7 Aug 2012

Chemical Massacre: Why doctors are 62 times more dangerous than guns

This investigation by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reveals why you are 6200% more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a homicidal shooter. This is based on U.S. government statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, combined with doctor-caused deaths published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

These data show that FDA-approved prescription drugs kill 290 Americans every single day, meaning that for mass shootings to approach that number, you'd have to see a Colorado Batman movie massacre take place EVERY HOUR of every day, 365 days a year. Source

A MATTER OF TRUST – PART TWO - by washingtonsblog

This is Part 2 of my three part series on trust. Part 1 addressed the history of bubbles and busts and the role trust plays in these episodes. In the end, truth is what matters.
“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.” – Santosh Kalwar

Hundred Year Bust

chart of the day silver roman coins may 2011 A MATTER OF TRUST   PART TWO
“Debasement was limited at first to one’s own territory. It was then found that one could do better by taking bad coins across the border of neighboring municipalities and exchanging them for good with ignorant common people, bringing back the good coins and debasing them again. More and more mints were established. Debasement accelerated in hyper-fashion until a halt was called after the subsidiary coins became practically worthless, and children played with them in the street, much as recounted in Leo Tolstoy’s short story, Ivan the Fool.” – Charles P. Kindleberger – Manias, Panics, and Crashes

Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video

Luke Rudkowski talks with Abby Martin of MediaRoots.org and RT about
U.S. Senator Rand Paul's attempt to get her arrested and stripped of
her press credentials for asking him tough questions in the Capitol
building. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtO5INu-VY4 A week after our video with Abby Martin came out on YouTube,
the RT office, where Abby works, got an ominous phone call from the
Senate Media Relations Committee. The Committee was acting on behalf
of Rand Paul and threatened both Abby and the entire RT news
organization. The threats included ambiguous "charges" for violating
the rules of the Committee floor, Abby's possible arrest and the
termination of her and the entire office's press credentials.

Japan's Demographic Death Rattle In 3 Charts And 333 Words + Robert Shiller Has A Chiller For US Housing Recovery Hopes

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Courtesy of Bloomberg's Michael McDonough, here is how the end game for demographically defunct, deflationary debt holes such as Japan looks like extrapolated into the future. And for the time-strapped it is condensed into 333 words and 3 charts.
Via Bloomberg Brief:
In less than two years, more than one in four Japanese citizens will be over the age of 65, up from one in five in 2006 and one in 10 in 1985. The proportion of the population over 65 is expected to swell to 30 percent by 2022 and to 40 percent by 2050, according to government estimates. This will put the country as a whole in the demographic range of the prefectures that experienced the sharpest declines in growth in the decade ended 2009.
Fewer workers and less labor will reduce the potential output of the Japanese economy, which will increase the country’s reliance on imports as retirees continue to spend, inhibiting GDP growth.

'US, Israel using nuclear arms to bully'

Almost seven decades after the first nuclear attack in the world, we're asking how safe our planet can be with none of the countries possessing nuclear weapons willing to let go of them. Source

Syrian troops kill 'many' insurgents in Homs

Syrian forces have killed a large number of foreign-backed insurgents in the western city of Homs as clearing operations continue across the country, Press TV reports.

The insurgents were killed on Tuesday in clashes with Syrian government forces, who have been combing areas overrun by armed men. 

In the northwest, Syrian Army forces were fighting insurgents in some neighborhoods in the largest city of Aleppo, while a larger part of the commercial hub was reported quiet. 

The Syrian Army has focused its operations on the outskirts of Aleppo as government forces try to cut the insurgents' logistic lines ahead of a massive operation against their positions inside the city. Source

'Mossad's hand in terror attacks, Gaza ghetto the goal'

16 Egyptian soldiers were killed in the attack of a security checkpoint at the Egyptian border. The militants tried to force their way through to Israel, but were repelled by border guards. Both Israel and Egypt blamed the attack on Islamist militants, who've become increasingly active in recent months. But Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst at Stopimperialism.org, believes the attack in Sinai works to Israel's benefit. Source

Europe's Beggars: Bluffing Their Way To Unity And Propserity Via Hijacking And Extortion + Hope Springs Eternal & Boosts Global Stocks - Biderman

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Ten days ago, when predicting what may and likely will be the outcome of the August ECB announcement, we said that it is virtually certain that it will follow in the trailblazing footsteps of what Mario Monti did at the June 29th meeting. To wit: "The bottom line here is that Draghi most likely pulled a Mario Monti (and his hanger on Mariano Rajoy), and spoke up before pre-clearing with Buba's Weidmann. Draghi thinks that, like Monti with Merkel at the June 29 summit, he can bluff the Bundesbank into submission, and Germany will agree to monetization, especially if markets have risen enough where nothing out of the ECB next week leads to a market plunge. The problem is that as we patiently explained, Monti got absolutely no concessions our of Merkel, as was seen in the bond yields of Spain after the June 29 summit." Sure enough, the market soared in the days after June 29 as well, giddy with optimism that Germany would never settle for being bullied publicly and had implicitly agreed with the Monti and Rajoy. Euphoria promptly turned to despair as it became quickly clear that Monti had bluffed without preclearing with Merkel and Buba. Fast forward one month, and what we expected to happen is precisely what did happen.

