21 Nov 2012

Israel launches new media campaign to justify Gaza onslaught

A man carries the dead body of a child after an Israeli missile attack on a Palestinian home killed at least seven members of the same family in Gaza City on November 18, 2012.
Apartheid Israel has launched a new media campaign to sway the world’s public opinion over it's genocidal war in the Gaza Strip in its favor and demonize the heroic Palestinian resistance movement. 
A man carries the dead body of a child after an Israeli missile attack on a Palestinian home killed at least seven members of the same family in Gaza City on November 18, 2012. 

According to Ynetnews website, Israeli embassies are circulating fake photos of major world capitals under rocket attacks in social networking sites.

The doctored pictures posted on sites like Facebook include images of New York, Berlin, and Mexico City hit by rockets.

The campaign is led by the Israeli military as part of its psychological warfare to justify the deadly offensive against Gaza, which has left over 160 Palestinians dead and 12,000 more injured since November 14.
The military is also circulating video clips against the Palestinian Hamas movement on the internet.

Tens of thousands of people have viewed these videos, with one of the clips registering 125,000 views.

The Day the World Ended - WW3 Simulation

Israel Strikes Iranian Nuclear Sites In New WW3 Simulation 
The purpose of this simulation is to show people just how fast things could get ugly if we go to war with Iran. During the simulation, oil prices spike to $130 per barrel, but by the end of the day are trading for $405. Gold and silver become unavailable as the world floods into safety as oil prices force a systemic economic collapse. Riots, civil unrest, and drastic government action are taken during the start of this war.

Turkey Acting in Tandem With Israel - Mete

By Mete gives us a better understanding of Turkey's ruling party the AKP. For Turkey its Business As Usual Whether talking to Gaza or to Israel. Syria seems to be facing two fronts: Turkey and Israel. Source

Egypt announces Hamas-Israel ceasefire, Netanyahu office confirms

In a true David (the Palestinians) and Goliath (the Israelis) epic. From a lesson in how to deal with bullies, the heroic Gaza defense patriots have stood firm in their decades besieged 52% child populated Gaza and after giving genocidal Israel a bloody nose and the shock of their lives by actually hitting back, Egypt's foreign minister announced Wednesday that a ceasefire would begin in Gaza at 19:00 GMT. The Genocidal Apartheid Israeli Regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that a deal had been reached.
RT: The truce announcement was made by Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr during a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
“These efforts and contacts have yielded an understanding about a truce and restoration of calm, and the halting of the bloodshed that we have witnessed during the recent period,” Amr said.

Hunt brothers sacrificed to save the US dollar says Mike Maloney

Mike Maloney, founder of GoldSilver.com and author of the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver talks to GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod. They discuss why gold is not in a bubble and talk about the potential for the silver price and how the end of the precious metals bull market in 1980 came about.

UK Government Pedophiles and The Media - Truth and Tell-Lie-Vision

 The artist taxi driver

What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Life?

For Those who Love Money: It's not Real, it is an Illusion that keeps you fighting to obtain more, it enslaves your mind, and keeps you from experience life to it's fullest.
Money is destroying our Future, destroying our evolution, holding us from our true potential as a Race. Look around you, the world is filled with beauty, filled with wonder, excitement and new discoveries. If we are ever to be at peace, and live happy, we must free ourselves from the shackles of our old Beliefs our own addictions and habits. We must free our selves of the Illusion that keeps driving us down more pain and suffering.

The Axis Of Resistance: Israel's demise? - Lebanese Girl

By The Axis of Resistance in the Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Iran, have proved to the world that the invincible army is not so invincible anymore. Source

Positive Psychological Trip + Reclaim Your Mind

Joe Rogan, Jason Silva, Terence McKenna, and Alan Watts set the philosophical tone for this positive psychological trip. Set to an original score and sound design by Alexander Seling.

Rewrite of Senate bill could let feds spy on e-mail without obtaining a search warrant

By Brent Daggett: Alas, the holiday season is upon us and instead of exemplifying gratitude or imagining sugar plums in our heads, Congress is set to shred our Fourth Amendment and dump the confetti in our stockings.

According to chief political correspondent for CNET, Declan McCullagh, a Senate proposal originally was going to protect e-mail privacy until law enforcement complained.

Those complaints prompted Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, to rewrite the bill as a package of amendments, which essentially allows the authorization of warrantless access to American’s e-mails.

Note: These efforts to undermine our Constitutional rights are hardly surprising given that a federal judge recently ruled that police can place hidden surveillance cameras on private property without obtaining a warrant.

The amendments are a substitute for H.R. 2471, which was already approved by the House of Representatives and will be voted on in the Senate next Thursday.

Genocide: AFP Gaza office hit by Israeli strike, 3 Palestinian reporters killed in other attacks and many more dead children

Press TV: The Israeli war on Gaza has killed more than 135 Palestinians and injured over 1,100 others since November 14

RT: Two Israeli strikes have left three Palestinian journalists dead, with media buildings targeted by the IDF two days in a row. The AFP building was hit in another attack later on, with no casualties reported.
Mahmoud al-Koumi and Husam Salameh, cameramen for the local al-Aqsa TV station, were killed in a car marked with a press sign near the al-Wihda towers in Gaza.
Both journalists were 30 years old and fathers of four children. Two other al-Aqsa employees were wounded in the first strike.
The second attack killed the director of al-Quds Educational Radio, Muhammad Abu Aisha, in his car.
Then, the AFP building in Gaza was hit, with no casualties reported so far.
A series of massive explosions, followed by a massive blackout, were also reported near the Al Shorook building in Gaza, which houses several media outlets.
Later on, airstrikes targeted two hotels in Gaza where reporters covering the Israeli assault were staying. There were no reports of deaths, but Press TV correspondent Akram al-Sattari was injured. Hugh Naylor of The National newspaper told Ma'an news agency said the blasts blew out windows in the Deira and Beach hotels.

Human intelligence 'peaked thousands of years ago and we've been on an intellectual and emotional decline ever since'

Steve Connor: Is the human species doomed to intellectual decline? Will our intelligence ebb away in centuries to come leaving our descendants incapable of using the technology their ancestors invented? In short: will Homo be left without his sapiens?

This is the controversial hypothesis of a leading geneticist who believes that the immense capacity of the human brain to learn new tricks is under attack from an array of genetic mutations that have accumulated since people started living in cities a few thousand years ago.
Professor Gerald Crabtree, who heads a genetics laboratory at Stanford University in California, has put forward the iconoclastic idea that rather than getting cleverer, human intelligence peaked several thousand years ago and from then on there has been a slow decline in our intellectual and emotional abilities.
Although we are now surrounded by the technological and medical benefits of a scientific revolution, these have masked an underlying decline in brain power which is set to continue into the future leading to the ultimate dumbing-down of the human species, Professor Crabtree said.
His argument is based on the fact that for more than 99 per cent of human evolutionary history, we have lived as hunter-gatherer communities surviving on our wits, leading to big-brained humans. Since the invention of agriculture and cities, however, natural selection on our intellect has effective stopped and mutations have accumulated in the critical “intelligence” genes.