19 Dec 2012

Nasrallah Is Still Israels Greatest Threat + Bombing People To Be Transient & Unattached - Morris

Morris: A lot changed in the Gaza war - the aftermath has seen Hamas strengthen its standing (and also Islamic Jihad) and we also see Iran supporting Morsi in trying for Shariah law. This is opposed by a variety of people including Mubarak supporters and secular people and Muslims who feel the time is not right and the West! Nasrallah and Russia were presumably a threat to Israel at the time of the Gaza war - and this might have also been pressure on Israel to accept a ceasefire.

Agenda Driven News - Paul Craig Roberts

I have known for a long time that US news is agenda-driven. Tonight (December 18) I was made aware of the extent to which agenda-driven US news drives the news of the rest of the world.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Russia Today Moscow requested a live TV interview via Skype about the Newtown, Connecticut, school shootings that killed 20 young children and several adults. I was interested to know what was Moscow’s interest in the shootings, and I agreed to the interview.
I was surprised to see that RT Moscow’s interest was to spread the official US story of the shootings and to ask me if I thought “assault weapons” would be banned as a consequence.
Many things can be an assault weapon. A baseball bat, a knife, a fist, a foot, a single shot .22 rifle, a double-barrel shotgun, a fireplace poker, a six-shot revolver, a brick, a sword, a bow and arrow, a lance. A person can add many items to this short list.
Gun-control advocates have defined “assault weapon” to be a semi-automatic civilian version of military weapons, such as AR-15, the civilian version of the military M-16, and AK-47. During the Clinton administration the civilian version of these weapons was not permitted to have various harmless features because the features made the rifles have a military appearance, and the weapons were restricted to magazines that held no more than ten rounds.
Today 20 and 30 round magazines are available. For a professional, the capacity of the magazines is immaterial. With experience a person can change clips in a second. A button is pushed, the clip drops out and a new one is inserted. For reasons hard to follow, gun control advocates think that a ten-round clip turns an “assault weapon” into something else.
I told RT Moscow that the United States was the most compete police state in human history. Thanks to modern technology, Washington is able to spy on its subjects far beyond the capabilities of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. Even George Orwell’s imagination in his dystopian novel, 1984, has been surpassed by Washington’s current practice. Thewar on terroris the excuse for the American Police State.

A civilised society takes care of citizens but this (Irish) government are less caring than a pack of wolves.

The minister for Social Protection last year promised that budget cuts on help for rent for the most vulnerable would leave nobody homeless. She argued that in this way that she could manipulate the rental market downwards. With mortgages either being unavailable or not wanted by potential home buyers rents, particularly in urban areas, are rising.  Since the cuts were made homelessness has increased by 20% with more deaths occurring due to homelessness than ever before. Bankster blood money. Meanwhile in their regressive budgets  the Fianna Gael /Labour government have protected the most wealthy at the cost of the most vulnerable. They also keep saying that they have not payed last year’s promissory note payment due on the Anglo Irish/Nationwide dead bank debt but this is a lie.

Within these parallel universes, entirely different rules apply. The amount of money to be saved by making life miserable for carers is €26 million. What does that kind of money get you in the other universe? Well, in March the Government wanted to save face on the payment of the promissory notes for Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide.
It concocted a complicated arrangement with Bank of Ireland so that it could claim not to have paid the money, even though, in effect, it did.
This elaborate PR exercise cost us an additional €90 million – 3½ times the savings in respite grants for carers. In the world where luck has been abolished, there are infinite amounts of money. In the one in which luck is destiny, there are “hard choices”.
Meanwhile the Bankster IFSC clearing house group who are really running the show are encouraging us to be less compassionate than a pack of wolves.

Christmas special, Bethlehem in Palestine - Double Standards (Banned in Europe and the UK!!!)

Barack Obama, having a miserable time in Christmas but not nearly as bad as the one that people of Bethlehem are having. As killing continues in the birth place of Jesus, Afshin talks to the writer, activist and Saxophonist, Gilad Atzmon, about the crisis in Zionism. These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi. Source

China claims biggest global silver market

By Wu Yiyao: China has become the world's biggest silver market, according to an industry report, both as a physical investment and in paper trading of silver futures and other similar products.
The Washington-based Silver Institute said total silver demand in China increased by more than 100 million ounces, or Moz, in the past 10 years, to a record of 170.7 Moz in 2011.
China has been liberalizing its silver market since the start of 2000, creating more investment channels for buyers and sellers of silver.
In 2009, the country started offering investors the chance to buy silver bullion bars, and within two years the net demand for silver bars and coins soared to 17 million Moz, equivalent to some $600 million, making up 8 percent of global net purchases, said the report, compiled by Thomson Reuters GFMS.
In May this year, the Shanghai Futures Exchange began trading silver contracts with a standard trading unit of 15 kilograms and a daily price limit of 5 percent of either side of the previous day's settlement price.
Its goal was to provide Chinese market participants with direct market access, and give them the capability of hedging domestically. Regulators also expressed hopes the silver futures contracts would ease price volatility and provide a pricing mechanism.

