28 Oct 2012

The $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit and the Mysterious Murder of Two NY Toddlers

Susanne Posel: Last week, a horrific scene was discovered in a Manhattan apartment as the mother of two toddlers found her children dead in a bathtub and the nanny who was supposed to be caring for them began stabbing herself.
Marina Krim, wife of Kevin Krim senior vice president and general manager of digital media at CNBC, had entrusted the care of her two small children to Yoselyn Ortega, a newly naturalized US citizen from the Dominican Republic. Ortega had worked for the Krim family for just 2 years before this violent incident.
Although the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has not been able to interview Ortega because she apparently slashed her own throat and slit her wrists, she remains the main suspect in the slaying of the Krim’s 2 year old son and 6 year old daughter.
Just prior to the murders, Ortega had begun seeing a psychologist. After investigations into Ortega’s background, there were no criminal records and no history of psychiatric issues. Yet those closest to Ortega told the NYPD that she had suddenly lost a considerable amount of weight and was showing visible signs of stress.

NWO agents in Greece 'the police' arrest journalist over 'Lagarde list' leak

By Police in Greece have arrested a journalist who published a list of the country's political and business elite holding Swiss bank accounts. See also ‘Lagarde List’ journalist being arrested right now in Greece

The whistleblower accuses the Greek government of failing to go after tax evaders, while at the same time preparing to push through more belt-tightening measures for the struggling population.

Professor of Economics Yanis Varoufakis says politicians are reluctant to investigate because of their own involvement.

The Burden of Government Debt 'some pigs are definitely more equal than others' - azizonomics

Aziz:  There has been an awful lot of discussion in recent months about whether government debt is a burden for future generations
The discussion has gone something like this: those who believe government debt is a burden claim that it is a burden because future generations have to repay taxes for present spending, those who believe that it is not claim that every debt is also credit, and so because the next generation will inherit not only the debt but also the credit, that government debt is not in itself a burden to future generations, unless it is largely owed to foreign creditors.
It is relatively easy to calculate what the monetary burden of government debt is. Credit inheritance and debt inheritance are not distributed uniformly. The credit inheritance is assumed strictly by bondholders, and the debt inheritance is assumed strictly by taxpayers. Each individual has a different burden, equalling their tax outlays, minus their income from government spending (the net tax position).
For an entire nation, everyone’s individual position is summed together. In a closed economy where the only lenders are domestic, the intergenerational monetary burden is zero. But that is by no means the entire story.
First, debts to foreign lenders are a real monetary burden, because the interest payments constitute a real transfer of money out of the nation. Second, while there may be little or no debt burden for the nation as a whole, interest constitutes a transfer of wealth between citizens of the nation, specifically as a transfer payment from future taxpayers to creditors. This adds up, at current levels, to nearly half a trillion of transfer payments per year from taxpayers to creditors. So while the intergenerational burden may technically add up to zero for the nation, it will not for individuals. The real burden is huge transfers from those who pay the tax to those who receive the spending, and those who receive the interest. So who loses out?


By : Yesterday I began a short multi-series blog that I am entitling Gold, Germany, and Geopolitics, because, as I indicated yesterday, so many of you are following this story, and, like me, are probably thinking “this is huge”.
Well, first, why is it huge?
The answer is geopolitically very simple: it’s huge because you can’t have a nice, tidy, global New World Order being run out of London and New York without having a nice, orderly, tidy, European Union, and you can’t have a nice, tidy,Gesetz und OrdnungEuropean Union without Germany (after all, what economy is left in Europe to bail out all the rest? Great Britain doesn’t particularly like what it sees in the EU [and can you blame the Britons?] so that leaves the Germans, but they don’t particularly like what the see either…).
Now I’ve been maintaining all along that the Euro-crisis – by which I mean both the crypto-Fascist political  monster in Brussels, and the currency by that name – is really in part designed to lock Germany into Europe by entangling it with everyone else’s debt… a kind of nifty plan, except for one little thing: human beings, Germans no less than anyone else, do not like being told they’re going to have to pay for some other human beings’ profligacy, particularly when the first group (the Germans) does more trade with people in mystical far away places like China and Russia than it does with anyone in Europe.
So as I averred yesterday, if the German calls for an audit and repatriation of their gold signaled a breakdown in this lovely new world order, and the significant defection of one of its significant capos, then, if Germany’s action is to have any consequence, it has to have teeth, it has to have the quiet, if not tacit, support of China and Russia. Yesterday I suggested that that support may come not in the form of overt dramatic gestures, but in the tiniest, slightest, quietest sort of way.

Iran breaks US dominance over region: Larijani "The time of this empire and the US dictatorship has ended"

Iran’s Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani says the Islamic Republic succeeded in breaking the United States dominance over the region and countering its unilateralism.
Americans who failed to achieve their political and military dominance in the international community, now seek to play the role of economic police in the world,” Larijani said in Iran’s northwestern province of Ardebil on Sunday.
The Islamic Republic of Iran should adopt a specific strategy and policy at the current juncture, he added, emphasizing that the US efforts to play the role of the economic police would fail.
The top Iranian parliamentarian said the era of fake empires in the world has reached to an end, adding, All confess that the time of this empire and the US dictatorship has ended.”

Larijani pointed to the US occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and emphasized that Iran’s correct strategy thwarted Washington’s plots in the region. Source

Aleppo Now Flooded with Turkish Products - Mr Aleppo + Bani Walid Dr Who stated Gas Attack Symptoms reported Killed + No Fighting In Bani Walid - Just Destruction

By Cultural and industrial sites destroyed - Ceasefire not holding - Kurds fighting FSA - No militias supporting the government but neighbourhoods are allowed small arms and to amke checkpoints Airforce now bombing supply route - FSA controlling villages outside Aleppo - Morris Afterthought: This reminds me of Libya - Turkey provided weapons to the rebels and it just recently held a trade fair in Tripoli for Turkish goods.

