7 Dec 2012

Preppers Who Make Surviving The Apocalypse Even Less Fun

By Brandon Smith : Being forced to endure and survive a catastrophic macro event like a monetary or social collapse is perhaps one of the worst experiences I could imagine.  Such a crisis leads to just about every crime and inhuman action in existence, and, the time required for a culture to right itself and rebuild is severely protracted.  A hurricane or earthquake or tidal wave; these calamities are short lived and easy in comparison.  The point is, as survivalists who are preparing to make an economic end-game scenario as “comfortable” to live through as we can, it is incumbent upon us to consider the kind of company we keep during the gambit.  Some allies will make that mad world bearable; others will bring the madness to your doorstep
Many preppers are aware of the dangers inherent in our progressively deteriorating nation.  Unfortunately, some of them are completely unaware of the dangers inherent within themselves.  Building a solid community of people to rely on during a collapse is absolutely essential, and the larger the group of liberty minded neighbors the better.  But, if certain ground rules are not established from the very beginning, a rainbow of personal issues and character flaws could very well destroy years of effort.  Care must be taken by all parties involved to ensure that internal conflicts remain at a minimum, and when they do arise, that each person is wise enough to resolve issues in an adult manner.

I hate to say it, but you will inevitably run into some folks that are beyond compromise and beyond hope.  Working with them is like pulling teeth…shark’s teeth…from your jugular.  Here are just a handful of powder keg personalities that will make the apocalypse more than a living hell for you and your friends if they manage to latch onto or take leadership in your survival watch

Where to from here?

By Gerardo Coco: We face one of the deepest crises in history. A prognosis for the economic future requires a deepening of the concepts of inflation and deflation. Without understanding their dynamic relationship and their implications is difficult to predict how things might unfold. The economic future depends on the interplay of both these forces. From the point of view of their final effects, inflation and deflation are, respectively, the devaluation and revaluation of the currency unit. The quantity theory of money developed in 1912 by the American economist Irving Fisher asserts that an increase in the money supply, all other things been equal, results in a proportional increase in the price level [1]. If the circulation of money signifies the aggregate amount of its transfers against goods, its increase must result in a price increase of all the goods. The theory must be viewed through the lens of the law of supply and demand: if money is abundant and goods are scarce, their prices increase and currency depreciates. Inflation rises when the monetary aggregate expands faster than goods. Conversely, if money is scarce, prices fall and the opposite, deflation, occurs. In this case the monetary aggregate shrinks faster than goods and as prices decrease money appreciates.
Inflation is a political phenomenon because monetary aggregates are not determined by market forces but are planned by central banks in agreement with governments. It is in fact connected with the monetary expansion to fund their deficits. Inflation raises the demand for goods and decreases the demand for money; it increases aggregate spending and money velocity as the ratio between GDP and the amount of money in circulation which expresses the rapidity with which the monetary unit is spent and re-spent until it remains in existence.
There is no such things as demand-pull inflation or cost-push inflation. Provided that the quantity of money does not increase, if cost or demand for some goods changes, demand for other goods must necessarily adjust, leaving unchanged the amount of spending and the money aggregate in the economic system. If some people spend more, others have to spend less, thus leaving the purchasing power unaltered. The cause of inflation is nothing but money manipulation.

VADER: drone-based system automatically spots and tracks people from 25,000 feet

By Madison Ruppert: The Army is looking to award another three-year contract to keep the Vehicle and Dismount Exploitation Radar (VADER) system, first tested in 2009, up and running.
VADER is capable of tracking individuals from 25,000 feet automatically and is just one of many quite incredible drone sensor systems like ARGUS, capable of capturing 36 square miles in a single image, or drone-based facial recognition and biometrics systems.
Indeed, drone technology is rapidly advancing with everything from ground-based lasers enabling perpetual flight to solar-powered drones to silent drones to drone-launched EMP missiles to fully automated weapons systems (which some groups are already speaking out against) to tiny laser-guided bombs for small drones and more.
While some might think these developments are not concerning since they are supposedly to be used in a warzone environment, such claims are nonsensical since the military is using drones in the United States already, as you will see in the below video:

Sheeple unaware that only banksters have imunity from jail as they are 'urged to lie'

BBC: Housebuyers are being encouraged to break the law in order to obtain huge mortgages, the BBC has discovered... finally. (who didn't know this?)
Brokers, and even banking staff, have been telling buyers to lie about their incomes to get bigger and bigger loans.
But what many don't realise is that they could end up in jail.
And these underhand tactics could also be the reason why house prices have gone on rising for so long.
On Monday, the mortgage lender Birmingham Midshires suspended three mortgage advisers while it investigates allegations that customers had been encouraged to exaggerate their salaries on application forms.

The company, owned by Britain's biggest lender HBOS, has also suspended sales of so-called "self-certification" mortgages, where borrowers certify their own incomes without the need to supply payslips.
The allegations have been made by the BBC's Money Programme, which will be screened on Wednesday evening.
The programme also makes similar allegations about advisers at or recommended by several of the UK's biggest estate agent groups.
Several mortgage advisers are quoted boasting about how easy it is to get away with the mortgage fraud.

