22 Dec 2012

Sandy Hook Shootings.. Private Grief - Public Questions - Sarah

Similar to 911 - all the solutions and answers provided immediately Source

Japan's leader wants to revise pacifist constitution, U.S. supports!

Shinzo Abe, almost certainly Japan's next Prime Minister following the recent election, said he wanted to amend Article 9 in Japan's pacifist constitution. He wants a collective self-defense and the establishment of armed forces.

A constitutional amendment requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of the parliament, followed by a simple majority in a referendum. Abe may find it hard to change, especially since his party's principal ally, New Komeito, is against such alterations. Source

The Unadulterated Gold Standard Part 3

By Keith Weiner: In Part I , we looked at the period prior to and during the time of what we now call the Classical Gold Standard It should be underscored that it worked pretty darned well.  Under this standard, the United States produced more wealth at a faster pace than any other country before, or since.  There were problems; such as laws to fix prices, and regulations to force banks to buy government bonds, but they were not an essential property of the gold standard.

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In Part II , we went through the era of heavy-handed intrusion by governments all over the world, central planning by central banks, and some of the destructive consequences of their actions including the destabilized interest rate, foreign exchange rates, the Triffin dilemma with an irredeemable paper reserve currency, and the inevitable gold default by the US government which occurred in 1971.
Part III is longer and more technical, as we consider the key features of the unadulterated gold standard.  It could be briefly stated as a free market in money, credit, interest, discount, and banking.  Another way of saying it is that there would be no confusion of money (i.e. gold) and credit (i.e. paper).  Both play their role, and neither is banished from the monetary system.
There would be no central bank with its “experts” to dictate the rate of interest and no “lender of last resort There would be no Securities Act, no deposit insurance, no armies of banking regulators, and definitely no bailouts or “too big to fail banks”.  The government would have little role in the monetary system, save to catch criminals and enforce contracts.

"A Trouble Shooter for Australian Immigration."

 A Last Minute Technicality - Clarke and Dawe

Crazyflation - Max Keiser with Peter Schiff

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at the the central bank revolution that will end in disaster with Japan leading the way after voters have demanded even more aggression with the nation's monetary policy. They also look at Moody's ratings getting no respect because nobody has done better than flipping a coin for 50 years in a slow burning prison. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Peter Schiff about bonds, dollars and governments buying their own debt. Source

'Abomination': Rand Paul slams NDAA as bill passes US Senate

AFP Photo / Michelle Shephard / Toronto Star / PoolRT: The controversial NDAA bill, which allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens, was approved by the Senate despite White House threats to veto the legislation. Republican Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has decried the law as an abomination.”
The libertarian Republican voiced his concerns to a conference committee following the decision to give the present version of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) the go-ahead. Paul cited the committee’s decision to scrap an amendment that would have prohibited the indefinite detention of US citizens suspected of terrorist activities.
"It's [the amendment] been removed because they want the ability to hold American citizens without trial in our country. This is so fundamentally wrong and goes against everything we stand for as a country that it can't go unnoticed,” Paul told the committee. He went on to condemn the bill as an “abomination” that deprives US citizens of the right to a fair trial.
Rand Paul (AFP Photo / Mandel Ngan) "When you're accused of a crime in our country you get a trial, you get a trial by a jury of your peers, no matter how heinous your crime is, no matter how awful you are, we give you a trial," he said.
Senators in favor of the bill disregarded Paul’s claims, maintaining that the language in the legislation protected Americans’ constitutional right to a trial. They argue that US citizens who affiliate themselves with foreign powers consequently sacrifice their constitutional rights.

Zionist lobbies seek to restrict Press TV activities in US: Analyst

Press TV: A human rights activist says pro-Zionist lobby groups in the United States seek to limit the activities of Iran’s English-language Press TV channel in US over fear of losing the propaganda war, Press TV reports.

“Why is it then that the Jewish lobby or the Zionist lobby, I’d rather say, in America, is so anxious to limit the activities of Press TV? It seems to me though there’s a real fear among the Zionist lobby in America that they are losing the propaganda war,”

Nate Hagens: The End of Growth

Americans Living in Illusion, 2012 Misses, 2013 Predictions - Gerald Celente

Abby Martin Breaks the Set on 2013 Predictions, the 5 Mainstream Misses of 2012, and Plato's Allegory of the Cave. Source

David Icke: The Illuminati Are Manipulating Your Reality

Alex talks with British writer and public speaker David Icke. David is the author of numerous books, including Love Changes Everything and Remember Who You Are: Remember 'Where' You Are and Where You 'Come' From. Source

Fascist Gulag UK: Benefit cards, Universal Jobmatch social control shame and humiliation + Artist taxi driver interviews Trenton Oldfield

Artist Taxi Driver: "More slaves in UK society today than ever before.. Lame stream media complicit!"