HARP: TBTF banks laughing all the way home

By David Schawel: The Economics Behind the HARP Program
HARP, The Home Affordable Refinance Program, is a streamline refinance program developed to help borrowers who have continued to make their mortgage payments, but have be unable to refinance due to a decline in their home value.  Underwater borrowers have been stuck in a “no-win” situation of sorts, being stuck in a well above market mortgage rate (over 6% in many cases) despite being current on their existing loan and maintaining strong credit.  Various fees and a LTV ceiling cause the original HARP program to flame out unsuccessfully.  Blame was quick to be cast among the major lenders, the GSE’s, as well as the Government.
The early results of HARP 2.0 are in, and the program’s modifications appear to be spurring strong activity.  Are the big bad “too big to fail” banks finally relenting and playing ball?  As an investor in the securitized mortgage market, I see aspects of the market that the average borrower or market participant does not.  In this post I will walk through the economics of mortgage origination for HARP loans, break down exactly how much these banks are making, and how they are able to do so.

Warmongering Fascist Starbucks blocks Press TV's website

Researchers use WiFi radar to covertly monitor the movement of people through walls

By Madison Ruppert: In today’s world, the seeming safety and privacy provided by four walls and a roof is quickly diminishing with microchips enabling mobile devices to see through walls, microchips allowing mobile devices to provide ultra-precise location information, the hijacking of cell phone cameras and even stealthily recording sound and other environmental information, supposedly for advertising purposes.
Of course, those examples represent just one of the many ways in which our privacy is being invaded and diminished with a vengeance in the United States today.
Now new method is being explored by researchers which could allow people to use so-called “bistatic WiFi radar” at a distance in order to covertly detect and monitor people moving behind walls.
The researchers published the findings in a paper called “Through-the-Wall Sensing of Personnel Using Passive Bistatic WiFi Radar at Standoff Distances” in IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, volume 50, Issue 4.
The emphasis appears to be the ability to detect people “uncooperatively and covertly,” something which is also becoming increasingly important in facial recognition technology and other biometric technologies.
The researchers, who are affiliated with the Department of Security and Crime Science at the University College London in the United Kingdom, have demonstrated the first successful through-the-wall (TTW) detection of moving people using passive WiFi radar.

Syria reportedly captures foreign military officers, meanwhile UN chief won’t condemn kidnapping of Iranians

By Madison Ruppert: As Syrian media is reporting the capture of military officers from foreign nations in Aleppo, the city which has a heavy presence of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist organization, the Secretary General of the United Nations is refusing to condemn the kidnapping of Iranian pilgrims in Syria.
This just highlights how laughable the United Nations is as an organization. When it suits them, they are suddenly champions of humanitarianism and human rights, just as the United States is.
Then, suddenly, when the position no longer benefits them, they quickly ignore the murder of innocent civilians at the hands of Syrian rebels. Indeed, unconfirmed reports have stated that three of the 48 Iranian pilgrims kidnapped by rebels have been killed, something which the UN doesn’t seem to care about all that much.
Keep in mind, these are the same rebels who recently carried out what is almost certainly a war crime by slaughtering detained Syrian policemen, to just name one incident.

Obama, The Black Charlton Heston, Gets Reamed By Hollywood (and we are so proud)

Obama Praises Anne Hathaway As “Best Thing” In ‘Dark Knight Rises’; Harvey Weinstein Praises Obama As “The Paul Newman Of Presidents” At Campaign Fundraiser.
Let’s see…Before the Facebook IPO (and 50% crash) Obama had his arm around Zuck promoting this massive pump-n-dump. Now, with Aurora still in shock from the Warner Broth. led massacre, the Black Charlton Heston is in Hollywood promoting more outrageous slaughter of Americans (when he’s not slaughtering folks in other countries). Nice. Really makes you proud.
3RD UPDATE, 5:54 PM: President Barack Obama at a Hollywood-studded fundraiser tonight reviewed The Dark Knight Risesand Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman performance. “She’s spectacular. I got a chance to see Batman, and she was the best thing in it. That’s just my personal opinion.” Obama said. After an intro by Weinstein calling Obama “The Paul Newman of American presidents”, POTUS also praised The Newsroom’s Aaron Sorkin. The fundraiser was hosted by Hathaway, Sorkin, Paul Newman’s widow Joanne Woodward, and Weinstein at the producer’s Connecticut home. Tickets went for $35,800 each. The 60 guests included Vogue editor Anna Wintour and TV talk show host Jerry Springer. Here’s the condensed of the White House Pool Report which includes a description of Harv’s  country estate:

Gone in Sixty Nanoseconds and other "Knight-Time" Stories w/David Greenberg!

Knight Capital, the market maker that lost a reported 440 million dollars off a "technical glitch," will get a $400 million lifeline from investors to stay afloat. Today's version of 'Gone in 60 Seconds' is more like 'Gone in 60 Nanoseconds' with the use of high frequency trading. So what purpose does this speed serve? Is there anything keeping a Knight Capital disaster from happening again, and what are the implications for the broader economy and the financial markets? Likewise, is there any benefit that high-frequency trading brings to the market as a whole, or is it just a race to the bottom for the retail investor? We ask commodities trading veteran and former NYMEX board member David Greenberg.