31 Aug 2012

The ‘Hitler’ store in India

A general view of the 'Hitler' clothing store in Ahmedabad on August 28, 2012. (AFP Photo/Sam Panthaky)
A general view of the 'Hitler' clothing store in Ahmedabad. (AFP Photo/Sam Panthaky)

There’s one shop in India that  Jews won’t stop by at any price: the one called Hitler. The owner of the clothing outlet in Ahmedabad claims it’s merely a nickname given to one of the proprietors' grandfathers.”
­"Hitler was a nickname given to my business partner Manish Chandani's grandfather because of his strict nature. Frankly, till the time we applied for the trademark permission, I had only heard that Hitler was a strict man,” Rajesh Shah who owns the shop told The Times of India daily.
“It was only recently that we read about Hitler on the internet,” he added.
Shah complains he had to spend Rs 40,000 on the banner, and says he won’t change the name unless he is well compensated.

One of the two Indian owners of the ′Hitler′ clothing store – Rajesh Shah – poses with a visiting card at his shop in Ahmedabad on August 28, 2012. (AFP Photo/Sam Panthaky)  One of the two Indian owners of the 'Hitler' clothing store – Rajesh Shah – poses with a visiting card at his shop in Ahmedabad (AFP Photo/Sam Panthaky)
­The local Jewish resident can’t hide his indignation.
"In the city of Mahatma Gandhi and non-violence, how can anyone celebrate a person like Hitler who is known to have murdered millions of unarmed ordinary civilians? I represented our concerns to the proprietors and I do not think they agree with me," Nikitin Contractor, convener of the Friend of Israel organization from Vadodara wasn't quoted as saying. "Instead of Mahatma Gandhi, youngsters need to be weaned on the atrocities that Hitler committed and the millions who were killed in gas chambers more than 70 years ago." then went on not to say "We need to keep up that old chestnut to deflect from the putrid stench of our own apartheid gulag."

Gold Soars To Near Six Month High As Silver Overtakes Stocks In 2012

Tyler Durden's picture: A very noisy gappy day with much larger volume than in recent days (which all dried up in the afternoon session until the close - for the heaviest volume day in a month) in US equities. European comments lifted us early in a correlated-risk-on manner until Bernanke's speech which hit markets like a meteor - stops were run up and down - but by the close equities and the USD ended fractionally lower from pre-Ben (notably up on the day to save the month for the Dow), Gold considerably up from pre-Ben, Treasury yields down notably from pre-Ben. Near six-month highs in Gold and five-month highs in Silver were the real movers today - with their largest gains in two months. VIX ended marginally lower at 17.5% (-0.3vols); credit was very thin today and tracked stocks in general (though less volatile); USD ended the week -0.5% which matches Oil's +0.5% on the week as Copper underperformed. Silver has overtaken Stocks as the Year-to-date winner once again
Gold vs Stocks vs USD vs Treasury yields... (arrows from pre-Ben to close)...7Y closed under 1%

Japan plans to cut state spending, could run out of money in a month

Japan's government is planning to suspend some state spending as it could run out of cash by October, with a deficit financing bill blocked by opposition parties trying to force Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda into an early election. 

The Telegraph: The impasse in Japan's parliament has raised fears among investors that the world's third largest economy is being driven towards a "fiscal cliff", Reuters reported.
"The government running out of money is not a story made up. It's a real threat," Finance Minister Jun Azumi told a news conference, making a last-ditch appeal for cooperation by opposition parties to pass the bill.
"Failing to pass the bill will give markets the impression that Japan's fiscal management rests on shaky ground," he said.
Unless the bill clears the current parliamentary session that ends next week, the government will start suspending or reducing some state spending to avoid running out of money for as long as possible, the finance ministry said.
Noda's ruling Democratic Party passed the deficit-financing bill through the lower house on Tuesday. But the opposition boycotted the vote, signalling the bill has little chance of clearing the opposition-controlled upper house. 
Under the proposed contingency for suspending some spending, the finance ministry said government bond redemptions and interest payments on outstanding debt would not be affected as they will be made in full using reserves set aside for this purpose.
All state spending will be targeted, except for those that will severely effect public livelihood such as police, national security and disaster relief

Should the U.S. Return to the Gold Standard? Jim Rickards vs Matthew O’Brien From The Atlantic Debate On Bloomberg

Ron Paul Screwed at The RNC!

