20 Sep 2012

QE to infinity and sheeple screaming at all the fraud - Max Keiser with Jim Rickards

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss flash crashes, reputation woes on the US exchanges and sheep screaming at all the fraud. Max also talks to one of the Queen’s sheep for its opinion on quantitative easing. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about QE to infinity, the dollar, the euro and a gold standard. Source

10 Quotes From Financial Experts About The Effect That QE3 Will Have On Gold And Silver

By Michael: Do you want to know what QE3 is going to do to the price of gold and the price of silver?  Well, you can read what the financial experts are saying below, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what is likely to happen.  During QE3, the Federal Reserve will be introducing 40 billion new dollars that have been created out of nothing into the financial system each month.  So there will be more dollars chasing roughly the same number of goods and services, and that means that more inflation is on the way.  In an inflationary environment, investors tend to flock to hard assets such as gold and silver.  And it is important to remember that a lot of the money from QE1 and QE2 ended up pumping up the prices of various financial assets.  This included commodities such as gold and silver.  The same thing is likely to happen again with QE3.  In addition, investors now have an expectation that the Fed will continue printing money for the foreseeable future and that the U.S. dollar is going to steadily decline, and that expectation will also likely give further momentum to the upward movement of gold and silver.  Of course when it comes to investing, there is never a "sure thing" and as the global financial system falls apart in the coming years we are likely to see wild swings in the financial markets.  So there is definitely an opportunity when it comes to gold and silver, but anyone that wants to invest in gold and silver needs to be ready for a wild ride.

Popularity Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Continues Surging

Tyler Durden's picture There is a reason why we called the graph of youth unemployment in Europe 'the scariest chart' as quite simply, it is the leading indicator for what most call 'social unrest' - but some would call 'uprising'. In somewhat stunning news today, not only do a majority (54%) of Greeks no longer trust any political party, but the popularity of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen dramatically since May. According to Ekathimerini, the popularity of Golden Dawn's leader Nikos Mihalolioakos has risen ten points since May to an incredible 22%. More than 1 in 5 Greeks now support the neo-nazi party as the general disillusionment with mainstream political parties - who are seen as lying to get votes - grows stronger. 85% believe that the new measures planned by the government to take affect them personally or another member of their family and 68% are against the terms of the EU's bailout. Source
Via Skai.gr:
The stunning performance (absolute and relative) of the Golden Dawn party relative to the rest of Greece's political parties is truly concerning...no on par with PASOK!!

'Worrisome' levels of arsenic found in rice + Information For Chemtrail Skeptics

By Jennifer Waters: Rice, a grain found in a number of food products including infant cereals, carries "worrisome" levels of inorganic arsenic, according to a Consumer Reports investigation released this week. The watchdog group is urging consumers to limit consumption and has asked the FDA to set limits for arsenic in rice products and fruit juices. "Arsenic not only is a potent human carcinogen but also can set up children for other health problems in later life," according to the Consumer Reports study. The USA Rice Federation, the $34 billion industry's trade group, insists there is no documented evidence of adverse effects from rice consumption. "The health benefits of rice must be properly weighed against the risks of arsenic exposure, which we believe are minimal," said the group's spokeswoman Anne Banville. Source

photoDan Bidondi: I am not here to debate, just pass real information concerning chemical spraying from jets known as Chemtrails.
Yes, the government constantly denies such a thing and calls people like myself conspiracy nut jobs. But when confronted and caught red handed, they go and say that they are to protect us from (the fraud) Global Warming or the Military will go and say they spray to block out enemy radar and satellites when deploying troops or launching an operation.
I would like anyone, believer or non-believer, to download this PDF file called HR 2977 The Space & Preservation Act of 2001. In this document the United States Government openly admits the existence of Chemtrails and weather control weapons; also, to boot, Mass Mind Control Weapons and Techtronic Laser Weapons. Please download this Bill and print out for your records.
This next document is an article from USA Today from Feb 25th, 2011 titled Can Geoengineering put the freeze on global warming? The article admits that Chemtrails and Geoengineering exist, but it’s done to protect us from Global Warming.

Monetary Schizophrenia in Germany

A pact with the devil—that’s now the official metaphor for the “unlimited” bond purchases that the European Central Bank has promised in order to bail out the holders of decomposing Eurozone debt. Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann himself referred on Tuesday to Goethe’s Faust, a play based on the ancient tale of a scholar who sells his soul in exchange for knowledge and pleasure. Part Two of that play—and it ends tragically—sketched “the core problem of today’s paper money-based monetary policy,” Weidmann said, and the “potentially dangerous correlation of paper money creation, state financing, and inflation.”

But it’s too late. Germany has cracked in two—and part of it has eagerly embraced that pact with the devil. The ZEW Indicator, which measures investor sentiment, jumped by 7.3 points, the first increase after four months of sharp declines. And the ECB’s promise? It “contributed to the improvement,” said the press release. Even German investors love all that money sloshing through the system—look at the stock market!

