26 Dec 2012

Japan: It's no ordinary sale. It's a FUCKIN' SALE!

By : FUCKIN' SALE. In flashy Osaka the use of English for decorative purposes in Japanese advertising reaches a new peak of perfection.
There are some stories that explain themselves pretty f*ckin’ eloquently.
God knows what the people in this Department Store in Osaka were thinking when they came up with this advertising slogan but Zarina Yamaguchi, a friend of a friend, was thinking “pretty damn funny”

Defining The Imperial Aims On Iran & Syria - Morris

Morris: The Imperialist aims have far more to do with social engineering than resources - they are more concerned with the behaviour, psychology and demography of the population that anything else. Source

The Solar Killshot - The Facts + EARTH CHANGES vs AGW - The Evidence

A Canadian Summarizes America's Collapse: "Everyone Takes, Nobody Makes, Money Is Free, And Money Is Worthless"

On this lackluster Boxing Day dominated by illiquid moves in every asset class, we thought a few succinct minutes spent comprehending the US and European government policies of social welfare and their outcomes was time well spent. Canadian MP Pierre Poilievre delivers a rather epic speech destroying the myths of US and European 'wealth' noting that "Once the US citizen is in debt, the US government encourages them to stay in debt," noting that "the US government encouraged millions of Americans to spend money they did not have on homes they could not afford using loans they could never repay and then gave them a tax incentive never to repay it." His message, delivered seamlessly, notes the inordinate rise in the cost of all this borrowing, adding that "through debt interest alone, soon the US taxpayer will be funding 100% of the Chinese Military complex." From Dependence to Debt to the Welfare State and back to Dependence, this presentation puts incredible context on the false hope so many believe in the US and Europe. Must watch.

James Turk's Outlook for Gold for 2013 to 2015

GoldMoney Chairman James Turk presents a sequel to his recently released video "Everyone should have a precious metals portfolio" which outlines his views on where the monetary and financial worlds are headed.

Boxing Day a day for Gluttony

The artist taxi driver
"Me belly full but me hungry"
"Unelected parasites killing the wounded"

Paradox at the heart of the American way +

By David McWilliams: Can you imagine if all the casual sociopaths that you knew in school, the sort of lads that you’d generally give a wide berth, could buy guns with the same ease as they buy Mars bars or laptops? Imagine if all the small time psychopathic drug dealers, not the big ones, but the two-bit lads starting out in their ascent of the criminal ladder, had assault rifles in the back of their pimped Honda Civics? Can you imagine how terrifying that Ireland on a Friday night would be?
Now consider that large sections of this imaginary Irish population thought that the best way to combat this gun epidemic was to provide more guns to more people so that we could all be ready for a gunfight at the drop of a Stetson?
After yet another unfathomable gun massacre, after yet another week when one more haunted, disturbed-looking young man stared out of the front page of the papers, after another week when more wailing parents buried their innocents, how is it possible that Americans don’t act to rid their country of guns? How come having a gun in the United States is treated as an issue of a person’s “rights” rather than an issue of other people’s “health and safety”? These questions sum up why many (sheeple) Europeans have difficulty understanding the US.

The Reserve Bank of Australia Explained + Who owns it?

: Thanks to Bruce for the link to the following video. The parody of the RBA’s gold holdings is very topical in light of their recent admission that the RBA keeps 99.9% of our their gold reserves in the Bank of England (see post). Shaun Micallef from 2008, please note the reference to rising interest rates is no longer valid.

2012: Calm Before the Storm

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight,
Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors take Warning!
We have a new era dawning in Global Monetary policy. It is a new day with the monetary skies already red.
Within 90 days the captains of monetary policy have steered the world into uncharted waters and on a course that history warns us against.
          Federal Reserve:      QE3 "Unlimited" and QE4 within 90 days,
          ECB:            OMT "Uncapped",
          BOJ:             QE 10 and the newly elected Prime Minister Abe's mandate for "Inflation at any cost"
          BOE:             UK's newly appointed BOE Governor, Mark Carney's Monetary Evan Rule targeting. 

These untested and newly commissioned captains all have PhD's from the finest Economic schools in the world, but they clearly have not studied nor grasped the key lessons of history.
The following lessons, in the following sequence, should resonate with all who are clearly watching, listening and paying attention to what is going on around them, and not what the press 'conjures up' and the political apparatus 'spins'.
1- It starts with LIVING WITHIN OUR MEANS.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon: 'Syria was paradise, now battleground'

A family of Kurds are not afraid of anything - but they want to return to their homeland. (RT photo / Nadezhda Kevorkova)
Nadezhda Kevorkova: As the number of refugees fleeing Syria has almost reached half a million, around 160,000 have come to neighboring Lebanon, including Palestinians, Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites.
For many, peaceful co-existence with other groups was disrupted by bloody civil hostilities for which they fail to find reasons.

Palestinians: Cannot live on a battlefield

Muhammad Tamim and Iptisam and their two adult children fled their home not far from the Palestinian Yarmouk camp in Damascus four months ago. Their parents and three elder children are still there.
“As soon as the FSA enters an area, the combat units follow and engage in action.  There’s no way we can live in the middle of a battlefield. Syria is headed towards a catastrophe,” said Muhammad, a 50-year-old house builder.
His own home was turned into a battlefield. His newlywed elder daughter’s house was looted.
“Both sides know no mercy and spare no civilians. The death rate ratio of soldiers to guerilla fighters to civilians is one to 10,” continued Muhammad.
“Palestinians are now twice or even three times the number of refugees,” he says, emphasizing he’s not a member of any party, group or movement. When Muhammad and his family arrived in Lebanon, local people helped them start a new life, even though they are Sunnis living in a Shiite community. “We were given a cordial welcome and treated as part of the family: they gave us a home, household stuff, everything,”

The Intruders crash the Investment Banking Awards in Mayfair

theintruders: The Investment Banking Awards are the Oscars of the financial world. Dished out for so-called 'innovation', some of the world's richest bankers gather together to congratulate each other on devising ever more creative ways to make obscene sums of money.

One of 2012's most profitable scams was the bankers' 'innovative' approach to a key interest rate called LIBOR. Virtually every bank at the event was involved in illegally colluding to rig LIBOR, ensuring that they would always be the winners in the multi-million pound bets they were making on the markets.

When we noticed that this money-spinner had been overlooked in the ceremony, we decided to show up and make sure the LIBOR-riggers got the recognition they deserve.

Land of Lies and Pies + Loopholes - Wilcko

New song from Wilcko - Land of Lies and Pies