Bank of England turning their backs on Barclays, the company who did their bidding, will be the event in time marking the trend change.
Many of us in our areas of activity will successfully fight the Riggers. The many complaints that so many of you kindly sent in to fight manipulation released the Kraken in me.
The Kraken is back in its cage where it belongs. The paper trail is there. The worm has turned. Even more importantly is that this fight in the $1540 gold price area was not for regaining the old high in gold. The six attempts to kill gold, supported by some gold writers looking for favors from the riggers was a now failed attempt to keep gold from trading above $3500.

Jim Rogers, War and the Financial Mafia - LIBOR, Centrals Banks and JP Morgan!

US manufacturing activity contracts for the first time in 3 years...the weak ISM data came as a shock to economists reportedly. Then orders placed with U.S. factories rose in May for the first time in three months, according to other data. We'll talk about where figures show global confidence, crises, and slowdowns are headed with famed investor Jim Rogers.