8 Jul 2012

The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today???

This video is based on a speech by Rodney Atkinson at a public meeting at the Houses of Parliament on 26th Feb 2008 -updated 2010
The EU is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 " The Eu was founded and initially led by "former" Nazis and fascists, as was the Charlemagne prize awarded to TONY BLAIR, EDWARD HEATH, ROY JENKINS and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe"
RODNEY ATKINSON is a former adviser to Ministers and an internationally praised author of 6 books on political economy and the crisis caused by the European superstate. He has broadcast on radio and television in the UK, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria and the USA, and his books have been sold in more than 50 countries.

The World's Biggest Bank Just Got Thrown Into The Lieborgate Mess

Tyler Durden's picture: When on Friday news broke that German regulator BAFIN (which is just like the SEC except that it also regulates, investigates and actually prosecutes, instead of just watching porn all day) was launching a probe of the biggest bank in Europe, and actually, make that the world, Germany's Deutsche Bank, the shares took a quick, brisk hit, sliding 5% with everyone anxiously expecting to find out just which bank will follow Barclays into the scapegoat abattoir (because nobody had any clue Liebor manipulation was going on until a week ago). Yet while external inquiry into banks is to be expected (everywhere but in the US of course, because in the US no banks manipulated anything. Ever) as a proactive act on behalf of regulators to cover their back, things get a little more tricky when the bank itself admits there was an obvious supervision problem. From Reuters: 
"Two Deutsche Bank employees have been suspended after it used external auditors to examine whether staff were involved in manipulating interbank lending rates, German magazine Der Spiegel reported, citing no sources." Now what can possibly go wrong if the biggest bank in the world, with just shy of $3 trillion in "assets", which just happens to have a 1.68% Core Tier 1 ratio, is suddenly thrust smack in the middle of the scandal that the Economist just aptly named the finance industry's "tobacco moment"?

Gerald Celente KWN Interview - "The Financial Crime Syndicate Is In Charge"

Libya - Efforts to Dismantle the Tribes are Underway - Asiel

It is the Tribes that make Libya what it is. Without them the culture will disappear. The tribal elders have hitherto managed conflicts and resolutions. Source

Silver, the first televised market in history - SilverFuturist

Jane Burgermeister - pandemic (must watch)

Hundreds of reports have appeared in the mainstream media in the past couple of days hyping the danger of a new bioengineered bird flu virus which is transmissible between humans as the Globalists try to condition humanity to accept a new pandemic emergency and a mass vaccination campaign with a toxic pandemic jab.

DARPA seeks robots which ‘approach the efficiency of human and animal actuation’

By Madison Ruppert: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which acts as a kind of mad scientist arm of the Pentagon, has put a significant focus on robotics over recent years.  Even the Navy is getting in on the action with their unbelievable SAFFiR robot.
Now they’re clearing out the significant numbers of out of date robots to give them to police departments while spending millions of dollars of taxpayer funds we don’t even have in order to continue to build newer and more human-like robots.
Keep in mind, we aren’t talking about cool robots that will scramble you some eggs and make toast in the morning. We’re talking about war machines, although some might be slightly cuter than others. After all, this is the Department of “Defense” we are talking about here.
While some of these advances could indeed be used for good, like mind-controlled robots and wheelchairs for the injured or disabled, a kind of “electric skin,” etc. these positive applications are overshadowed by inherently militaristic nature of DARPA’s work.
One of the many programs DARPA is now focusing on – which we know very little about, as per usual – is their Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) project, which actually began last year.
The M3 program is focused on funneling spending into research aimed at improving just about everything involved in the creation, production and operation of robots.

CIA Mind Control Operation MK-ULTRA

Nigel Farage KWN interview "There is no EU breakthrough... We’re in for a long hot summer on the market"

Jordan 'Live' news program becomes a pistol and shoe slinging match

Comment - alissabandaly: I am Jordanian and I honestly never felt a bit of importance the parliament which happens that those two idiots are part of , that parliament always made me feel shame , these two don't represent Jordanians they represent themselves , Please don't judge Jordan because of some two people that don't know how to discuss .
Sincerely, Behalf of the Jordanian People :)