31 Dec 2012

ANALYSIS: the dramatic change in the status of Gold - The Slog

Why gold is about to change from being a hedge metal to a bank-repairing √©lite currency

Some of you may have noticed that in the last few weeks, Russia has started issuing gold ‘pieces’ that are legal tender in the RF, and must be accepted at face value in all kinds of payments without any restrictions. Other banks outside Russia are also looking at ‘stamp sheet’ squares of gold grams that can be used in the same way. Inside China, at the top of the financial system a measured debate is well under way about how to create a global ‘super-currency’ backed by gold. The Chinese would favour this of course, because they own more gold than almost anyone now. And although it would be a bind for them (if it indirectly made the Yuan far more highly valued) in terms of their export drive, as a trustworthy multinational currency it would mark another move up for Beijing – bringing with it massive financial services revenue as the hub for 21st century deal-money transmission. In today’s bonkers world, there is more to being a sovereign than physical exports alone.

But in an equally broad sense, gold is shifting its investment positioning as fiat currencies issued by the West begin to look increasingly prone to the inflationary pressures of debt management. Not only that, but those banks we all love to hate are having the same thoughts about how to stabilise their finances through the medium of more flexible forms of gold.

Jim Rogers on Silver Manipulation - SilverFuturist

Jim Rogers: "There's No Reason For The Government To Manipulate Gold Or Silver:" Source

The West Wants The Muslim Brotherhood To Rule Arab Countries - Homs Professor

Morris: Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood will result in them turning into factories for terrorists. The Assad government will never be overthrown by weapons - As the weapons pour into Syria it is inevitable that it will grow into a regional war - This is the final part of a three part interview. Source

Ron Paul: The Film

TheAlexJonesChannel: Many a political researcher and pundit took notice that Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress was a historic and very important speech spelling out that our country (USA) is becoming a corrupt empire and that we're becoming a tyranny of tyrannies.

Lowkey's "Last Ever" Song + Hamas Releases Song Defying Israel & Warns Tel Aviv

FlexEffect21:ask Ron Paul who created Hamas

Senate stalemate: US teeters on brink of 'Fiscal Cliff'

RT: The US is set to plunge over the so-called fiscal cliff as senators failed to reach an agreement to avert $600 billion of tax hikes and cuts. Republicans and Democrats are deadlocked on the issue that could deal a deadly blow to the US economy.
Senators were supposed to reach a deal on Sunday, but were unable to find common ground on the issue. As a result of their indecision Wall Street is beginning to feel the effects, with five consecutive days of sell-offs as investors get cold feet at the prospect of toppling over the ‘Fiscal Cliff.’
"There's still significant distance between the two sides, but negotiations continue," said majority leader Harry Reid to CNN as Congress held a rare Sunday session in a bid to avoid the so-called Fiscal Cliff. "There's still time left to reach an agreement, and we intend to continue negotiations."
The Democrats are pushing for a compromise that stipulates a raise in taxes and curbing government spending, while the Republicans have refused an increase in taxes.
The term Fiscal Cliff refers to a selection of tax cuts laid down by the Bush administration that will come to an end on January 1 along with an automatic increase in taxes and public spending. Economists have predicted that a tumble off the Fiscal Cliff could deal a massive blow to the American economy, sending it into recession. They also predict it will have a knock-on effect in the global economy.

International Federation of Journalists slams bans on Iran channels

Press TV: The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has condemned the bans by certain Western satellite operators on Iranian channels.
The EU has, however, denied the claims by the European satellite companies.

Ernest Sagaga, the human rights and communications officer of IFJ, a Paris-based global federation of journalists' trade unions, denounced the politically-motivated bans.
“I do hope that this ban is going to be lifted very quickly because it does not serve any useful purpose. It is just limiting the source of information for many people and that is not a good thing,” Sagaga said.
On December 21, Hispasat took Iran's Press TV and Hispan TV off air, and ordered Overon, a subsidiary satellite company, to stop the transmission of the two international TV channels.

Overon said the ban on Press TV and Hispan TV followed a similar move by France's Eutelsat company, which had already taken several Iranian satellite channels and radio stations off air. It said the channels were removed because of “a wider interpretation of EU regulations.”

2013 silver predictions - SilverFuturist

$40 and under $20 can both happen. Source

Best of 2012 Double Standards

Afshin talks about the most important events of the year. Source

The Keynesian Legacy Unravels

Hayek4keynesThose who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

Monty Pelerin: Ideology is powerful, capable of masking unpleasant facts. Whether we recognize it or not, we are all slaves to ideology.

Economists are no different in that regard than other people. They hold preconceived ideas which affect the interpretation of data and facts. In the extreme, ideology is capable of blocking the recognition of contradictory information, effectively blinding a person to valuable evidence.

Keynesian economists believe, regardless of logic and data, that economies can be managed from the top down. In their world, economies are little different than machines. Change some inputs here, speed them up over there, add some lubrication, etc. and the machine will respond in the fashion desired. Output can be “managed” to whatever level needed purely by adjusting the parts of the machine.

Austrian economists on the other hand do not see a machine. They see millions of individuals all making decisions to improve their own lives. The price system provides the coordination among these separate pieces, performing a function no human, supercomputer or government could ever accomplish. For Austrians, economics is a bottom up approach. To effect change, you must change the incentives and disincentives that individual decision makers are afforded.

Sandy Hook - Ritual Satanic Forces - Daryl

Morris: Government sponsored false flags - satanic sacrifices - Like the criminal that wants to get caught - Daryl born in the US and living there - cherishes the constitution and questions just who this .001 percent are that seem to have demonic designs, these mass killings seem to have common factors. Source