5 Sep 2012

GATA's Bill Murphy on the JP Morgan Silver Shortage and the next Bullion Bank Run!

Gold futures slipped ahead of the ECB policy-setting meeting this week, or so the story goes. Do these macro trends drive gold prices as much as the headlines indicate? Our guest Bill Murphy, Chairman of GATA, doesn't think so and he has flown to our studio in Washington DC to make the case.

Last month after a report surfaced that US regulators planned to drop the silver market manipulation probe, CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton described the report as premature and inaccurate. We haven't heard much since, but our guest Bill Murphy has an update on the bank at the center of silver manipulation claims, JP Morgan.

Libya is Broke and Broken - MB Gaining Control - Green Soldier

By "They are cutting the cake... People have no hope!" All the wealth of Libya has been stolen, Important people say it has gone to Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood (paid for by Qatar) now controls Egypt and Tunisia and its influence is growing in Libya.There is more to this interview (recorded today) will put up more in the days ahead. And btw there is excellent justification for a blurred image - retribution is visited on people's families. Source

Jim Willie: 60,000 Metric Tons of ALLOCATED Gold Likely Used by Cartel to Settle Asian Margin Calls + No CB Solutions: Liquidity vs Insolvency

By The Doc: The Doc sat down with the Golden Jackass himself Monday for an exclusive and SHOCKING MUST LISTEN interview!
The Golden Jackass makes the SHOCKING claim that perhaps 60,000 tons of allocated, segregated gold have been improperly used by the cartel to settle Asian margin calls!
He states that we will see $5,000/oz gold not from quantitative easing or the public entering the bull market, but from the cartel banks replacing what they improperly used in their leveraged games from allocated gold accounts!

Willie also informed The Doc that it appears that Morgan Stanley was used by the cartel to prevent a collapse in treasury bonds in 2010, and believes that Morgan Stanley was set up at the time by cartel banks as the next major financial firm to fail.  He states that there are no buyers for treasury bonds, and that the only demand for treasuries are interest rate swaps creating false, artificial demand, and that these IR swaps were what caused the 10 year rally & ‘flight to safety’ in 2010.
Doc’s exclusive interview with Jim Willie is a full half-hour of The Golden Jackass in perhaps his most shocking and explosive interview ever! (Part 2)

TV stations may start using military drones like ‘any other type of news-gathering equipment'

By Madison Ruppert: The Camcopter, a drone developed for military use by Austria’s Schiebel Corporation, could very well be used by television stations and other journalists to gather news in the very near future.
Considering the rise of the use of military drones in concert with law enforcement, the undeniable increase in domestic drone operations and pending explosive growth of drone use in the United States, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to see drones being used in news gathering as well.
According to a recent article by TV News Check, drones could be used in the newsgathering process as early as 2015 thanks to the legislation accelerating the integration of drones into the U.S. national airspace passed earlier this year.
The Schiebel Corporation has partnered with Brain Farm and Snaproll Media, both U.S. companies, in order to turn the Camcopter into a platform capable of capturing high-definition, broadcast-quality footage.
Some clearly see a bright future for the use of drones in various commercial applications and especially in the field of journalism.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln journalism professor Matt Waite was given a $50,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to start up the Drone Journalism Lab last November.

Taboo Subject: 'Debt Cancellation' in Mesopotamia and Egypt from 3000 to 1000 BC

Hammurabi, king of Babylon, and debt cancellation
The Hammurabi Code is in the Louvre Museum, in Paris. The term “code” is inappropriate, because what Hammurabi left us is a set of rules and judgements on relations between public authorities and citizens. Hammurabi began his 42-year reign as “king” of Babylon (located in present-day Iraq), in 1792 BC. What most history books fail to mention is that, like other governors of the City-State of Mesopotamia, Hammurabi proclaimed the official cancellation of citizens’ debts owed to the government, high-ranking officials, and dignitaries. The so-called Hammurabi Code is thought to date back to 1762 BC. Its epilogue proclaims that the powerful may not oppress the weak; the law must protect widows and orphans (…) in order to bring justice to the oppressed. The many ancient documents deciphered from cuneiform script have enabled historians to establish beyond any doubt that four general cancellations took place during Hammurabi’s reign, in 1792, 1780, 1771, and 1762 BC.

Apartheid Fifth Column: Israeli PM Netanyahu adjourns security meeting over Iran leak + US Aircraft Carrier Stennis Is Now En Route To Join Enterprise And Eisenhower Off Iranian Coast

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has furiously adjourned a meeting of Israel’s security cabinet after details about disagreement between intelligence services over Iran were leaked to the media.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu ended the second part of a meeting that had begun on Tuesday to discuss security issues related to Iran, saying someone in the meeting has betrayed the national trust by leaking details of discussions.