George aka 'Gideon' Osborne claimed for horses paddock on expenses

The artist taxi driver
"George Osborne (or whatever his name is) should be fucking arrested!"

V and Uncle Tyler vs Murdoch and Gangsta Santa Claus - WilliamBanzai7

It's time to write off Europe for the next decade!

In the lack of judgment great harm arises, but one vote cast can set right a house - Aeschylus (525 BC-456 BC) Image: Ilargi for TAE
Raul Ilargi Meijer: The EU is a morally bankrupt blind behemoth that, in a doomed attempt to survive, destroys everything around it just to keep itself standing. In that, it is hardly different from several incarnations of the 20th century politburos in Russia and China - and those are by no means the darkest comparisons that could spring to mind.
There are tons of people working in and for the EU, some of whom are smart while others are not, some who are honest and some who are just self-centred , but the apparatus has become a vortex that sucks in all of them. There many be just a small window left for Europeans to retain a grip on democracy. There's not much left. Stock markets may give the impression that things are going fine, but that is possible only because increasingly severe austerity measures are spreading rapidly, and have now reached the core, not just Greece and Spain. The EU induced illusions will keep coming fast and furious, however, until they don't. And then it will be too late for democracy.
It's all in a terribly shaky state already though. Ironically, maybe that's the people's best hope, that it will collapse before the power games are solved with the bureacrats as winners. Today, Italian PM Mario Monti lost his majority in the Senate; he could be gone within days. Only to bring back Silvio Berlusconi. Also today British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that UK austerity will last till 2018 and that he needs to borrow another £100 billion to soothe the deficit. Which led Fitch to threaten a UK downgrade. Mario Draghi, however, claimed that the Eurozone will swing back to growth in 2014. And no matter how hard you may find that to believe, remember: he can't be voted out of office. Draghi doesn't care about his credibility with voters, he wants credibility in the financial world. And he has it, because he delivers.
The next step in the elaborate European centralization plan was announced today by EU President Van Rompuy.

Welcome to 1984 USA: DHS adds photography of iconic buildings to already massive list of terrorism indicators

By Madison Ruppert: The sheer number of indicators of potential terrorist activity according to the FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government entities is simply staggering. Now we can add the simple act of photography to the list.
Some of the many include:

Reporting these supposedly suspicious activities has become increasingly easy with smartphone applications like CrimePush and others along with text messaging systems and more.
Ironically, in one case a legitimate report of suspicious activity revealed that the New York Police Department was conducting an illegal surveillance operation outside of their jurisdiction.
When I was tipped off to this latest Roll Call Release by Joe Cadillac, I assumed it was old since as early as 2006 photography was listed as a suspicious activity in a wide variety of contexts.
Furthermore, in 2010 “camera usage at non-tourist sites” and purchasing “camera/surveillance equipment” have been listed as indicators of potential terrorist activity.

Half The Human Population Is Infected!?

: Are brain parasites altering the personalities of three billion people? The question emerged a few years ago, and it shows no signs of going away.
I first encountered this idea while working on my book Parasite Rex. I was investigating the remarkable ability parasites have to manipulate the behavior of their hosts. The lancet fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum, for example, forces its ant host to clamp itself to the tip of grass blades, where a grazing mammal might eat it. It’s in the fluke’s interest to get eaten, because only by getting into the gut of a sheep or some other grazer can it complete its life cycle. Another fluke, Euhaplorchis californiensis, causes infected fish to shimmy and jump, greatly increasing the chance that wading birds will grab them.
Those parasites were weird enough, but then I got to know Toxoplasma gondii. This single-celled parasite lives in the guts of cats, sheddding eggs that can be picked up by rats and other animals that can just so happen be eaten by cats. Toxoplasma forms cysts throughout its intermediate host’s body, including the brain. And yet a Toxoplasma-ridden rat is perfectly healthy. That makes good sense for the parasite, since a cat would not be particularly interested in eating a dead rat. But scientists at Oxford discovered that the parasite changes the rats in one subtle but vital way.

Hypocritical Fascist US conducts atomic test amid global urge for nuclear disarmament

Press TV: The US has conducted a nuclear test in Nevada to examine the effectiveness of its atomic weapons stockpile amid the growing global urge for nuclear disarmament.

The US Energy Department announced that the Wednesday nuclear test was aimed at providing “crucial information to maintain the safety and effectiveness of the nation's nuclear weapons.”

The subcritical experiment, known as Pollux, was conducted by the staff from the Nevada National Security Site, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories.

Subcritical nuclear tests examine the behavior of plutonium when shocked by forces produced by chemical high explosives.
According to UN figures, the US, which is the only country that has ever used atomic bombs against human beings, has conducted 1,032 nuclear tests since 1945.
The Nevada experiment has drawn sharp criticism from the Japanese city of Hiroshima, as the first victim of atomic weapons.

I wonder why [US] President [Barack] Obama, who said he would seek a nuclear-free world, carried out the test," Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui told reporters.

UK, Syria & Egypt - Morris

Morris: The Doom and Gloom is hitting everywhere. You can see it on the streets in the UK. Source