14 Aug 2012

The On-Going Bailout of Wall Street and the lack Criminal Prosecutions

The legacy of the financial crisis and the response from the government is still making headlines. It has turned into a legacy with taxpayers footing the bill and Wall Street paying less for its crimes. Today the SEC charged Wells Fargo's brokerage firm, as well as a former Vice President, for selling investments tied to Mortgage-Backed Securities without fully understanding their complexity or disclosing the risk to investors. Wells Fargo agreed to settle the charges. However, a fine of $6.5 million, no admission of guilt, and a 6-month suspension of the Vice President sounds like a handslap playing on a broken record. We talk to Neil Barofsky, the man who helped prosecute the CEO and President of Refco, and the watchdog for TARP -- the US government-sposered bailout of Wall Street.

Unreformable: "You should not be in the corrupt markets at all!" - Ann Barnhardt with Warren Pollock

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) talk about the most important issues of today including the property rights, collateral, the lack of safety in savings and retirement plans, and the 2012 election. We discuss the Sentinel Bankruptcy as a test case for violating key safeguards to any and all of your financial instruments within the context of fraud or banking interests. This ruling has major implications to you as well as Jon Corzine. We anticipate the need to fund Treasuries with funds captured in retirement plans. Most importantly, Ann and I describe events without pointing the finger to "them" this is a time to take personal responsibility by finding clarity in current events. Source

Obama’s War on Whistleblowers Accelerates: Science Itself is Now Contraband

By Mike Krieger: The Obama administration is evil.  Sorry, there is no other adjective to describe it at this point.  They know they are corrupt, they embrace their corruption and now they are doing everything possible to silence anyone who dares call them out on it.  The latest case of Obama’s war on whistleblowers relates to how the Scientific Integrity Officer within the Interior Department, Dr. Paul Houser, was attacked when he started raising some scientific and environmental questions.  According to Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones:
When he raised those concerns to then-DOI press secretary Adam Fetcher, Houser says he was told that he should not write anything about them in any electronic correspondence. “He wanted a hard copy, no email,” says Houser, in order to avoid creating any internal correspondence that could be subject to a Freedom of Information Act request. (Fetcher is now the deputy national press secretary for Obama’s reelection campaign.) Houser says his boss, who was out of the office during the initial exchange, also chastised him for emailing other scientists working on Klamath regarding the release. “I was told that the secretary of interior wants to remove the dams, so my actions weren’t helpful,” says Houser.
See how Mr. Fetcher was punished for covering up the truth.  He was promoted!

Global corn prices surge 23 percent from drought; food inflation to accelerate in 2012 and 2013

(NaturalNews) You have automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and perhaps even health and life insurance, among other coverage. Do you also have food insurance, as in, stored supplies of food that can get you through days and weeks of food shortages, should the economy collapse or a terrorist strike?

Okay, if that seems extreme for you, how about just getting enough to get you through a period of food inflation, because you're about to go through one of those periods.

The widespread and still-lingering drought throughout the Midwest - the world's bread basket, if you will - has seen a dramatic surge in crop failures which have resulted in shortages of key commodities like corn (which is not just for eating anymore; we're burning up millions of bushels in our gas tanks). The result is markedly higher prices for a number of grocery items which have already begun to manifest at your local supermarket, and which are likely to go even higher throughout the remainder of 2012 and well into next year.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve: U.S. Economy, Finance and Wealth

The Federal Reserve System, known colloquially as "the Fed", has faced various criticisms since its conception in 1913. The system was created as a third attempt at central banking in the United States. The Federal Reserve Act, which began the Fed, was a hotly debated issue in its own right.

Some economists, such as John Taylor, have asserted that the Fed was responsible, or at least partially responsible, for the United States housing bubble which occurred prior to the 2007 recession.

US police brutalize, terrorize African-Americans

The death of a young black man while handcuffed in the back of a police car, a deaf woman arrested by police and put in jail after she called 911 to get help, a cop caught on camera hitting a handcuffed man and the lynching of a black teenager by White supremacists. These are all real stories and among many coming from the US.  Source

The Disgusting Crud in Your Tap Water

You've probably read countless articles about the horrendous quality of tap water and its numerous contaminants that attack your biology and have been tied to a multitude of health ailments. It is very rare, however, that you can actually see just how terribly polluted your tap water truly is. In the video above, I show you the 'overflow' tray of my 12 stage water filtration device that collects the excess amount of gunk that the filters discharge. In other words, this is actually the extra amount of build up amounted from 12 different stages of water filtration and it's still disturbingly-putrid.