Too Big To Jail - azizonomics

BlackPrisonersAziz: What’s worse than unjust and ineffective laws like the failed War on Drugs and the failed sanctions on Iran?
Unjust and ineffective laws that apply to ordinary folks, but not to banksters:
When the Justice Department announced its record $1.9 billion settlement against British bank HSBC last week, prosecutors called it a powerful blow to a dysfunctional institution accused of laundering money for Iran, Libya and Mexico’s murderous drug cartels.
But to some former federal prosecutors, it was only the latest case of the government stopping short of bringing criminal money laundering charges against a big bank or its executives, at least in part on the rationale that such prosecutions could be devastating enough to cause such banks to fail.
They say it sounds a lot like the “too big to fail” meme that kept big but sickly banks alive on the support of taxpayer-funded bailouts. In these cases, they call it, “Too big to jail.”
This stings. It should sting anyone who cares about the idea of equality in front of the law, anyone who cares about the basic rule of law, anyone who doesn’t want to see their society devolve into a festering pool of feudalism.

Citizen Drone Warfare - Dangerous Information + Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun!

Paper-Gold Fraud Now Out In The Open

Written by Jeff Nielson: How do you “stretch” an ounce of gold? Obviously if you want an answer to that question you ask the bankers.
Bankers have earned their generalized contempt in our societies, going back literally thousands of years. Formerly known as the “money-changers”, their Original Sin is well-known to anyone who has studied the history of these professional thieves.
As money-changers, they would graciously offer to “hold” peoples’ (heavy, bulky) gold for them; and exchange that for their convenient, light-as-a-feather “gold certificates.” Always the banksters would end up issuing far more certificates for gold than they actually had the gold to cover – and “fractional-reserve banking” was invented.
Eventually the insatiable greed of the banker would result in him issuing such an enormous surplus of “gold certificates” versus the actual gold he held that this money-dilution would be noticed by the general population. The bankers’ gold-scam would then quickly collapse and vast numbers of ordinary people would be wiped out (and so “capital punishment” was invented).
Thus ask a bankster how to stretch an ounce of gold, and (for thousands of years) his answer would be automatic: sell “paper gold.” Flash-forward two thousand years or so, and we see the banksters looking to fall back on their oldest crime to attempt to wallpaper over some of their newer ones.
We have a huge gold deficit (and silver deficit, as well) in the world today. New, incremental demand for gold grossly exceeds annual incremental mine-supply. This has become a permanent deficit, which by itself is absolute proof of market-manipulation.

Companies partner to forward ‘commercial-scale integration’ of intention scanning technology

By Madison Ruppert: Suspect Detection Systems, the company behind Cogito intention scanning technology, also known as malicious intent (or malintent) detection technology, announced on Dec. 18 that they would be partnering with SDB Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based company, in order to market and distribute their products to U.S. law enforcement agencies.
This same type of technology is also marketed as “threat assessment” technology which, supposedly, analyzes individuals for behaviors which indicate potential terrorist activity or intent to commit some kind of criminal act.
However, as I have shown in the past, just about everything imaginable can be considered an indicator of potential terrorist activity including most bodily movements.
Thus, when systems are programmed according to the indicators provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) among others like state law enforcement and the military, most people could be flagged by the systems.
Yet the companies behind such technology continue to pretend that it is some kind of incredibly accurate practice through clever marketing practices and unsubstantiated claims.
The technology is nothing new, although most likely are completely unaware of its existence. Indeed, the technology has even been covered by mainstream broadcast news networks, although in a characteristically uncritical manner:

Chart Of The Day: The Death Of America's Middle Class

Tyler Durden's picture There is one chart that everyone should see that is part of Reuters' must read special series: The Unequal State of America: Redistributing Up - it is the chart we have said over the past 4 years is the only one that matters for America - that showing the flattening of America's wealth distributon Gaussian curve, aka the plunder and accelerating destruction of America's middle class, at the expense of the poorest and the wealthiest. This is nothing but the inevitable outcome of a co-opted, conflicted and controlled marionette government, which does the bidding of the wealthiest lobby powers (read corporate shareholders and Wall Street), partitioning the bulk of the wealth to the richest, while sending the scraps to the poorest in order to keep itself in power due to the power of the ever poorer, democratic majority. Alas, since there is never a free lunch, and since the Fed does not create wealth but through its currency debasement merely accelerates the transfer of wealth, someone ends up footing the bill? Who? None other than that part of the US population which made the United States of America the greatest country in the world, and is now watching it implode first slowly, then fast.

GATA's Bill Murphy & Chris Powell call out Gold and Silver Market Manipulation Conspiracy Critics

Several Japanese pension funds started to invest in gold for the first time, according to the Wall Street Journal. The report claims the funds are looking to mitigate the damage of market shocks and reduce the risks associated with currencies. Until recently the pension funds invested mostly in domestic stocks and bonds. We talk to Bill Murphy and Chris Powell from the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee about the role of gold as a hedge in world markets.

State Education: Killing Kids, One Student at a Time

ABillyRock: Why are government schools incapable of protecting children? How much safer would kids be if their parents weren't taxed out of the ability to afford home school or private school? - Friend me, baby: http://www.facebook.com/inronpaulitrust