22 Jul 2012

Lieborgate: Here Come The Arrests and "...a shitstorm of epic proportions."

Tyler Durden's picture For over four years, virtually everyone in the finance industry knew that Libor was manipulated. The stench of manipulation rose to the very top and thanks to a document release of formerly confidential information, we now know for a fact that even the Fed was in on it - recall that as part of production, the Fed provided a transcript of an April 2008 phone call between a Barclays trader in New York and Fed official Fabiola Ravazzolo, in which the unidentified trader said: "So, we know that we're not posting um, an honest LIBOR." And yet without any tangible, black on white evidence, there was no catalyst for pursuing legal action. That all changed when in a desperate attempt to protect its ass, Barclays decided to rat out everyone by settling with regulators, and "turn state" producing e-mail based evidence, most of it quite visual (after all what is more tangible to the common man that evil bankers sipping on Bollinger), which essentially threw years of quiet cartel cooperation under the bus. As a result, regulators, enforcers, and legal authorities, many of whom were in on this manipulation from the beginning, no longer had an excuse to not pursue civil and criminal charges against perpetrators, who until recently were footing the tabs at various gentlemen's venues and ultra expensive restaurants. And while the imminent waterfall of civil prosecution will force bank litigation reserves to go through the roof, here comes, with a very long delay, the criminal charges. As Reuters reports, here come the arrests.

Suffering Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinians rebuild hope - Remember Palestine + Economic crisis looms large in Gaza

The Israeli Committee against House Demolitions launched its tenth annual Rebuilding Camp last week. More than 30 volunteers from around the world joined Palestinians in the West Bank town of Anata to rebuild a Palestinian home demolished five times by Israel. Last week the United Nations Human Rights Council received the annual report of Professor Richard Falk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the OPT. Falk highlighted the disturbing case of Salim and Arabiya Shawamreh, and stated it was "illustrative of a common Palestinian complaint that their property rights are indirectly usurped through the denial of formal permits and the subsequent issuance and execution of demolition orders.

While it will be rebuilt once again next month, the family will live under the threat of having its home demolished at any moment.

Higgs Boson, Islamophobia and David Cameron - Afshin Rattansi

We shoot through CERN's particle accelerators close to the speed of light and talk to the Higgs boson. We ask UK Prime Minister David Cameron; why he is making Hindi compulsory for everyone and deploying surface to air missiles at the London Olympics We also talk to Fiyaz Mughal, Former Deputy President of the UK government's Liberal Democrat Party, about the disturbing result of his organization's Islamophobia hotline. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi. Source

The Black Knight Rises and falls - "What they failed to mention is that Aurora, Colorado is a gun free zone." + Artist Taxi Driver: YouTube removed Dark Knight film rant and put me on probation!

By Ken Hildebrand: It was shortly after midnight when the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” started. A few minutes later, a lone gunman entered the theater and started shooting. He murdered 12 people and wounded 59 others, in what some have called the worst shootings in this nation’s history.
This is not a tragedy but cold blooded, premeditated murder. Armed with what has been reported as an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, a shotgun, 2 pistols, a knife and some type of gas grenades as well as full body armor, he systematically killed 12 people including a 6-year-old girl.
The response from the media has been swift and predictable. Coverage has been on around the clock and unsurprisingly, the speculation has run amok, not that this is anything new for the lame stream media.
Who is this guy? Why did he kill these people? What groups was he affiliated with? These are all legitimate questions and thus should be answered. But then the false information and speculation started.

Family Court Injustice and Corruption: Daddy Justice 'For the Love of A Child' Film Trailer by Ben Vonderheide + Method Man VS Father's Day

Ben Vonderheide, aka Daddy Justice, is a Pennsylvania victim of family court. He is one of the only men in America to ever get his ex-wife arrested for false allegations.

Report: at least $20.3 trillion hidden in offshore banks by global elite

By Madison Ruppert: (Image credit: Demonocracy)
According to the most detailed study of the so-called offshore economy to date, conducted by James Henry, former chief economist with the consultancy McKinsey, the world’s richest people have taken advantage of cross-border tax laws in order to put away a shocking $20.31 trillion in offshore banks.
While this likely isn’t all that crazy to those who are familiar with the massive conflicts of interest in the Federal Reserve and the fact that the Federal Reserve works with banks to put Americans on the line for the failures of banks, it might be surprising to those who have no clue how the international financial system works.
The astounding sum uncovered by the Henry is slightly less than the 2011 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Japan ($5.87 trillion) on top of the 2011 United States GDP ($15.09 trillion).
The findings were published in the new report, “The Price of Offshore Revisited,” which shows that money continues to leak out of major nations and into infamous tax havens like Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.
These transactions are enabled by private banking institutions which all battle to get the accounts of what the Guardian calls the “global super-rich elite,” also known as high net-worth individuals.
Henry demonstrates that sums between £13 trillion ($20.3 trillion) and £20 ($31.23 trillion) have made their way from countries around the world into these secretive banking jurisdictions.
Thus, the wealth of these ultra-rich individuals is “protected by a highly paid, industrious bevy of professional enablers in the private banking, legal, accounting and investment industries taking advantage of the increasingly borderless, frictionless global economy.”
Ah, such is the glory of globalization!

Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr: "Obama, Suck My Debt Motherfucker, Take My Weed from My Cold Dead Fucking Fingers, Legalize Hemp, Fuck Special Interests, A God Damned War on War"

DEBTOCRACY - Χρεοκρατία [Eng subs]

The Revolution of the Mind - James Corbett

We live in an era of upheaval with the word "revolution" on the tip of many a tongue. But what kind of revolution is it to be? Join us this week on the podcast as we scour the secret text of Emmanuel Goldstein and the scientific philosophy of Thomas Kuhn in search of the only revolution that matters: the revolution of the mind. Source

Press TV back on the air in England

The Press TV network resumed broadcasting its programs in England on the Sky Platform in the beginning of July.

The Iranian news network is broadcast on channel 200 of the Sky Platform for four hours a day, two of which are recorded programs from a day earlier.

The British Office of Communications (Ofcom) revoked Press TV's broadcasting license in January 2012 and removed the network from the Sky Platform, saying the network violated the broadcasting code.

The British media regulator stepped up pressure on Press TV after the news network covered British police crackdowns on protesters in London and other British cities.

The signal of Press TV has been jammed or interrupted many times on the Nilesat satellite provider, SES Astra, and the Hotbird satellite provider over the past year.

Marc Faber The Markets to crash within 12 months

Bank of Dave - How to open a bank

Dave learns about how banks operate. Almost everyone he meets in banking tells Dave to forget the idea. But the people of Burnley still support him and Dave presses ahead anyway. Source