16 Aug 2012

How To Defeat Western Tyranny "It's nothing but an opportunity for the best in all of us to rise." Brandon Smith

It is inevitable.  There comes a point in the development of every crisis, every catastrophe, every impending disaster, every act of methodical dictatorship, in which the generations selected by fate or destiny to endure the trial must attempt to look beyond the intellectual and the psychological, to deeply consider the greater philosophical or spiritual questions of their epoch.  Certain moments in history demand that truly free individuals relinquish their cynicism, and embrace that inherent world of form and conscience that exists in each of us but remains largely unexplained.  Without this act of “faith”, or intuitive knowing, good cannot exist, inspire, or prevail.

To understand what we face in our age of encroaching technocracy draped like glistening silicon across the face of a third world American cesspool, we must accept certain realities; the first and foremost being the existence of “evil”.  Not the evil of ignorance, that is easy to recognize.  Not the evil of apathy and moral relativism, though the stench of both sharply permeates the sour underside of our culture.  No, I am talking about pure, unbiased, unflinching, perfectly conscious and fully absorbed evil.  The kind that they tell stories about.  The kind that history books speak of almost in awe, as if it is miraculous in nature.  A dark tide.  A prehistoric leviathan.  An unbelievable and seemingly inhuman myth made manifest by astonishingly vile despots.

This evil is so overwhelming that many people today scarcely imagine it possible.  It is our society’s greatest weakness; the denial of ultimate malice.

Megadeth: Dave Mustaine Clarifies Obama Staged Shooting Statement

This is Dave Mustaine's first response to the main stream media's attacks on him concerning his concert statements about the recent mass shootings. Source

Conflict Brewing Between UK "We'll hit you Hard!" And Ecuador "Apologise!" Who Agreed To Grant Asylum To Assange - Update +

Are we about to see a mini-war on UK soil, if and when Britain decides to storm the Ecuadorian embassy, which moments ago announced it has granted asylum to Julian Assange?

What To Do When Confronted by Police "They want us to be sheeple"

Rule of Law Radio host Eddie Craig joins Rob Dew in studio to discuss our crumbling individual rights. Source

Frankenmarket "Only keep money in banks you are willing to lose!"- Max Keiser with Sandeep Jailty

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss unknown people whose solvency is uncertain operating faster than the speed of light in the "franken-market" and Max Keiser asks, "what if a high frequency trading algo bot shrugged?" In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Sandeep Jaitly of feketeresearch.com about the real Austrian economics of Carl Menger versus the fake Austrian economics of Ludwig von Mises. They also discuss how Ben Bernanke's confusion about what money and how central banks are leading us into a second dark age. Max and Sandeep also highlight the reason why rehypothecation in London is fraud. And, finally, Max hopes Lew Rockwell watches and learns. Source

Buy local movement is spawning local currencies

By Brent Daggett:
With growing distrust of big banks and the unstable economy, the buy local movement is gaining more traction, especially if localities create their own currency.
The concept of printing local currency (in the form of paper money) is nothing new and is perfectly legal by federal law, except private coinage is not.
In 1991, Ithaca NY started to experiment with their money called hours.
According to author and founder of Ithaca Hours, Paul Glover, this is how the system works:
  • One HOUR = one hour basic labor, or $10.00.
  • Half HOUR = half hour basic labor, or $5.00.
  • Quarter HOUR = quarter hour basic labor, or $2.50.
  • Eighth HOUR = eighth hour basic labor, or $1.25.
  • Tenth HOUR = tenth hour basic labor, or $1.00.
  • Two HOURS = two hours basic labor, or $20.00.
The hour system starts at ten dollars an hour simply because it’s the community’s minimum wage.
However, residents of Ithaca are not the only ones participating in the concept of local currencies.

