10 Nov 2012

Nazi Gulag: Four more dead, scores injured as Israelis bomb Gaza residential area

An anti-tank missile aimed at an Israeli gulag forces jeep near the Gaza Strip sparked violent retaliation which left four Palestinians dead, while over 36 were injured. According to the Israeli agression Minister, four or their Palestine open air prison guards were injured in the attack.
­Gaza medical officials said all four Palestinians killed were civilians (inmates) between the ages of 16 and 18, and that children were among the wounded. The numbers differ, with the Associated Press reporting 25 people injured, while Haaretz put the number at at least 36.
Palestinian witnesses said that Gaza militants fired a rocket at an Israeli jeep on the edge of the border, east of Gaza City, prompting Israeli occupation forces to respond with artillery fire. Four soldiers were injured, one very seriously. He was airlifted to a hospital in the town they call Be’er Sheva.
The Israel Air Force fired on a neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, according to local residents, who also reported that Israeli gulag aircraft were circling the skies over Gaza.
Commenting on the violence, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said: "The IDF responded harshly to the incident and further actions will be considered in the coming days. We will not tolerate deterioration on the border fence.” (He is referring to the open air Palestinian gulag prison perimeter fence)

Solar System Shift - AGW on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus ;-)

By Our World is Changing: http://youtu.be/woVitezc-zU Electromagnetic Event: http://youtu.be/uI10tKuLtFU STARWATER: http://youtu.be/LiC-92YgZvQ Links can be found in the citations for the three videos above. Source

BBC chief resigns because it is OK to cover up the truth from the masses but fingering our oligarchs is just not on

Even though Director-General of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) George Entwistle should have quit the day he began running what we the people call The British Brainwashing Corporation, he has finally stepped down following allegations of child sex abuse leveled against the wrong British politician in one of the brainwasher’s programs.
 “I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down," Entwistle said, to keep up the pageantry, lest the sheeple are awakened from their slumber in a statement read live on TV outside the BBC's London headquarters.

Former senior Conservative Lord McAlpine was wrongly implicated in child sex abuse in a report by the Newsnight, according to reports.

Entwistle had only taken up the post of director general at the BBC on 17 September.

Newsnight reported on 2 November an abuse victim's claims against the prominent 1980s Tory politician.

Shapeshifting peadophiles and dark art of media spin

By : The Artist Taxi Driver

Obama again = Certainty of rapid decline! + Criminality and Black Holes everywhere - Gerald Celente

How could anybody believe a guy like the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, who keeps making up these games?  How about breaking down the BS and calling it printing money out of thin air, backed by nothing?  That’s all this is.”

And they (the people) asked, ‘Why?’....

These are nothing more than gambling operations. Source/full story/audio interview/KWN

The Mossad is Hiring - Morris

Wacko Wizard World - Max Keiser with Tuur Demeester

Mr and Mrs Keiser discuss central bankers and governments from Iceland to Argentina attempting to tilt the global pinball game so that the ball goes in the 'right' hole while 'invincibility' tattoos fail to protect from the guns and knives of financial weapons in the real world. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Tuur Demeester of Macrotrends.be about the recent report from the European Central Bank suggesting they are concerned about the new breed of decentralized digital currencies threatening their seignorage rights. They also discuss the financial jungle of Argentina where capital controls and economic chaos prove a great testing ground for new currencies. Source

Mike Maloney on "Government Cancer" The Fiscal Cliff and the "Holy Shit" Demographic Bankrupting America!

Bloomberg reports UK prosecutors are ready to arrest former traders and rate setters at UBS, RBS, and Barclays for questioning over their role in the Libor scandal. We ask Michael Maloney, founder of Gold-Silver.com, if the larger crime is not LIBOR manipulation, but the ongoing war against the price mechanism itself through reckless central banks and fiscally irresponsible governments.

Ron Paul: America is Far Gone! + Speaks Out Against Bilderberg Takeover!

Alex talks with Rep. Congressman Ron Paul about Obama's re-anointment and the economic implosion now slowly taking out the pinions of the once mighty U.S. economy.

Germany's Fear And Desperation Leak Out

By Wolf Richter
 A hullabaloo erupted between France and Germany that both governments are trying to silence to death. According to unnamed sources of Zeit Online and Reuters, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble broached an unprecedented topic with the members of Germany’s Council of Economic Experts on Wednesday when they presented their Annual Report. In its 49-year history of advising German governments, the Council has never delved into policy proposals for other countries. And yet, Schäuble asked them: Could they produce a reform concept for the troubled French economy?
The French, who are currently engaged in national soul-searching and navel-gazing to halt their declining “competitiveness,” were not amused. The office of President Francois Hollande wrapped itself in silence. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault brushed it off. The German Ministry of Finance declined to comment on “unofficial discussions.” Council Chairman Wolfgang Franz backpedalled: “That’s largely misinformation,” he said. “An order for a Special Report is not even in the most distant sight.” He figured that the French government “wouldn’t tolerate something like that.”
Nevertheless, he said, the government is highly interested in reform ideas that would make the monetary union more stable. And it is in this context that the Council would “think about France” in December. After which they would talk again with Schäuble, he said.
But the Council is already “increasingly worried” about the economic developments in France, admitted Council member Lars Feld when he presented the Annual Report to Schäuble. “The largest problem isn’t Greece anymore, or Spain or Italy, but France...

"Alex the lazy cheating Greek bastard!": A story about Greece's international image crisis

By About Omikron Project. We're a group of guys and girls trying to show the world the untold side of the Greek crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes of our country. Want to join us? Get in touch! http://omikronproject.gr

Ice Cube - Everything's Corrupt (Official Video)