11 Nov 2012

Apartheid: Majority of Israelis back discrimination against Arabs - Poll

A new poll has revealed shocking widespread discriminatory views held by Israeli Jews toward the country's Arab citizens and majority support for apartheid policies toward occupied Palestinians. The leading left-leaning Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz originally reported on the results of the survey, carried out by Israel's Dialog polling group, under the headline "Most Israelis Support an Apartheid Regime In Israel."

Happy Veterans Day

As we stop to remember the sacrifice of so many, we thought perhaps some reflection from over 50 years ago would provide a little context for that 'shared' sacrifice...
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The McAlpine ‘shame on BBC’ smears: Something for Sir Alfred to explain… The Slog

Alfred ‘Jimmie’ McAlpine….teenage chauffeurs

Hounding Steven Messham, smears in the Mail, threats against MPs, & police complicity

In what I admit is something of a risk, The Slog today tries to blow away some of the dry-ice being liberally sprayed about by the Establishment in relation to its long-standing record of depravity by the few, and complicit blind-eyes being cast by the many. If there is a genuine desire to root out the tiny but powerful minority of paedophiles in our élite, political, social care and teaching professions, then I would respectfully ask that the Carter-Ruck’s of this world stay their hands….and assimilate instead this one simple point: are they suggesting that five separate documented cover-ups in 27 years, and 0ver 2000 witness statements, are all the work of malign and/or deluded conspirators?
The United Kingdom stands at a crossroads today. A much overused map reference perhaps, but a genuine one in this case. Thanks to some bungling in the BBC, a cynical campaign being carried out by the Murdoch Press against that organisation, and knee-jerk idle distraction concerning the fate of George Entwistle and background of Steven Messham, we are rapidly being pulled behind a bush somewhere quiet – and molested. Lascivious glee at the fate of Newsnight – a format whose anchor Jeremy Paxman is one of the few people, along with Ian Hislop, prepared to go for the hypocrite’s jugular – is woefully misplaced at best, and malign at worst.
I would ask everyone covering and reading this story to consider these opening questions:
1. We still do not know for certain who injuncted the BBC ten days ago, but there remains a very strong and widely-held suspicion that he is a political big beast in David Cameron’s Cabinet. David Cameron asks us to go to the police, who have  – in 4 out of the 5 coverups mentioned – either actively or passively conspired to derail enquiries….just as they did during the Hackgate enquiries. When is somebody going to tackle the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary about this?

Is the bond market is in a bubble? Should we care? Max Keiser with Michael Panzner

Max interviews Michael Panzner from panznerinsights.com. He talks about whether the bond market is in a bubble? If so what are the implications? Michael J. Panzner is a 30-year veteran of the global stock, bond, and currency markets who has worked in New York and London for such leading companies as HSBC, Soros Funds, ABN Amro, Dresdner Bank, and J.P. Morgan Chase. Source

Ron Paul: A New Beginning

America is over $16 trillion in debt. The “official” unemployment rate still hovers around 8%. Our federal government claims the right to spy on American citizens, indefinitely detain them, and even assassinate them without trial.
Domestic drones fly over the country for civilian surveillance.
Twelve million fewer Americans voted in 2012 than in 2008, yet political pundits scratch their heads.
It’s not hard to see why, though.
To go along with endorsing a never-ending policy of bailouts, “stimulus packages,” and foreign military adventurism, the establishment of neither major party questions the assaults on Americans’ liberties I’ve named above.
As my campaign showed, the American people are fed up. Many realized heading into Tuesday that regardless of who won the presidential election, the status quo would be the real victor.