Bundesbank's Official Statment On Where It's Gold Is (And Isn't)

Tyler Durden's picture Three days ago, as a result of recent discoveries relating to Germany's official sovereign gold inventory, we asked a rhetorical question: "Why Did The Bundesbank Secretly Withdraw Two-Thirds Of Its London Gold?" There we presented the chonology of official disclosure regarding the whereabouts of German gold over the past decade, with an emphasis on its reclamation from London-based official vaults to the safety of the motherland, and left off with another open-ended statement that: "what is left unsaid in all of the above is that Germany has done nothing wrong! It simply demanded a reclamation of what is rightfully Germany's to demand." Nonetheless, the fact that Germany did this has opened a Pandora's box of unanswered questions, and even demands that Germany promptly demand delivery all of its gold - the second largest such hoard in the world only after the US - held abroad. Below is the official response by the Bundesbank.
Here is the gist:
We do not have the slightest doubt that our holdings in New York and Paris are also made up of the purest fine gold. We have at our disposal fully documented lists of the bars, and our partner central banks send us every year confirmation not only of the bars’ existence but also of their quality.

We had nothing but the best of experiences with our partners in New York, London and Paris. There was never any doubt about the security of Germany’s gold. In future, we wish to continue to keep gold at international gold trading centres so that, when push comes to shove, we can have it available as a reserve asset as soon as possible. Gold stored in your home safe is not immediately available as collateral in case you need foreign currency.

On Europe And The Future Of International Relations

By Rodrigo Serrano: Since the 2008 financial crisis the foundations of the global economy have been in repair, translating into a prolonged period of economic frailty. Against this backdrop, social and political tensions have increased between citizens and government, international institutions and governments, and individual nation states. This murky political environment is fertile ground for international relations theory to: produce a better understanding of the forces affecting these developments, as well as offer potential solutions to these increasingly apparent conflicts.
The European debt crisis remains the largest challenge facing the global economy. A negative resolution emanating from the world’s largest economic bloc would cause harmful ripple effects worldwide in global trade flows. More importantly, it could also mark a paradigm shift in international relations, dealing a critical blow to what has been a relentless trend towards liberalism since the end of World War II, while providing fecund ground for a resurgence in realist ideology. Interestingly though, constructivism may be at the forefront in explaining the current dilemma between the European core and its periphery. It is therefore important for officials and institutions in leadership positions to analyze the situation through a constructivist lens.

‘Lagarde List’ journalist being abducted or 'arrested' right now in Greece

By Stacy Herbert: The tweet says: They’re coming in the house with a prosecutor now. They are arresting me. Spread
Google translation from zougla.gr: The publisher of the magazine does not publish the amounts for each depositor in the bank HSBC in Switzerland as not published its code. And this is surprising. We also intriguing is the fact that the editor of HOT DOC Costas Vaxevanis argues that the list given to him by letter reader "stikaki." Until now, we knew that the only "stikaki" that existed was that of Mr. Venizelos whom he served in Maximus. Papaconstantinou admitted that he received no "stikaki" but was given a cd with the list of names. It is known that the existence of the list Lagarde revealed when the French intelligence informed the Greek National Intelligence and former Commander of Mr. K. Bika that in the hands of the French Ministry of Finance were catalogs in digital form with Greek depositors in Switzerland.

NWO Briefing: Benghazi, False Flags & the Depopulation Agenda

False flag "explosive vaginas"!??? 
Guess where they want to search next...
By Writer & researcher Susanne Posel of Occupycorporatism.com joins me for an in-depth discussion about the latest FBI Patsy 'Terrorist' Sting, Hillary Clinton's involvement in the Benghazi murders, the false flag Banking 'Cyber Attacks' designed to be blamed on Iran, and the Depopulation Agenda of Big Pharma and the Rockefeller Foundation. Buckle up. Source

OBOZO: The progressive case against Obama + Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies

Bottom line: The president is complicit in creating an increasingly unequal -- and unjust -- society

A few days ago, I participated in a debate with the legendary antiwar dissident Daniel Ellsberg on Huffington Post live on the merits of the Obama administration, and what progressives should do on Election Day. Ellsberg had written a blog post arguing that, though Obama deserves tremendous criticism, voters in swing states ought to vote for him, lest they operate as dupes for a far more malevolent Republican Party. This attitude is relatively pervasive among Democrats, and it deserves a genuine response. As the election is fast approaching, this piece is an attempt at laying out the progressive case for why one should not vote for Barack Obama for reelection, even if you are in a swing state.There are many good arguments against Obama, even if the Republicans cannot seem to muster any. The civil liberties/antiwar case was made eloquently a few weeks ago by libertarian Conor Friedersdorf, who wrote a well-cited blog post on why he could not, in good conscience, vote for Obama. While his arguments have tremendous merit, there is an equally powerful case against Obama on the grounds of economic and social equity. That case needs to be made.

Financial Earthquakes Legitimizing Financial Rape - Max Keiser with Lee Sheppard

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss High Frequency Trading being declared 'beneficial' by a scientist working for the UK government while on the other side of the pond, a US regulator blames it for wild volatility and compares it to "Texas Hold 'Em-Time to Fold 'Em." They also In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to tax expert, Lee Sheppard, about High Frequency Trading, a Financial Transaction Tax and siphoning gasoline from a neighbor's gas tank and claiming to be a market maker Source