The Trouble with Printing Money - Chris Martenson

QE3 reflects a colossal failure to address our predicament 
For a while now, I have been expecting a coordinated, global central bank action that would seek to print more money out of thin air, or "QE" (quantitative easing), as it is now called.  Now we have two of the most important central banks, that of the U.S. (the Federal Reserve) and in Europe (the ECB) having committed to open-ended, limitless QE.
In Part I of this report, we analyze the actions themselves, and then in Part II we discuss the implications to individuals and those with responsibilities to manage money.
The most recent announcement came from the Fed, and it had these features:

The Federal Reserve, a Privately Owned Banking Cartel, Has Been Given Police Powers, with Glock 22s and Patrol Cars

Shocking signs of business control of government (AKA Fascism)
By mid morning on Monday, September 17, as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched around the perimeter of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, all signs that an FRPD (Federal Reserve Police Department) existed had disappeared.  The FRPD patrol cars and law enforcement officers had been replaced by NYPD patrol cars and officers.   That decision may have been made to keep from drawing attention to a mushrooming new domestic police force that most Americans do not know exists.
Quietly, without fanfare or Congressional hearings, the USA Patriot Act in 2001 bestowed on the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve Banks, domestic policing powers.
Section 364 of the Act, “Uniform Protection Authority for Federal Reserve,” reads: “Law enforcement officers designated or authorized by the Board or a reserve bank under paragraph (1) or (2) are authorized while on duty to carry firearms and make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence…Such officers shall have access to law enforcement information that may be necessary for the protection of the property or personnel of the Board or a reserve bank.”

Police State USA: Mysterious package delivered to family, 10 minutes later police break down door and ransack home

By Madison Ruppert: A family in Beach Park, Illinois underwent a strange series of events after a mysterious package, allegedly containing marijuana, was delivered to their home.
A mere 10 minutes after the package, which was not actually addressed to anyone in the family, was delivered, police broke down the front door and confronted the family with guns drawn.
Unfortunately, police raiding the wrong home is far from rare although I guess we can be grateful that no one was killed in the botched drug raid which actually never turned up anything illicit.
The Lake County News-Sun reported that Paul Brown, a 58-year-old architect, was in the basement of his home when a “huge noise” drew him upstairs where he was swiftly met with a gun in his face.
According to Brown, he was handcuffed and placed on a chair with a gun still pointed at his face. “They wouldn’t tell us why they were there,” he said, referring to the police.

What Mitt Romney Also Said: A Glimpse Of The Endgame?

Tyler Durden's picture By now everyone has heard the infamous Mitt Romney speech discussing the "47%" if primarily in the context of how this impacts his political chances, and how it is possible that a president "of the people" can really be a president "of the 53%." Alas, there has been very little discussion of the actual underlying facts behind this statement, which ironically underestimates the sad reality of America's transition to a welfare state. Recall Art Cashin's math from a month ago that when one adds the 107 million Americans already receiving some form of means-tested government welfare, to the 46 million seniors collecting Medicare and 22 million government employees at the federal, state and local level, and "suddenly, over 165 million people, a clear majority of the 308 million Americans counted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, are at least partially dependents of the state."
Yes, Romney demonstrated potentially terminal lack of tact and contextual comprehension with his statement, and most certainly did alienate a substantial chunk of voters (most of whom would not have voted for him in the first place) but the math is there. The same math that inevitably fails when one attempts to reconcile how the $100+ trillion in underfunded US welfare liabilities will someday be funded. Yet the above is for political pundits to debate, if not resolve. Because there is no resolution. What we did want to bring attention to, is something else that Mitt Romney said, which has received no prominence in the mainstream media from either side. The import of the Romney statement is critical as it reveals just what the endgame may well looks like.

Political Compass - left to right or anarchy to authoritarian and what about freedom aka liberty + Lessons from Greek financial crisis

By : A comparison of Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans.
I use a political compass to show the differences.

Success Council takes a look at what lessons America and the rest of the world can learn from Greece. By doing so you will learn why Success Council was created.

EADS and BAE Systems discuss merger to create world’s largest defense and security group

By Madison Ruppert: Two large defense contractors, BAE Systems plc and European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. (EADS), are currently negotiating a potential merger which would create by far the world’s largest aerospace and defense company, dwarfing even the behemoth American war profiteers like Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Boeing.
According to Defense Update, BAE Systems and EADS would actually operate under “a dual listed company structure” under which they would both be operating as one group while still being listed separately on exchanges.
The companies stated that certain defense activities could be ringfenced (financially separated) in accordance with agreements with governments, the United States of America in particular, due to their strategic and national security importance and due to “the importance of that market [the USA] to the enlarged group.”
Musical interlude:
Indeed, BAE works quite closely with the U.S. government, evidenced by their work on electromagnetic weaponry with the Office of Naval Research and former BAE Systems employees working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Study linking genetically modified corn to cancer leads French government to call for investigation + Alex Jones with Mike Adams

By Madison Ruppert: To those who are familiar with genetically modified (GM) crops, also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or genetically engineered (GE) crops, it probably isn’t all that surprising to learn that a study linked GM corn to cancer.
This is especially true when one looks at the many dangers associated with the various GM crops as established by rigorous scientific research.
Members of the French government stated on September 19, 2012 that they asked the National Agency for Health Safety (ANSES) to investigate the findings of the study which linked cancer in rats to genetically modified corn.
The most exciting aspect of this is that, according to a joint statement issued by Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, Ecology Minister Delphine Batho and Health and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine, it could very well lead to a suspension of the use of GM corn in the European Union.
Additional: Alex Jones with Mike Adams
Meanwhile, in the United States, an amendment blocked the ability for states to demand the labeling of GMOs and Monsanto actually threatened to sue the entire state of Vermont for pursuing GMO labeling initiatives.
“Depending on ANSES’ opinion, the government will urge the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health,” Le Foll, Batho and Touraine said in a joint statement according to AFP.
“[The measures] could go as far as invoking emergency suspension of imports of NK603 corn to Europe pending a re-examination of this product on the basis of enhanced assessment method,” they added.