What to Do When Every Market Is Manipulated? Hint: cut the strings by Chris Martenson

If you don't know who the sucker at the card table is, it's you. 
~ old gambler's saying
What do the following have in common?
LIBOR, Bernie Madoff, MF Global, Peregrine Financial, zero-percent interest rates, the Social Security and Medicare entitlement funds, many state and municipal pension funds, mark-to-model asset values, quote stuffing and high frequency trading (HFT), and debt-based money?
The answer is that every single thing in that list is an example of market rigging, fraud, or both.
How are we supposed to make decisions in today’s rigged and often fraudulent market environment? Where should you put your money if you don’t know where the risks lie? How does one control risk when control fraudruns rampant?
Unfortunately, there are no perfect answers to these questions. Instead, the task is to recognize what sort of world we happen to live in today and adjust one’s actions to the realities as they happen to be. The purpose of this report is not to stir up resentment or anger -- although those are perfectly valid responses to the abuses we are forced to live with -- but to simply acknowledge the landscape as it is so that we can make informed decisions.
In this report I connect the dots on the fraud, noting both what we already know about and what we'd better prudently suspect is happening (but not yet revealed).  In Part II, we talk about ways to operate, make decisions, and control risk given the sorry state of affairs in our financial markets.

Ed Greens arrested, denied water to break his fast

This footage emerged during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games that took place two weeks ago in London, when 182 people, at least one as young as 13, were arrested for cycling outside the stadium. Press TV's Nargess Moballeghi reports from London. Source

350 Greek Tragedies in Athens in June Alone

You know, we can write and read and research all we want, and till we're deep dark blue in the face, about Angela Merkel and Tim Geithner and Mario Draghi or Monti and Greek heroes Samaras and Venizelos, about what they say and do from day to day, driven by political pressure and mundane issues such as bond yields. And we will continue to write, read and research these things; that's not going to stop.
But as soon as any of us take a step back and try to see things from another perspective than that of the proverbial and iconic child with her nose pressed against the display window of the candy store, there's none of us with a grain of self-respect left who can maintain that what we see unfold is about Angela, Timothy and the Mario's. And that is what we will increasingly, and I mean all of us, need to add to our writing and reading: We will have failed miserably if we haven't paid attention to the people most affected by what rabbits the various leaderships decide to conjure up out of their high hats.
And not just because if misery in the streets reaches a critical mass, that will be where the direction of politics will be decided. It's not a macro picture. We ourselves are not a macro picture; we all of us live human micro lives. We therefore need to pay attention to the plight of the victims of the crisis, because they are people like us, because they can function as a mirror to who we are, and strive to be, and as a mirror for our futures. It is no use to be well-off yourself if you don't have a functioning society to be well-off in. And don't worry, I don't expect the majority of you to understand. I fully expect most people to hit the wall running.
(Dimitris Christoulas was politically active, a member of the "We Won't Pay" movement.)

Honour, Truth and Rights: Lebanese tribe launches counter-abduction campaign + Palestinians supported by Syrians insist on right to return

In response to the abduction of Lebanese National "Hassan Salim Al-Miqdad" in the Syrian capital Damascus by foreign-backed armed groups; Lebanese Al-Miqdad tribe has announced that it has launched a counter-abduction campaign capturing, what it called, "insurgents of the so-called Free Syrian Army in Lebanon."

'Creditism' and Riding out this Depression on a Deflationary Debt Raft! - Richard Duncan

As the economic crisis unfolds, and we see evidence of 'crony-capitalism' and 'corportasim', we wonder if capitalism even still exists. Our guest, Richard Duncan, believes we live in a system he calls 'creditism.' He has flown half-way around the world from Thailand, to explain to us why he fears civilization could not survive a true crisis of 'creditism'.

“We are not a British colony.” Ecuador says 'Britain threatened to raid embassy over Assange'

Ecuador has said that the British government had threatened to raid its embassy in London if Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was not handed over, and that Quito would make its decision on his asylum request on Thursday.
Julian AssangeIn statement, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said: "We are not a British colony".  
Julian Assange Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA wire

Former computer hacker Assange, who enraged Washington in 2010 when his WikiLeaks website published secret U.S. diplomatic cables, is wanted in Sweden to face trial for rape.
Assange has been taking refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in London since June 19. The Australian anti-secrecy campaigner says he fears he could be bundled to the United States where his life would be at risk. Source