“Something grave happened shortly after the conclusion of the meeting yesterday: leaks from the security cabinet meeting,” Netanyahu said in a statement issued by his office.
“This is basic tool for managing the country’s security. Someone yesterday harmed in a grave manner the confidence that the citizens put in this body. He broke the basic rules governing discussions in the security-cabinet. He also harmed the good name of all those who were in the meeting and did not leak the information,” he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot published a story titled “Disagreement about Iran among the intelligence agencies”.

According to the report, Israel’s different intelligence services - the Mossad, Shin Bet, and Army Intelligence - do not agree

Catherine Austin Fitts: Depopulate or Bankrupt the Rest of Us

Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari report says our leaders are ". . . doing a number of things that are going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us." Why are people so ill-informed? Fitts says it's because, "Corporate media is lying to you and wasting your time." She also says, "Were going through a period of great change, and the pace is going to accelerate." And, "Gold will be at the center of a new currency that will emerge." Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts. Source

Gold & Silver Shorts Trapped As Scramble For Metal Under Way - KWN with James Turk

Rap News 15: Big Brother is WWWatching You

Does the Iranian Government Have a Right to a Nuclear Bomb? - Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

By As Reuters reported last week, the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, has confirmed that while the Iranian government is still enriching uranium at an increasing rate, there is no evidence of a weapons program under development.  Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei still maintains that the nuclear program is entirely peaceful.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, senior Obama administration officials say the 2007 intelligence report which confirmed that Iran’s government put a stop to its efforts to create a nuclear bomb in 2003 is still accurate.  Just last February, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also confirmed that the government is not pursuing a weapons program.
The nonexistence of a nuclear weapons program hasn’t stopped the neoconservatives in Congress and the press or the Obama administration from denouncing Iran publicly in the name of American hegemony.  Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney remains willing and eager to use military force to halt the country’s nuclear development.  At aspeech before the Veterans of Foreign War convention in July, Romney called the prospect of Iran having a nuclear weapon the greatest “danger in the world today” and castigated President Obama for not doing more to stop the continuing enrichment.  The Obama administration hasn’t been sitting idly by however when it comes to Iran.  Under pressure from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, perhaps the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in Washington, Obama signed into law the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act in July which would give “a blank check drawn on the U.S. taxpayer” to Israel “to maintain its qualitative military edge” according to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi.  With Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu playing a game of nuclear blackmail with the White House in an effort to goad Obama into launching a preemptive attack on Iran, U.S. National Security Director Tom Dinilon reportedly presented an attack plan to the war-ready Netanyahu recently.

Swiss Criminal Investigation into Barclays’ GoldenKey fail Moving Forward

By Teri Buhl: That Barclays criminal complaint I told you about this winter is still alive in Geneva courts. I heard from people involved in the case that after news of Barclays role in the Libor scandal broke the Swiss judge reviewing evidence brought by high net worth investor Philippe Rebourg took the case a lot more serious. Rebourg lost millions from a Barclay billion dollar structured investment vehicle, called GoldenKey, who failed in spectacular fashion in 2007 through his investment with Avendis Capital. Avendis ran a hedge fund called AEIF fund, which used about 50 percent of their investors assets to buy positions in GoldenKey and then levered up their stake in the SIV. Avendis was also a collateral manager for BarCap, who according to Rebourg’s claim; happen to get some easy money from Barcap to buy their over leveraged position in GoldenKey.
It’s a sordid tangle of relationships involving the America offices of BarCap, with executives like Kelsey Burr and John Parker playing the central role of evil banksters. Burr magically left the bank last year around the time Rebourg showed Barclays a slew of internal emails detailing his alleged role in the fraud. Burr and Parker built products called SIV-lite that would raise capital, borrow money in the short-term commercial paper debt market, and then invest all of this money in higher interest rate bearing products like mortgage-backed securities. The criminal claim tries to show, among other things, Barclays created these SIV’s to off-load their toxic mortgage products at the beginning of the financial crisis and sell them to unsuspecting investors via hedge funds they were friendly with. It’s a tale that highlight how every firm from raters to auditors involved in these high finance products somehow played a role to cheat main street investors.

World tired of Israeli criminality: Iran

Iran’s Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Eshaq Al-e-Habib says the international community is fed up with the Israeli regime’s criminality.

Addressing the 193-member UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday, Al-e-Habib condemned the comments earlier made during the session by the Israeli envoy to the UN, Ron Prosor. 

“The Zionist regime (Israel)’s representative once again stated unfounded and futile allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Al-e-Habib said. 

“These allegations are stated while the international community is frustrated at the regime’s [activities] due to its inhumane, aggressive, and criminal track record and also its terrorist activities in the region and other parts of the world,” he said. 

The Iranian official referred to the Israeli regime as “the main reason behind insecurity and instability in the Middle East.”

The regime usurps every opportunity to deflect the international community’s attention from its own oppressive activities and the comments made by its envoy are meant to serve the same purpose, noted the Iranian official.