18 Jul 2012

Syria This is War It Is Win or Lose - Mr Aleppo Sound Only

Mr Aleppo defiantly reports from Syria, following the martyrdom of the highest officials in the country - he is calling for and announcing a stronger reaction from the Military. Source

UBS Issues Hyperinflation Warning For US And UK, Calls It Purely "A Fiscal Phenomenon"

Tyler Durden's pictureSupposedly warnings about the latent inflationary threat posed by simply ridiculous non-financial debt levels (as presented most recently here yesterday), not to mention financial debt (which as MF Global's rehypothecated implosion demonstrated so vividly can be any number between minus and plus infinity, thank you London "regulators") from the blogosphere can be ignored ($15 trillion melting ice cube that is shadow banking which also doubles as the best inflationary buffer known to man, notwithstanding). After all, what does the blogosphere know: remember, Libor has been repeatedly proven to not be manipulated, as the mainstream media so strenly claimed year after year after year until it had no choice but to do a 180 and pretend its advertiser paid for lies in the past 3 years never existed. But when these same warnings emanate from the "very serious people" at UBS, economists with a Ph.D. at that, it may be a little more difficult to dismiss them. So here it is: "Hyperinflation Revisited" from Caesar Lack, PhD, economist.
From UBS, highlights ours.
Global Risk Watch: Hyperinflation Revisited
Hyperinflation: Paper money only has a value because of the confidence that the money can be exchanged for a certain quantity of goods or services in the future. If this confidence is eroded, hyperinflation becomes a threat. If holders of cash start to question the future purchasing power of the currency and switch into real assets, asset prices start to rise and the purchasing power of money starts to fall. Other cash holders may realize the falling purchasing power of their money and join the exit from paper into real assets. When this self-reinforcing cycle turns into a panic, we have hyperinflation. The classic examples of hyperinflation are Germany in the 1920s, Hungary after the Second World War, and Zimbabwe, where hyperinflation ended in 2009. Indeed, hyperinflation is not that rare at all. Economist Peter Bernholz has identified no fewer than 28 cases of hyperinflation in the 20th century.

Virus named after Islamic Messiah found in Iranian and Israeli systems

By Madison Ruppert: Yet another virus primarily targeting countries in the Middle East has been discovered, this time called Mahdi, after  
the Islamic Messiah who will, according to Islam, rule the earth before the Day of Judgment.
Much like the astoundingly complex virus known as Flame, this virus can be modified remotely by the attacker in order to record keystrokes, remove documents, monitor email communications and even record audio.
However, according to Costin Raiu, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, this piece of malware is not sophisticated, unlike Flame.
The malware originally “several months ago” and has targeted over 800 systems with the vast majority in Iran, with Israel coming in a distant second, according to Israeli Seculert and Russian Kaspersky Lab.
Interestingly, on Seculert’s July 17 blog they revealed, “The variant we examined communicated with a server located in Canada. We were able to track variants of the same malware back to December 2011. Back then, the malware communicated with the same domain name, but the server was located in Tehran, Iran.”
The potential similarities between Flame and Mahdi were so striking that Seculert originally contacted Kaspersky Lab in order to examine the two pieces of malware, although ultimately they “couldn’t find a direct connection between the campaigns.”
However, they did find that victims of the software known as Mahdi “include critical infrastructure companies, financial services and government embassies, which are all located in Iran, Israel and several other Middle Eastern countries.”

A Neutral Look at POLICE BRUTALITY - Infographic

As you are paying for the privilege how about some 'Police State Information'? 52% of police questioned agreed with this statement: It's not unusual for a police officer to turn a blind eye to improper conduct by other officers49% feel that the only way a 'criminal' would receive any punishment was to punish the individual him/herself. Nice! Thanks to Matthew Pelletier of http://www.accelerated-degree.com for mailing us the following infographic.

Western Media Constructing Sheeple Consensus for War - Massacre Marketing - Itamar Rabinovich, Stephen Zunes and Sreeram Chaulia

There appears to be no doubt western media aims to construct a consensual consciousness to provide overwhelming public support for regime change in Damascus. Is the truth the greatest causality of this conflict? CrossTalking with Itamar Rabinovich, Stephen Zunes and Sreeram Chaulia on July 18. Source

The Feminist Fifth column: Rabbis Pushing Womens and Gays Rights - E Michael Jones

Morris: These banner waving so-called Human Rights are in fact 5th columns designed to bring culture to its knees. Near the end of this interview I ask about Libya and Syria, Although I had originally intended to make it a separate interview. Certainly E Michael Jones is in the category of an Individual Thinker. He has written many books too. This interview covers the book "Libido Dominandi". I hope to have him back soon. Source

Paul Craig Roberts - Libor Fraud Now Part of the System

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts says the Libor rate rigging scandal was all about keeping the financial system and the big banks from failing. Forget prosecuting the perpetrators because Roberts says, "The minute those interest rates go up, the loss to people will just dwarf the interest rate loss." Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Paul Craig Roberts. Source

Tim Geithner “Aided and Abetted” LIBOR Crimes: Jim Rickards

The economy is the main event but the LIBOR scandal will be on the under-card when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testifies before Congress today and tomorrow. (See: Bernanke Ready to "Throw in the Towel on Inflation": Jim Rickards)
At issue is what the Fed, and other bank regulators, knew about manipulation of the key lending rate and whether they condoned banks giving low-ball estimates of LIBOR in order to make themselves look healthier during the crisis of 2008.
Bernanke is likely to face some inquires about this issue, but the U.S. regulator most questions are being asked about is Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who is set to testify about the matter before the House Financial Services committee next week.

Ecuador, Wikileaks & London Olympics - by Banned in UK Press TV

The Latin American nation of Ecuador has been on the news recently as the stand-off between British police continues surround the Ecuadorian embassy in London hoping that the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will come out. Before Ecuador's ambassador flew back to her country to speak to President Rafael Correa, Afshin Rattansi talked to her about the North American attempts in destabilizing their country that is fighting Washington's consensus.

London olympic stadium bombed in subliminal ad?

Insider Reveals GlaxoSmithKline Targeted Children with Illegal Drug Marketing - Mike talks with Blair Hamrick

A big pharm whistleblower who has blown the lid off the bribery of physicians, the push for off-label marketing of drugs for unapproved health conditions, and the illegal marketing of drugs to children by GlaxoSmithKline. Source

JP Morgan Spews “Cashless Society” Propaganda in TV Ad

by Michael Krieger: Look how cutesy JP Morgan is in their ad talking up the benefits of a cashless society, which is one of the key goals of TPTB.  Why is the war on cash a key goal?  Well if all your wealth is digital and they don’t like you…sorry we don’t know how your account got deleted sir.  Perhaps you shouldn’t have spoken out against the government.  Meanwhile, let’s not forget JP Morgan was right there in the middle of the MF Global missing funds and now seems to be there with PFG Best as well.  It’s true yet no one wants to talk about it.  See this Huffington Post pieceTwo words: Gold & Silver. Source