"Fuckocta Food Stamps" in the USA and Rehypothecation in London, the Cantillon effect and the cram down - Max Keiser with John Aziz

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Jamie-villes in Ohio, suicide dummies in Vegas and truckloads of evidence piling up outside the Justice Department and yet no fraud can be spotted. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to John Aziz of Azizonomics.com about rehypothecation and deal flow in the City of London, the Cantillon effect and the cram down. Source

Replace The Money Changers in the Temple of the Mind... With Feminazis?

"Money changers" loan money with USURY. The Bible warns against USURY 15x. Usury is a mathematical fraud just like a Ponzi. It is IMPOSSIBLE for all borrowers to pay as the interest(USURY) money is never created and put into circulation. End the Fed. Stop the central banks all over the world. the debt can never be payed back. There simply is not that much money in circulation. It's a scam. Read MATTHEW 21:12 12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, 13And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. Source

World shipping crisis threatens German dominance as Greeks win long game

Germany’s shipping industry faces a wave of bankruptcies over coming months as funding dries up and deepening economic woes across the world cause a sharp contraction in container trade.

By : Over 100 German ship funds have already shut down as the long-simmering crisis in global container shipping finally comes to a head. A further 800 funds are threatened with insolvency, according to consultants TPW in Hamburg.
They are not alone. Britain’s oldest shipowner, Stephenson Clark, dating back to 1730, went into liquidation last week, closing the final chapter of Britain’s coal trade and the industrial revolution.
It cited “incredibly depressed” vessel rates. The firm over-invested in the boom four years ago, betting too much on the China syndrome.
Germany is the superpower of container shipping, controlling almost 40pc of the world market. The Germans also misread the cycle and have been struggling to cope ever since with a legacy of debt and a glut of ships. Now everything is going wrong at once.
Container volumes arriving at European ports plunged in June, dashing expectations of a summer rebound. Imports fell 7.5pc from North America and 9pc from Asia. Flows into the Mediterranean region crashed by 16pc, reflecting the violence of the recession in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.
Buckling trade is the coup de grace for countless shippers still clinging on by their finger tips. “The market is barely paying above operating cost. If you are loaded with debt, you are in trouble,” said Martin Smith from ship operators Norddeutsche Vermögen in Hamburg.

Ahaa! The Olympic ‘bonus’ quietly becomes a ‘redeemable cost’ - The Slog

People working from home during the Olympic Games wiped £1billion off the UK economy this year, says  the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).
It suggests that lost revenue from tourists – and a drop in productivity from people either working from home or taking holidays during the games – has cost the UK economy £1billion this year. This would take the total price tag for the games –which had a revised budget of £10billion – to an official level of 11 billion; but I can tell you categorically that it is already £12.4bn even without that additional cost.
To be even-handed, if you look at other venues and travel markets thus far in 2012, I do think the CEBR is overestimating the Games as a depressant factor for London/the UK: every major City in Europe has seen a catastrophic fall-off in visitors and spend per tourist. It’s called ‘EU madness and an imploding eurozone’: everyone’s worried, and nobody has money to spare…outside the lucky 3% of MoUs.
But the massive significance of these data concerns the fact that – after years of bollocks about London 2012 being a moneyspinner – it is now not even being presented as ‘a future return on investment’. The line has slipped somewhat, and become ‘the games could pay for itself by 2021 by helping London generate an extra £1.8billion a year by 2015.’
Er….smashing. But, um, two things here. Wasn’t it going to boost the London economy massively on the day…until, that is, Bellowing Boris blew everyone out of Central London for the duration? And, how exactly will the ‘extra’ £1.8bn be generated by 2015?

Luke Rudkowski 'Stands His Ground' Against Ineptocracy: The Confrontation of Henry Paulson

Before confronting Henry Paulson, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gets harassed & intimidated by NYPD Officers for filming, then has an exchange with a secret service member during & after the confrontationSource