26 Sep 2012

Molotov Cocktails: 'Greece remedy tortures people more than disease'

The square by the Greek Parliament grew into a scene of chaos today - with protesters and police exchanging molotov cocktails and tear gas grenades. Up to a million people are taking part in protests, with around fifty thousand in the streets around Parliament alone. The action is against a third round of austerity being debated by the government. If passed, it would mean deep slashes to pensions, and a raise in the retirement age to 67. Attorney and Professor of constitutional law, George Katrougalos, says austerity has shown itself to be a path to disaster. Source

Jim Willie: Death Knells for the USDollar

By Jim Willie: The recent decision by the US Federal Reserve to contaminate the financial body until it responds favorably was the last straw in my book. Witness a declaration of permanent QE and hyper monetary inflation of the most virulent strain, unsterilized. The USFed is essentially admitting failure
The signal serves as the loudest death knell for the USDollar among many in a sequence.  The QE bond monetization of USGovt debt has turned viral and entrenched. It is sold as stimulus, when in fact it acts like a giant wet blanket on the USEconomy. It is intended as stimulus to businesses, but the effect is felt on the financial speculation and on Asian direct business investment. In the past the emergency lever device had been successful only because it was used on a temporary basis. But now the USFed high priest assures it is a permanent fixture, a sign of their failure.
The money is not finding its way into the USEconomy for further circulation. The plague is insolvency, soaked by endless applications of tainted money from central bank fire hoses.

Ahmadinejad addresses UN General Assembly

Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad making his last speech at the UN General Assembly as he finishes the second and last term as president. Source

Max Keiser and The artist taxi driver + Follow up

Damascus in Martial Law Lock Down Curfew - Telephone Report

Damascus has had bomb explosions yesterday and today - The PressTV correspondent Maya Naser was killed while reporting from a Sniper this Morning. Other Journalists injured today.
No one is allowed to leave their house in Damascus - No One At All! No one in the public really knows the details of the explosions, yet. Source

RUSSIAN NK630 BAN: French researchers used cancer-prone rats…

….but Russia suspects Monsanto’s monopolist motives

Just as with the global warming debate, neither side on GM is entirely good, bad or indifferent
The Slog: Even if we lack solid research to suggest serious health dangers in the growing use of GM crops, the long-term monopolistic and controlling aims of Monsanto remain a very real and present danger. Sources suggest this may be uppermost in the mind of Russian officials who yesterday halted the use of the Monsanto NK630 wheat strain in their country. If we have good reason to question the anti-NK630 research conducted by Gilles-Eric Seralini, we have even more obvious reasons to suspect the long-term motives of Monsanto.
Further to The Slog’s earlier post about Russia putting a stop on further use of the genetically modified ‘Roundup Ready’ wheat  strain NK630, more skullduggery is coming to light by the hour. It seems that in 2012, there are liars, damned liars, and advocates.
1. Monsanto seems to be implicated in spreading disinformation about the sample size of the French labrat research. Although there were doubts suggesting that ‘the control sample’ of non-NK630 fed rats was only ten strong, in fact (a) the study looked at 200 rats, and (b) the duration of the study – two years – was far longer than any previous research.

The Eurozone Con Game Just Keeps Cracking

By Wolf Richter: “European leaders have not been able to meet their responsibilities,” French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said about Germany and some other countries that are reluctant to pile more taxpayer money on Greece, whose economy is grinding to a halt, and whose government, deprived of the flow of bailout funds and cut off from the financial markets, can no longer fulfill its promises.
And Greeks are leery of new “structural reforms” currently fought over by the coalition government. They oppose more cuts in salaries, pensions, and health care. On Wednesday, they will attempt to bring the economy to a halt with a general strike and demonstrations in Athens and Thessaloniki. Meanwhile, Germany and other countries are wondering how Greece can possibly “reform” if the government can’t agree on the reforms to inflict on its people, and if the people aren’t willing to suffer them. But Ayrault declared that not giving Greece more money and time would create “a completely unmanageable situation."
To his French compatriots, Ayrault defended the Fiscal Union treaty, which, after having been silenced to death, has come under blistering attack from the far right and the far left ahead of the parliamentary debate. They’re clamoring for a referendum, something the government wants to avoid at all costs—the people might well kill it, as they’d killed the European Constitution in the referendum of 2005 [read.... A French Rebellion Against Unelected Bureaucrats: “European Coup D’Etat And Rape Of Democracy”].
“This treaty doesn’t damage the budgetary sovereignty of parliament,” he said. “There is no transfer of sovereignty.” THE issue with that treaty. Even the German Constitutional Court acknowledged that it transferred sovereignty to the European Union.

Subway Hate Poster - WilliamBanzai7

Several Exponential Charts - ZeroHedge

Tyler Durden's picture We'll let the charts do the talking this time.
Consolidated "developed world" relative devaluation...

Fascist Israel Lobbyist - We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

By : Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY suggests that the US should provoke Iran into taking the first shot. Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran. Just like 911 in New York causing the deaths of American civilians and soldiers, a million dead Iraqis and for what? Source

Quantitative Easing Did Not Work For The Weimar Republic Either

The Economic Collapse: Did printing vast quantities of money work for the Weimar Republic?  Nope.  And it won't work for us either.  If printing money was the secret to economic success, we could just print up a trillion dollars for every American and be done with it.  The truth is that making everyone in America a trillionaire would not mean that we would all suddenly be wealthy.  There would be the same amount of "real wealth" in our economy as before.  But what it would do is render our currency meaningless and totally destroy faith in our financial system.  Sadly, we have not learned the lessons that history has tried to teach us.  Back in April 1919, it took 12 German marks to get 1 U.S. dollar.  By December 1923, it took approximately 4 trillion German marks to get 1 U.S. dollar.  So was the Weimar Republic better off after all of the "quantitative easing" that they did or worse off?  Of course they were worse off.  They destroyed their currency and wrecked all confidence in their financial system.  There was an old joke that if you left a wheelbarrow full of money sitting around in the Weimar Republic that thieves would take the wheelbarrow and they would leave the money behind.  Will things eventually get that bad in the United States someday?
Of course we are not going to see hyperinflation in the U.S. this week or this month.
But don't think that it will never happen.
The people of Germany never thought that it would happen to them, but it did.
The following is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article about the Weimar Republic.  Take note of the similarities between what the Weimar Republic experienced and what we are going through today....

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