"America's Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama" - Nader and Fein at HLS

Ralph Nader '58 and Bruce Fein '72 visited Harvard Law School for a talk sponsored by the HLS Forum and the Harvard Law Record. At the event, "America's Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama," both men discussed what they called lawless, violent practices by the White House and its agencies that have become institutionalized by both political parties. Source

Clint Eastwood Talks To Invisible Obama "Make my day, STFU!"

"I think it may be time for somebody else to come along and solve the problem," said Eastwood, 82, who already endorsed Romney this month at a campaign fundraiser in Idaho. "When someone does not do the job, you have got to let them go."
Eastwood remarks were rambling at times and critical of President Obama and Vice President Biden, whom he described as "a kind of grin with a body behind it." - RNC Full Speech 2012. The Hollywood heavyweight Clint Eastwood made the unscheduled appearance on the GOP convention stage before a welcoming audience Thursday night ahead of Mitt Romney's acceptance speech for his party's presidential nomination. Source


Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul with PR A-Bomb "Ten fat men!" + Ron Paul Took Over Occupy Tampa Last Night!

Ron Paul's Senior 2012 Campaign Adviser Doug Wead gives WeAreChange an exclusive interview about the Ron Paul RNC delegate controversy, criticism of Jesse Benton, and the real reason Ron Paul didn't attack Mitt Romney during the campaign.

Central Damascus Resident Phone Conversation - Morris

Muslim Brotherhood cannot rule the people. This 2005 Brzezinski plan will backfire on the United States. And the plan is for all the Middle East not just Syria. Backing Fundamentalists and Extremists will not work. Source

Paul Krugman’s Mis-Characterization of the Gold Standard

By With a price hovering around $1,600 an ounce and the prospect of “additional monetary accommodation” hinted to in the latest meeting of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee, gold is once again becoming a hot topic of discussion.
George Soros made news recently when a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that he had liquidated his position with major financial firms and had loaded up on gold; approximately 884,000 shares worth.  Jim Cramer, the CNBC personality in constant search of growing business trends, recommends putting at least 20% of one’s assets in gold.  Following the Republican National Convention, the party platform now proposes the establishment of a commission to study “the feasibility of a metallic basis for U.S. currency.”
Like the gold commission before it, this new interest in gold has brought out the critics who regard the precious metal as nothing short of, to borrow the infamous term coined by John M. Keynes, a “barbarous relic.”  Wesleyan University economist Richard Grossman writes in the Los Angeles Times that the idea of a gold commission is a “waste of time and money” because the standard hasn’t “worked for 100 years.”  In The Atlantic, fiat currency enthusiast Matthew O’Brien calls the gold standard a “terrible idea” and presents a few charts demonstrating that linking the dollar to gold failed to keep prices stable.  Economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has praised O’Brien’s article on his blog and makes sure to point out that the price of gold has been highly volatile since 1968 by showing the following chart:


The Hope Button: how politicians continue to fool us

Everybody likes to have hope, myself included, so that’s what every politician promises come election time:  hope and change.
In fact, it’s not over-simplifying to say that the candidate that wins the election is the one that convinces the most people that he will bring hope and change.  He never actually does of course, but if he’s a good talker and convinces enough people, he wins.
There seems to be a quality in most of us, a soft spot in our consciousness like the one in a baby’s head, which, if pressed or stroked in the right way, reduces us to giggling children with mouths full of candy.  I call that spot “The Hope Button.”
Any candidate or public figure that finds and presses that button on enough people is on the road to wealth and power.  It’s quite amazing that even with the most intelligent and educated people, pressing their hope button turns them into something akin to docile drooling puppy dogs, panting happily.  No doubt every successful politician since the dawn of civilization understands that, but for some reason most regular citizens don’t.
Like other people my hope button has been pressed many times in my life, but apparently unlike other people, mine has become calloused due to misuse and abuse.  Because I now know who they are, politicians can’t press my hope button anymore.