FLUSH MY SHIT AWAY - Live Stand Up - Deek Jackson

‘He just started shooting me’ witnesses reveal details of Kandahar massacre + US-led airstrike injures three more children in northeast Afghanistan

This photograph of a courtroom sketch by artist Lois Silver shows U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, (C) and his defense attorneys Emma Scanlan (2nd L) and Maj. Gregory Malson (L) listen to witness Sgt. Jason McLaughlin (R) testify at Bale's military Article-32 Investigation, a U.S. Courts Martial pre-trial proceeding, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington November 5, 2012. (Reuters/Anthony Bolante)
"We are children! We are children!" was one victim's last phrase before being killed in a shooting spree as American Staff Sergeant Robert Bales left sixteen Afghan civilians dead, according to witness testimonies.
Seven Afghan witnesses from the Kandahar province testified over a live video link to the judge at a Washington State military courtroom. They recalled chilling details of the rampage, which claimed the lives of nine children and seven adults at two Afghan villages on March 11, 2012.
The witnesses recounted the identities of those who lived in the villages, listing those killed. The victims' bodies were buried quickly under Islamic tradition, and no forensic evidence was available to show the number killed.
The youngest witness was a thirteen-year-old Sadiquallah. He described being awakened by loud screams that an American had "killed our men." He then went to hide in a storage room with another boy, ditching behind the curtain. A bullet ricocheted off his head, fracturing his skull.
In this picture taken on March 11, 2012, an Afghan Villager cries over the bodies of Afghan civilians, who were allegedly shot by US soldier Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. (AFP Photo / Jangir)In this picture taken on March 11, 2012, an Afghan Villager cries over the bodies of Afghan civilians, who were allegedly shot by US soldier Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. (AFP Photo / Jangir)
"I was hiding behind the curtains. A bullet hit me," Sadiquallah told the court. He also said the killer had a gun and a light, but he could not identify the man.
His friend was shot in the thigh and also survived. He is to testify later.
Quadratullah, Sadiquallah's older brother, meanwhile, was hiding with other children in a different part of the house. When the killer found them, the kids yelled "We are children! We are children!" Quadratullah testified.

"The Worm Turns" As Chevron 'Infected' By Stuxnet Collateral Damage

"I don't think the US government even realized how far it had spread" is how the collateral damage from the Iran-attacking Stuxnet computer virus is described by Chevron. The San-Ramon-based oil giant admitted this week that from 2010 on "we're finding it in our systems and so are other companies... so now we have to deal with it." It would seem that little consideration for just how viral this cyber warfare tactic has become and this news (reported by Russia Today) is the first time a US company has come clean about the accidental infection. Discovered in 2010, the Stuxnet worm was reported with all but certainty to be the creation of the United States, perhaps with the assistance of Israel, to set back Iran’s nuclear enrichment program as a preemptive measure against an eventual war. In a June 2012 article published by The New York Times, government agents with direct knowledge of Stuxnet claimed that first President George W. Bush, then Barack Obama, oversaw the deployment of the worm as part of a well-crafted cyberassault on Iran. On the record, the federal government maintains ignorance on the subject of Stuxnet, but perhaps Chevron sums up the impact of Stuxnet best (given the escalating Iranian enrichment program): "I think the downside of what they did is going to be far worse than what they actually accomplished."

We petition the Obama administration to: Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

As the founding fathers of the United States of America made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776:
"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."
"...Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government..." Petition/source  banzai7

Share This Massive List Of Post US Election Firings And Layoffs With Everyone You Can

By Michael: The victory by Barack Obama on election night has resulted in a huge wave of firings and layoffs all over America.  A large number of businesses seem to have suddenly shifted into panic mode.  The number of layoff announcements that we have seen in the last 48 hours has been absolutely shocking.  So why is this happening?  Well, the truth is that the federal government is absolutely suffocating small businesses all over America with rules, regulations and taxes.  If you have never tried to run a small business, then you have no idea how oppressive this system actually is for people that are trying to run small businesses successfully.  It has steadily gotten worse over the years no matter who has been in the White House and no matter who has controlled Congress.  So we shouldn't put 100% of the blame on Obama.  Bush massively expanded government and made things harder on small business people too.  But what many small business people were looking for on this election day was just a little bit of help.  Many were desperately holding out hope that Obamacare would be repealed so that they would not have to get rid of some of their employees.  Many were hoping to get a little bit of relief from the crippling regulations and taxes that are absolutely crushing them.  But now that Barack Obama has been given another four years, they understand that there is no hope on the horizon and that things are only going to get worse.  So they are making the hard decisions that they feel are necessary in order to survive in this economic environment.