30 Jul 2012

Drawing back the Financial Iron Curtain to a Beautiful Anarchy - Jeffrey Tucker

The CEO of RBS warned about a huge fine facing the bank due to the Libor scandal; meanwhile HSBC set aside $2 billion to cover regulatory problems, including Libor-rigging and money laundering. We often cover regulation violations by the big banks, but today will talk about a litany of absurd small business regulations that could be crushing entrepreneurs. We ask our guest Jeffrey Tucker, Author of "A Beautiful Anarchy: How to Create your own Civilization in the Digital Age," about the impact of small business regulation.

Steve Jobs Lost Interview 1990 - A must watch for any entreprenuer

Steve Jobs is a perfect icon for the the modern entrepreneur. A orphan from middle class America living in Silicon Valley becomes a global icon.
"We didn't build Apple to be a company, We started it to make computers for our friends."

Greece: the Washington v Berlin poker game returns…to Athens’ advantage. The Slog

US Treasury Secretary Geithner may yet wind up being Greece’s saviour.
A few airy vapours emerged in the way of rationales for US Federal Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s session with German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble today. The two men ‘expressed confidence in euro-area member states’ efforts to reform and move towards greater integration’, ‘welcomed the Irish example of placing successfully longer-term bonds last week and Portugal’s continued success in meeting program commitments andzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..’
Bazooka Geithner was scheduled to travel on to Frankfurt Monday afternoon for a session with European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, and no doubt at that time they will talk about Borussia Dortmund’s women’s soccer friendly against Inter-Milan’s mixed-sex 2nd XI next Thursday. It promises to be a storming game, but most people watching ClubMed developments (especially those in Athens) could be forgiven for suggesting that Greece’s future location as a sphere of vital influence was the main reason Mr Geithner was talking to two of the most powerful financial players in Europe.
The eurozone has been a pimple on the backside of global money for two years now, but while the buttock-blemish just keeps on getting bigger, nothing seems to bring it to a head. My theory is that the problem is now so big, it has expanded far beyond the fiscal arse, and is about to launch an assault on the head: but whether I’m right or wrong, there’ve been so many jigsaw bits, clues and signs falling into place of late, you’d have to be Mr Magoo in a tank not to notice them.
What’s going on here is a high-stakes poker game between Washington and Berlin. And once again, we are talking Greek default into the welcoming arms (in every sense) of America v Merkel’s FiskalUnion vision wherein Greece stays in the eurotent…along with its strategic, mineral, and energy importance to Brussels.

The world’s gold is moving from West to East - Tim Staermose

Did you know that, according to Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Canada’s latest World Wealth Report, there are now more millionaires in Asia than North America…?
An estimated 3.37 million individuals in the Asia-Pacific region have a liquid net worth of over US$1 million. That compares to 3.35 million in North America.
The same trend is evident in the gold market.
While the current world hubs for gold trading and storage are London, Zurich, and New York, stores of physical metal are also beginning to migrate east. Gold storage facilities are springing up all over Asia like mushrooms after a summer rain.
Back in 2009, the Hong Kong Airport Authority set up the first secure gold storage facility inside the confines of the Hong Kong Airport.
This September, Malca-Amit, the Tel Aviv-based diamonds and precious metals company is opening a second state of the art facility at the airport, which will have capacity for 1,000 metric tons of gold.
That compares to the 4,582 tons that the US government claims is in Fort Knox, and the record 2,414 million tons that the world’s exchange traded gold funds collectively held – mostly in London– as of July 5th.
Malca-Amit also has a facility in Singapore’s Freeport complex, and the company is planning a third Asian precious metals storage facility in Shanghai in the near future.
Speaking of Singapore, Simon has written before that the government there recently announced a series of incentive measures aimed at grabbing as much as 15% of the world’s physical gold trade within 5 to 10 years.

West provoking civil war in Syria: Jonathan Steele

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil.

The Syrian government says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving factor behind the unrest and deadly violence while the opposition accuses the security forces of being behind the killings.

Dave Mustaine: We Are In The Fight of Our Lives

This is one of the most powerful interviews Dave Mustaine has ever given. He stopped by the Infowars.com studios last week to talk about the Fast and Furious, The Batman Massacre, The Future of Megadeth, and his thoughts on President Obama. You don't want to miss this, Dave is on fire and holds nothing back. Source

Citibank-sters in India threaten customers with the removal of their organs or death if they do not pay! - The Scandal Deepens As Convicted Debt Collectors Go Missing

Citibank Debt CollectorsBy The fugitive debt collectors were interrogating an Indonesian Citibank customer at the time of his death.
Irzen Octa, an Indonesian businessman, died in a Citibank office under mysterious circumstances last March, while debt collectors were questioning him about money he owed on a Citibank credit card. Now, two of the three collectors convicted in Octa's death are reportedly on the run from the law.
Arif Lukman and Henry Waslinton, who were each sentenced to five years in prison last month for their role in the March 2011 interrogation, have failed to answer a court summons for detention, according to the Jakarta Globe. On Wednesday, both men were declared fugitives.
Octa, who owed Citibank more than $11,000 at the time of his death, met with third-party collectors on March 28, 2011, in an attempt to negotiate a settlement. He was found dead in the Citibank office that afternoon. Following Octa's death, there were conflicting reports as to the cause. Medical professionals have disagreed on whether hypertension played a role in Octa's death, and whether he was physically assaulted before he died. Post-mortem reports from various doctors have given his cause of death as asphyxiation, brain hemorrhage and "blunt violence,"

Rick Ackerman on the Next Market Meltdown

By Professional trader Rick Ackerman thinks "the next market meltdown is going to look like the flash crash" of a few years ago. Who knows what could cause the next calamity, but Ackerman says, "War in the Middle East would be a severe shock to the system . . . and the system is pretty fragile right now." Please join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman. Source

Anaheim USA rally video: Cops Arrest and Intimidate Protesters, Disperse Crowd on Horseback with Shotguns In Your Face

At least nine people have been arrested by Orange County Police as they pushed protesters back during a street rally in outrage over the recent officer-involved shootings that left two locals dead - FULL STORY


"For every million dollars that banks fiddle, or manipulate, or launder, or miss-sell, one banker should spent one year in jail. And recall that HSBC laundered billions. We can stimulate the economy by building bigger jails.

Another day, another banking scandal.
Barclays’ LIBOR cheats exploited an arcane and out-dated rate-setting mechanism to fix rates in their favour – which means to your detriment.
But just ripping off ordinary people and ordinary investors doesn’t win many points in the Bankster’s Cheat Olympics. If you really want to shoot for those medal places, you need to do more. You need to get down and dirty with the drug lords and the terrorists, the narcotics cartels and the failed states. That’s what HSBC did. It laundered money on an industrial scale. In the words of one commentary: ‘HSBC’s subsidiaries transported billions of dollars of cash in armoured vehicles, cleared suspicious travellers’ cheques worth billions, and allowed Mexican drug lords buy to planes with money laundered through Cayman Islands accounts.’

Just think for a moment what that means. Don’t think about the financial implications of these things. Think of the human ones.

Sniffing the cool-aid: Surveillance & Harassment - Coast To Coast AM

Shellshock: War, blockade traumatize Gaza's children

The children of Gaza continue to bear the brunt of Israel's wanton aggression during the Gaza war and its frequent air-strikes and incursions. Israel ended its war on Gaza in 2009, an all-out war which claimed the lives of many people including innocent children and injured thousands others. According to psychiatrists, Children who make up nearly 60 percent of Gaza population are still traumatized and psychologically scarred. Source